Meaning of STANDARD in English


I. noun


a level/standard/degree of competence

The trainees are expected to acquire a basic level of competence.

a moral standard/principle

Has there been a decline in moral standards in our society?

a standard feature (= a normal or usual feature )

Airbags are now a standard feature on most cars.

a standard technique

A sample of blood was obtained from each patient using the standard technique.

academic standards (= levels that are considered to be acceptable )

The school has high academic standards.

acceptable standard

Students who achieve an acceptable standard will progress to degree studies.

compromise your standards

Universities should not have to compromise their academic standards.

double standard

ethical standards

The president must have the highest ethical standards .

exacting standards/demands/requirements etc

He could never live up to his father’s exacting standards.

gold standard

high standard (= very good levels of work, achievement, behaviour etc )

The general standard of the entries was very high.

Our guests expect us to maintain high standards .

high/low standard of living

a nation with a high standard of living

living standard

Living standards have improved over the last century.


beaches which meet European standards of cleanliness

normal/standard procedure

It’s standard procedure to take photographs of the scene of the crime.

professional standards

The Law Society’s function is to maintain the highest professional standards.

quality standards

Greater investment is needed to meet the European Union’s strict quality standards.

rules/standards of conduct

In war, there are established rules of conduct.

safety standards (= official rules designed to make something safe )

He claims safety standards on ferries are still not high enough.

set standards/guidelines (= decide on standards, rules etc )

The government has set new food quality standards for all school canteens.

set the standard (= be very good, and so show how good other people or things should be )

They wanted to set the standard for software.

standard deviation

standard equipment (= the equipment that is in a car, which does not cost extra to have )

Standard equipment on this model includes airbags, climate control and cruise control.

Standard Grade

standard lamp

standard of living

a nation with a high standard of living

standard time

standards of behaviour

declining standards of behaviour among young people

It’s a parent’s job to instruct children in acceptable standards of behaviour.

standards of efficiency

Their work led to higher standards of efficiency across the industry.




But educators there have shown that high academic standards and the concepts under-girding school-to-work are not mutually exclusive.

Under intense political pressure the strict academic standards which first prevailed were relaxed, and entry was broadened.

But they illustrate the second key task facing public schools: how to increase the academic content and standards for all students.

In addition, the academic standards of those receiving special education in secondary and special schools are not always impressive.

All the academic standards are all locally developed.

Competition for the few places available is keen and a high academic standard is required.

Corporate leaders also have championed the need for higher academic standards , most recently at the National Education Summit in 1996.


This study has shown that an acceptable standard of diabetic care can be provided in normal surgery time.

Students who achieve an acceptable standard may have the opportunity to progress to degree studies.

Inadequate professional services are services which fall below an acceptable standard , but are short of negligent work.

Sections which fall below an acceptable standard in terms of quantity, quality of content, or physical condition should receive priority.

And above all pupils were the first to acknowledge the moment when they moved from acceptable to unacceptable standards .

But it must be remembered that the process of evolving acceptable accounting standards has taken many years.

The western section is already at an acceptable standard but the east section is in poor condition, virtually unusable when wet.

They will also be expected to submit answer books that are of acceptable standard .


This move has greatly strengthened the regulatory force of accounting standards .

Harmonising international accounting standards is more important than one might think.

In local authorities, the law plays an equally important, probably more important, part in accounting standards .

Companies are required to state that their accounts are prepared in accordance with approved accounting standards .

It is possible that proposals for revisions to accounting standards on these subjects will be made in the future.

This is the first time that accounting standards have had even this amount of statutory backing.

We will monitor the further developments and pronouncements of the several bodies presently addressing the subjects of corporate governance and accounting standards .

The paper also proposed that an accounting standard restrict the uses of the share premium account.


Stone also emphasizes the extent to which women accepted the double moral standard .

That double standard was the underbelly of every easy laugh stand-up comedians got when they did hooker jokes.

Industrialised countries are accused, rightly, of double standards .

