Meaning of PIG in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ pɪɡ ]

n. & v. --n. 1 a any omnivorous hoofed bristly mammal of the family Suidae, esp. a domesticated kind, Sus scrofa. b US a young pig; a piglet. c (often in comb.) any similar animal (guinea-pig). 2 the flesh of esp. a young or sucking pig as food (roast pig). 3 colloq. a a greedy, dirty, obstinate, sulky, or annoying person. b an unpleasant, awkward, or difficult thing, task, etc. 4 an oblong mass of metal (esp. iron or lead) from a smelting-furnace. 5 sl. derog. a policeman. --v. (pigged, pigging) 1 tr. (also absol.) (of a sow) bring forth (piglets). 2 tr. colloq. eat (food) greedily. 3 intr. herd together or behave like pigs. øbleed like a pig (or stuck pig) bleed copiously. buy a pig in a poke buy, accept, etc. something without knowing its value or esp. seeing it. in pig (of a sow) pregnant. in a pig's eye colloq. certainly not. make a pig of oneself overeat. make a pig's ear of colloq. make a mess of; bungle. pig in the middle a person who is placed in an awkward situation between two others (after a ball game for three with one in the middle). pig-iron crude iron from a smelting-furnace. Pig Island Austral. & NZ sl. New Zealand. pig it live in a disorderly, untidy, or filthy fashion. pig-jump Austral. sl. n. a jump made by a horse from all four legs. --v.intr. (of a horse) jump in this manner. pig Latin a made-up jargon. pig-meat Brit. pork, ham, or bacon. pig out (often foll. by on) esp. US sl. eat gluttonously. pigs might fly iron. an expression of disbelief. pig-sticker a long sharp knife. pig's wash = PIGSWILL. øøpiggish adj. piggishly adv. piggishness n. piglet n. piglike adj. pigling n. [ME pigge f. OE pigga (unrecorded)]

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