Meaning of SPIKE in English


n. & v. --n. 1 a a sharp point. b a pointed piece of metal, esp. the top of an iron railing etc. 2 a any of several metal points set into the sole of a running-shoe to prevent slipping. b (in pl.) a pair of running-shoes with spikes. 3 a a pointed metal rod standing on a base and used for filing news items etc. esp. when rejected for publication. b a similar spike used for bills etc. 4 a large stout nail esp. as used for railways. 5 sl. a hypodermic needle. 6 Brit. sl. a doss-house. 7 Electronics a pulse of very short duration in which a rapid increase in voltage is followed by a rapid decrease. 1 a fasten or provide with spikes. b fix on or pierce with spikes. 2 (of a newspaper editor etc.) reject (a story) by filing it on a spike. 3 colloq. a lace (a drink) with alcohol, a drug, etc. b contaminate (a substance) with something added. 4 make useless, put an end to, thwart (an idea etc.). 5 hist. plug up the vent of (a gun) with a spike. øspike a person's guns spoil his or her plans. spike heel a high tapering heel of a shoe. [ME perh. f. MLG, MDu. spiker, rel. to SPOKE(1)]

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