Patricia Schroeder of Colorado remains a cautionary symbol of the unfair double standard in the let-your-emotions-all-hang-out department.

Medical men, as well as the military and defenders of the double standard , were strong proponents of the Acts.

No wonder this Government is so despised - Major's double standards smack of deviousness.

Translated to criminality, the double standard prescribed different attitudes toward male and female criminals.

The double standard of morality relied upon this separation between the public and the private.


We have begun the job of raising educational standards and breaking down the barriers between the vocational and the academic routes.

Clinton called for uniform educational standards without regard to income level.

In the context of the debate about the curriculum, economic decline and supposedly falling educational standards were important elements.

They insist that virtually all of their students reach a high educational standard .

For more senior jobs individuals will have already demonstrated an appropriate level of intelligence by their educational standards and successful work experience.

The rate is now 86 percent. Educational standards promise to be a flash point in the presidential campaign this year.

Enhanced educational and training standards will have demand implications for services in such areas as tourism, leisure and recreation.


The early stages are the most critical in achieving high environmental standards and safe operation.

The volunteer has to meet all relevant environmental standards , of course.

Higher environmental standards have to some extent highlighted the problem of offensive odours.

In addition, environmental standards have improved - sometimes dramatically - and leisure and recreational facilities have been substantially enhanced.

Countries with initially low environmental standards are not immune to pressures to raise them.

Under the code, each country would be allowed to meet its own environmental standards .

The garbage giants' advantage was their ability to meet new environmental standards requiring safer, costlier methods of disposal.

The financial costs of incineration, even with high environmental standards , are rarely higher than the costs of recycling.


There is also an emerging globalisation of ethical and judicial standards , which should render social and individual rights more secure.

The ethical standards of Wall Street have to be monitored at all levels.

It requires the highest ethical standards and immense skill.

They appealed to the selfless moral and ethical standards we like to believe we possess.

As well as the physical provisions, certain moral and ethical standards had to be met in order to gain eternity.

Only 19 percent of the respondents gave lawyers high marks for maintaining honest and ethical standards .

The Finance Houses Association were also anxious to ensure that collection practices conformed to the highest ethical standards .

He refused to lower his ethical standards for higher ratings.


The general standard of joiner work achieved by this company has improved considerably during the past four years.

As in Galicia, the lowness of the general standards concealed a hopeless poverty.

Mr Jackson said the general standards of hygiene throughout the group were excellent.

Sadly, it is my experience that the general standard of golf etiquette at club level is deteriorating.

The person principally concerned with the general supervision of standards is, of course, the traffic commissioner.

On the other hand, the general standard of farming was high.

Subsistence economies sometimes achieve a low-grade stability by the very poverty of the general standard of living.

The bridle lengths must also be symmetrical, and by general standards are long.


He believes in the gold standard , term limits, parent-power in schools and tenant-power in public housing.

Presto, the gold standard controlled prices and alleviated trade imbalances.

Each needs an archetype, a gold standard , to allow their specimens to be put in the correct cabinet.

In sum, a myopic gold standard could make us more vulnerable to, not safer from, market fluctuations.

The scale of the shock was in any case unprecedented, and most of the world was forced off the gold standard .

Their candy is the gold standard .

One notable feature of the gold standard was that it allowed automatic adjustment to take place via changes in expenditure and output.

In short, the gold standard obligated the central bank to exchange currency for gold at a fixed price.


Basil did not preach on such matters; he simply set high standards for teachers to emulate.

You get the picture: We need higher standards .

We want to see such wastes dealt with to the highest possible standards in ways that are consistent with industrial economics.

Problem is, the current system resists higher standards , whether in student performance or teacher competency.

Increasingly high standards favour the larger wealthy companies that have little interest in tropical diseases.

They see it in the high standards he and his people consistently achieve.

The photography and commentary are of high standard .


Such cells would be more in line with international standards , but less conducive to political mobilisation.

Woodward believes the quintuplet would benefit from playing alongside and against players of National League First Division and international standard .

Behind it stood the international gold standard .

