Meaning of STANDARD in English

transcription, транскрипция: [ ˈstændəd ]

n. & adj. --n. 1 an object or quality or measure serving as a basis or example or principle to which others conform or should conform or by which the accuracy or quality of others is judged (by present-day standards). 2 a the degree of excellence etc. required for a particular purpose (not up to standard). b average quality (of a low standard). 3 the ordinary procedure, or quality or design of a product, without added or novel features. 4 a distinctive flag, esp. the flag of a cavalry regiment as distinct from the colours of an infantry regiment. 5 a an upright support. b an upright water or gas pipe. 6 a a tree or shrub that stands alone without support. b a shrub grafted on an upright stem and trained in tree form (standard rose). 7 a document specifying nationally or internationally agreed properties for manufactured goods etc. (British Standard). 8 a thing recognized as a model for imitation etc. 9 a tune or song of established popularity. 10 a a system by which the value of a currency is defined in terms of gold or silver or both. b the prescribed proportion of the weight of fine metal in gold or silver coins. 11 a measure for timber, equivalent to 165 cu. ft. (4.7 cubic metres). 12 Brit. hist. a grade of classification in elementary schools. --adj. 1 serving or used as a standard (a standard size). 2 of a normal or prescribed quality or size etc. 3 having recognized and permanent value; authoritative (the standard book on the subject). 4 (of language) conforming to established educated usage (Standard English). ømultiple standard a standard of value obtained by averaging the prices of a number of products. raise a standard take up arms; rally support (raised the standard of revolt). standard-bearer 1 a soldier who carries a standard. 2 a prominent leader in a cause. standard deviation see DEVIATION. standard lamp Brit. a lamp set on a tall upright with its base standing on the floor. standard of living the degree of material comfort available to a person or class or community. standard time a uniform time for places in approximately the same longitude, established in a country or region by law or custom. [ME f. AF estaundart, OF estendart f. estendre, as EXTEND: in senses 5 and 6 of n. affected by association with STAND]

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