Meaning of PAINT in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ peɪnt ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a colouring matter, esp. in liquid form for imparting colour to a surface. b this as a dried film or coating (the paint peeled off). 2 joc. or archaic cosmetic make-up, esp. rouge or nail varnish. 1 a cover the surface of (a wall, object, etc.) with paint. b apply paint of a specified colour to (paint the door green). 2 depict (an object, scene, etc.) with paint; produce (a picture) by painting. 3 describe vividly as if by painting (painted a gloomy picture of the future). 4 joc. or archaic a apply liquid or cosmetic to (the face, skin, etc.). b apply (a liquid to the skin etc.). øpainted lady an orange-red butterfly, esp. Cynthia cardui, with black and white spots. paint out efface with paint. paint shop the part of a factory where goods are painted, esp. by spraying. paint-stick a stick of water-soluble paint used like a crayon. paint the town red colloq. enjoy oneself flamboyantly. øøpaintable adj. [ME f. peint past part. of OF peindre f. L pingere pict- paint]

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