The opening encounter took them to the small island of St Vincent, where the pitch was some way from international standard .

Such a label would assure consumers that the product was made in compliance with international labor standards .


The mechanisation of agriculture and industry is cutting work opportunities, so in many cases living standards are declining.

As a result, agricultural productivity and peasant living standards remained stagnant.

Also the material benefits of Prussian citizenship had begun to show in improved living standards and educational opportunities.

I think that most people are interested in the fact that living standards under this Government have risen dramatically.

These data will be used to develop profiles of the living standards of similar household types at different income levels.

As an infection carried on the air and in milk, diphtheria was not much affected by changes in living standards .

Even though the real wages and living standards of the proletariat may rise, its members will become poorer in relation to the bourgeoisie.

These figures clearly highlight the difference in world living standards .


The general interior layout is magnificent, but later alterations have made the decoration of a lower standard .

To lower admission standards would be, in effect, to devalue the currency in which their diploma had been issued.

Bigger classes and lower education standards are predicted as teachers are sacked to save money.

Q: Do crews of bargain airlines have lower standards ?

Do the pages of ticks mean that Fred is a genius or that the work was set at too low a standard ?

But heads and teachers complain just as much about low standards among employers.

Leaving behind low living standards and poor conditions in work and study seems more like rejection than adaptation.

We can not compete on the basis of low educational standards or poor working conditions.


The Acts lay down a minimum standard for air quality, and impose pollution emission controls to particular polluters.

The short-term goals and minimum / standards established for measures in Workplace 2000 will be treated much like control limits.

Recently, the federal government set its own minimum standards for landfills.

Collective bargaining is a flexible instrument and can build upon the minimum standards which the law lays down.

Britain defines it in terms of competition and free trading; most of the other countries conceive of it in terms of minimum operating standards .

Certain services, such as education, have minimum standards imposed by Parliament.

We will require local authorities to define minimum standards of accessibility in their areas and draw up transport plans which meet them.

Taken together, all these requirements constitute a set of minimum professional standards by which individual practitioners can be assessed and judged.


Outside school - and maritime mishaps - community life was restricted when compared to modern standards .

Such systems were usually, by modern standards , inequitable, exploitive, rigid, and inefficient.

Boxers fought an enormous number of contests by modern standards to satisfy a working-class public who wanted to see regular bouts.

Will these peoples continue to live in poverty and disease, or will they be brought up to modern standards of living?

Many early child-rearing practices were barbarous by modern standards .

While slow by modern standards , it was considered fast in 1985.

Although of limited accuracy by modern standards , the Scuds were reasonably successful at hitting large targets such as urban settlements.


Religions frequently fail to live up to their high moral standards .

He feared that in the absence of moral standards , workers could be abused and exploited.

The need to survive, which always dictates the moral standards of society, once more underlined the role of the women.

They appealed to the selfless moral and ethical standards we like to believe we possess.

The central concern for all these groups is with what they perceive to be declining moral standards .

He has dumped several party members for violating his personal moral standards .

By the moral standards of some of the bargainers the claims of some of the others may be immoral.

With its tendency to glorify brute force it outrages moral standards and inflames the passions.


He won the under-17 boys 1500m in 4-03.5, just outside the national standard .

The group is working to establish national crime lab standards .

The car park was immediately closed upon advice from Darlington council, which carried out the tests in line with national safety standards .

Later we hope to be the first offshore contractor with a competent core crew accredited to national standards .

These figures are typical and it is therefore evident that the service is not only meeting, but exceeding national standards .

At one extreme lies the Soviet Union which has over 100 national air quality standards and few emission standards.

There will, for the first time, be a national standard against which a pupil's performance may be measured.

They comprise pledges on national standards and a new set of promises specifically geared to the local area.


We are not doing that; with our new standards they represent as good a risk as any house.

Then they may feel morally devalued and a new standard of behavior can take root: the good of the service.

The changes which arise as a result of the new standard are described on page 39.

The proposal would violate new state standards which regulate Delta pumping.

