Meaning of PIG in English


/ pɪg; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


(also hog especially in NAmE ) an animal with pink, black or brown skin, short legs, a broad nose and a short tail which curls round itself. Pigs are kept on farms for their meat (called pork ) or live in the wild :

a pig farmer

Pigs were grunting and squealing in the yard.

—see also boar , sow , piglet , swine , guinea pig


( informal , disapproving ) an unpleasant or offensive person; a person who is dirty or greedy :

Arrogant pig!

Don't be such a pig!

The greedy pig's eaten all the biscuits!

She made a pig of herself with the ice cream (= ate too much) .

He's a real male chauvinist pig (= a man who does not think women are equal to men) .


( slang ) an offensive word for a police officer


- make a pig's ear (out) of sth

- (buy) a pig in a poke

- a pig of a sth

- pigs might fly

■ verb

( -gg- ) [ vn ] pig sth | pig yourself (on sth) ( BrE , informal ) to eat too much of sth :

I had a whole box of chocolates and pigged the lot!

Don't give me cakes—I'll just pig myself.


- pig out (on sth)



Middle English : probably from the first element of Old English picbrēd acorn , literally pig bread (i.e. food for pigs).

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