Meaning of PAINT in English


1. to paint pictures

2. someone who paints pictures

3. to paint walls/doors/rooms etc

4. someone who paints walls, houses etc as their job

5. words for describing something that has been painted


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1. to paint pictures

▷ paint /peɪnt/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to make a picture of someone or something, by putting paint on a surface with a brush :

▪ Geraint was sitting on the beach, painting the seagulls and the fishing boats.

▪ The exhibition focuses on the urban pictures painted by Camille Pissarro in the last decade of his career.

paint a picture (of)

▪ I’m going to paint a picture of the church.

paint in oils/watercolours etc

▪ The pictures in Paul Gunn’s exhibition were all landscapes, most beautifully painted in oils.

painting [uncountable noun]

the activity of painting pictures :

▪ I’m not very good at painting.

▪ a painting class

2. someone who paints pictures

▷ painter /ˈpeɪntəʳ/ [countable noun]

someone who paints pictures :

▪ This is by the great Spanish painter, Goya.

▪ Michelangelo, sculptor, painter, architect, and poet, died in 1564.

portrait painter

someone who paints pictures of people

▪ Sir Henry Raeburn, the famous Scots portrait painter

landscape painter

someone who paints pictures of places, the countryside etc

▪ Turner was probably the greatest landscape painter that England has ever produced.

▷ artist /ˈɑːʳtɪst, ˈɑːʳtəst/ [countable noun]

someone who produces works of art, especially paintings or drawings :

▪ an exhibition of works by Italian artists

▪ At that time Picasso was a struggling artist, little known outside Paris.

▪ We asked a local artist to come and show her work to the students.

3. to paint walls/doors/rooms etc

▷ paint /peɪnt/ [intransitive/transitive verb]

to put paint on walls, doors, pieces of furniture etc :

▪ I’m going to paint the bathroom tomorrow.

paint something blue/red/white etc

▪ What colour did you paint the doors?

▪ The walls were painted tomato red, with matching red drapes.

▷ decorate /ˈdekəreɪt/ [intransitive/transitive verb] especially British

to paint the inside of a house or put paper on the walls :

▪ They’ve just finished decorating the kitchen.

▪ We spent all weekend decorating.

have something decorated

pay someone to decorate it

▪ Mum had the whole house decorated before she moved in.

▷ redecorate /riːˈdekəreɪt/ [transitive verb]

to change the paint or paper on the walls of a house or room :

redecorate something

▪ When they first moved in, they completely redecorated the whole house.

have something redecorated

pay someone to redecorate it

▪ We’re thinking of having our house redecorated -- can you recommend anyone?

▷ respray /riːˈspreɪ/ [transitive verb]

to change the colour of a car by putting new paint on it :

▪ The thieves had resprayed the truck and changed the license plates.

▪ After the accident I took the car to a garage to have it resprayed.

4. someone who paints walls, houses etc as their job

▷ painter /ˈpeɪntəʳ/ [countable noun]

someone who paints walls, houses etc as their job :

▪ The painters are upstairs painting the offices at the moment.

house painter

▪ Adolf Hitler worked as a house painter in Austria before becoming involved in politics.

▷ decorator /ˈdekəreɪtəʳ/ [countable noun]

someone whose job is to paint houses and put paper on the walls inside :

▪ The decorators have left their ladders and paints all over the house -- it a real mess.

▪ We wanted the work to be done properly, so we decided to get the decorators in.

5. words for describing something that has been painted

▷ painted /ˈpeɪntɪd, ˈpeɪntəd/ [adjective]

▪ On the shelf there was a painted statue of the Virgin Mary.

▪ The temple was decorated with brightly painted figures and bits of colored glass.


painted by a person, not a machine

▪ a beautiful hand-painted vase

painted blue/green etc

▪ The front door was painted yellow.

be painted in something

▪ beautiful jewel boxes painted in distinctive shades of red, yellow, blue, green

▪ a row of humble fisherman’s cottages, painted in pastel tones of pink, ochre, and yellow

painted with

▪ The vases were painted with pictures of flowers and butterflies.

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