On Wednesday, the new board voted 7 to 3 for the new standards .

Fresh new material and standards done with a fresh touch.

John Pople has set new standards for quantum mechanics, theoretical chemists, and for the general chemistry community.

Those new standards , the product of years of work, will dramatically change the way students are taught in California.


Training in interview skills takes a preventative approach to poor standards of interviewing.

Can you honestly see yourself being poor - really poor by our standards ?

These educational institutions suffer from very poor standards and give tacit or open support to the oligarchy.

This was a difficult decision as it meant a drop in their poor standard of living.

Lack of respect for the law and unemployment were blamed by 76 percent for poorer standards of youthful behaviour.

The Consumers'Association blames poor hygiene standards .


First, maintaining professional standards has arguably never been more important.

Instead of becoming a unified political force dedicated to raising professional standards , black deejays remained unorganized and unfocused.

Instead they retain the status of written professional standards .

This reflects the Society's function to monitor and maintain the highest professional standards .

Such a practice would tend to promote suitable professional standards and reduce the chances of miscarriage of justice.

Expertise was dissipated, professional standards dropped.

The high professional standards present in some other occupations, such as science or medicine, are the outcome of a long process.

Locally it needs to be done to as near a professional standard as possible.


Instead of an anecdotal narrative it must aspire to the rigorous standards of a science.

It seems possible but highly unlikely that more rigorous standards were used for the categories that we happened not to study.

Among them are: Rigorous standards in wiring and installation.

I was wrong, he said, to think that the Black Studies Department had abandoned rigorous standards .

They are professionals with equipment which meets rigorous safety standards .

It advocated more rigorous standards for planning future projects.

A combination of higher taxation and more rigorous academic standards led to a dearth of first-class amateurs.


They expect other nations to set technical standards and to innovate new markets.

Determine offences and decide on compliance with technical standards .

This provides the Institute with a unique influence in the maintenance of technical standards .

In yet another report, Lord Hunt of Tamworth ignored the vital issue of technical standards for a future cabling system.

Now there is an open technical standard .

Subject to this constraint and the firm's other technical standards we must always act in the best interests of our client.


However modern incinerators give off less dioxins thanks to tougher design standards .

And, sure, he spent Wednesday in Chicago pumping wind into his rhetorical drive for tougher education standards .

Each sets out tough new standards and gives new information and rights to the public.

Besides tougher legal standards , there are several procedural reasons to go slow under the new law, legal experts say.

Fewer than 30 of Britain's 450 designated bathing beaches passed the tougher standard last summer.

Apply slightly tougher standards for employers who hire temporary foreign workers for specialty jobs in the high-tech industry and elsewhere.

Dolphin admits that its going to be tough marketing two standards to the same set of people.


Voice over Trading standards say legal action could follow if the company wasn't bonded, to safeguard customers.

David Roberts, chief trading standards officer of Shropshire County Council, is another contender.

This may seem like a large haul, but trading standards officers insist it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Cleveland trading standards officers were flooded with complaints about the double glazing firm in February.

The man, from Leiston, Suffolk, complained to trading standards officers.

Police and the trading standards were led to the house by a suspicious neighbour.

Displaying the wrong price is a criminal offence and you can report the shop to your local trading standards office.



Unsurprisingly, it found Unix superior in networking, multi-user support, support for industry standards and cost competitiveness.

The year-to-year trend for the firm must be examined, and comparisons must be made with industry standards .

Workstation based publishing systems like Interleaf are an industry standard but offer very little more than the Macintosh in terms of actual capabilities.

C., is considering industry standards .

We continually look for ways to break brewing barriers and set new industry standards .

Sorry, no industry standards in the human memory field yet.

The spread of the Apple Macintosh within publishing to the point where it has become an industry standard .

The industry standard for shipping produce is a chilly 41 degrees Fahrenheit, he said.


Trading standards officer say the recent growth in car boot sales has provided a perfect outlet for the computer pirates.

Trading standards officers say there are no regulations requiring the product to be banned.

Trading standards officers investigated the couple after complaints from a computer engineer who bought their products at a sale in Lyneham.

David Roberts, chief trading standards officer of Shropshire County Council, is another contender.

This may seem like a large haul, but trading standards officers insist it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Trading standards officers monitor the movement of animals in and out of the country.


His responsibility is to ensure that a particular package has achieved the quality standards set by the project which is using it.

Q Quality standards and hints on carpet care are given.

Firstly, ambient air quality standards or goals need to be specified.

Not all aspects of the quality standards belong in this chapter.

Additionally, a uniform quality standard in safety training will be created throughout the Group.

One major criticism of the air quality management strategy relates to its use of air quality standards .

File management Introduction All quality standards place heavy emphasis on file management.

Crown and Key establishments are being assessed by our inspectors for their quality standards right now.


Stricter regulation of health and safety standards is called for.

The usual choice is a helmet that meets the safety standards for bicycles.

The film was financed by off-shore oil company money and there were no health and safety standards .

Tests found uranium levels as high as nine times above the safety standard .

The manual points out that mains can kill and I reckon that it doesn't meet any of the safety standards .

The findings could lead to improved seismic safety standards at nuclear plants.

The tightening up of safety standards at nuclear power plants inevitably followed the reactor accidents.

Border Patrol officials say the vests meet safety standards .



His responsibility is to ensure that a particular package has achieved the quality standards set by the project which is using it.

Place more stress on ensuring that students achieve high academic standards .

If you normally insist upon and achieve high personal standards of performance the idea of not obtaining this can be almost unbearable.

Providing a sense of accomplishment and recognition to those achieving standards of performance 5.

Students who achieve an acceptable standard may have the opportunity to progress to degree studies.

He had achieved , by the standards of Wall Street, technical mastery of his subject.

It might be considered an expensive reward for achieving a high standard and a costly method of public relations.

Candidates who achieve the required standard in coursework and written examinations proceed to the submission for the MMus.


However, it no more obliges me to apply without question your standards to you than mine to myself.

The students argued that the school discriminated against them by applying more lenient standards to minority applicants.

That he went grossly wrong in applying the standard does not mean that the standard as such was inapplicable.

Professionals have to be wary of applying their own standards .

Gradually, I was made to feel unpopular and I applied these new standards to him.


June, too, had wanted to be noticed for herself and not just for fading to attain impossibly high standards .

It articulates the Group's commitment to attaining the highest practical standards of health, safety and environmental protection in the workplace.


This is a developing service which should also develop software standards in the future.

A commission was created to develop statewide standards for schools by next year.

A majority of developing countries feared such standards would be used to block their exports and weaken economic growth.

It also will help the industry develop standards for the modems.

B Develop national standards for cardiovascular care.

But Democrats say the speedup would undermine the work of a commission that is developing standards for a new statewide test.

The Council is united in its resolve to maintain and develop standards of professional management and competence.

But a slim majority think the commission should act first to prevent testing companies from developing the standards .


Labour's independent Food Standards Agency will ensure high food quality standards .

The Act requires childcare facilities to be registered to ensure that standards are maintained throughout the country.

We will back the work of the Broadcasting Standards Council and remain vigilant about ensuring high standards in satellite broadcasts from abroad.

Proper training of food handlers has a vital role in improving their morale and motivation and ensuring that standards are met.

The clinical teacher also has a responsibility to ensure that a high standard of nursing care is given to the patient.

These require employers to assess users' workstations to ensure they meet certain standards .

The Inspection department's role is to ensure that quality standards are properly maintained, without incurring disproportionate costs.

And it has created a new job, that of quality assurance manager, to ensure that standards are maintained.


Congress ought to establish minimum standards for licensing of handgun owners and registration of handguns.

These standards have been adopted by many states, counties, and cities; others have established their own standards.

Values: these define what is seen as success by the organisation and establish standards of achievement within the organisation.

The group is working to establish national crime lab standards .

Within these objectives the association is empowered: To establish and maintain appropriate standards of competence for managers in the industry.

The law calls for the government to establish programming standards unless the industry devises its own after one year.

Control means to establish standards of performance, measure performance against those standards, and take corrective action where required.

Products graded in accordance with established standards bear the appropriate grade marks.


In the context of the debate about the curriculum, economic decline and supposedly falling educational standards were important elements.

Taking Corrective Action Corrective action should be taken if performance falls short of standards and the analysis indicates that action is required.

The performance of most cities falls substantially below this standard .

The district tests the water and adds chloramine if levels fall below standards .

If they fell below his standard he was disappointed, but not censorious.

Anything less than this is a measure of the extent to which the research falls short of scientific standards .

In the background are grumbles over falling standards , inadequate facilities and bureaucratic overload.

Such legislation would outlaw any models which fell below a certain standard .


The point of our educational reforms is to improve standards .

Many tribes have used revenues to improve living standards and supplement government-funded programs in social services, healthcare and education.

Collaboration between the royal society and family health services authorities would be a sensible way forward in improving dispensing standards .

The findings could lead to improved seismic safety standards at nuclear plants.

This strategy is explicitly intended to improve living standards sufficiently to divert popular protest.

Efforts were made to curb unlicensed medical practice and to improve the standards of that profession.

More established resorts improve a lot on these standards , but perhaps offer less local colour and charm.

Think of the future-education, improved standards of living for the people.


I still don't live up to my standards .

The expectation that government action, through the welfare state, could remove inequality and uniformly improve living standards was openly challenged.

This strategy is explicitly intended to improve living standards sufficiently to divert popular protest.

What evidence is there that you are not living up to the appropriate standards ?

Successive generations will probably have living standards lower than those enjoyed by their parents.

Global demand is projected to double over the next 30 years as population increases and living standards improve.

Elsewhere in the world, the fee will be adjusted for living standards .


Developing countries are attracting investment not by lowering their standards , but because they are making the best of their comparative advantage.

Suddenly interested in the achievement of poor black schoolchildren, pundits, federal officials and policy-makers unanimously condemn Ebonics for lowering standards .

Lavish praise given for undemanding and second rate efforts lowers standards rather then enhances them.

He refused to lower his ethical standards for higher ratings.

With increasing, incompetent social engineering in schools and other public institutions? Lower standards of public health, education and policing?

It may become dull and mechanized, lowering its performance standards and expectations in the inter-est of predictable functionality.

Food safety guarantees can lock food processors and distributors into purchasing home-produced food and not imports produced to lower standards .

Another response has been to dig deeper than usual into waiting lists or to lower admissions standards .


But there are now several recognised cooking methods that not only maintain the standards of traditional cooking, but improve on them.

First, maintaining professional standards has arguably never been more important.

Being capable of risking showing one's own personal vulnerability while still maintaining professional standards .

They were to be prepared for their maternal duties and given material assistance to maintain a higher standard of motherhood.

Tact, vigilance and persistence in maintaining high standards are necessary.

Hickson take pride in their ability to solve technical problems quickly while maintaining the highest safety standards .

The results also point up the problem of maintaining the standards reached in the new services.

The result will be a more coherent and comprehensive system by which to maintain standards in our awards.


In return for meeting these standards the exchange has insulation from liability for negligence to specific persons.

To prepare for a lifetime of learning, all students need to meet higher standards and master a solid academic core.

Issues hence no longer meet the high standards of credit quality required by the eurobond market.

Young people who meet the standards earn nationally recognized credentials that employers value.

All three flavourings have been produced to ensure they meet the standards for which Schwartz is famous.

Specifically, ValuJet did not initially meet Defense Department standards for maintenance, training and internal auditing, he said.

I understand that the existing safety surface meets the relevant standard so no further safety surfacing should be required.

Border Patrol officials say the vests meet safety standards .


She thinks many agencies are providing good standards of care.

They provided an objective standard by which we could judge ourselves.

Complaints procedure: Norwich Union's aim is at all times to provide a first class standard of service.

The scientific method has provided standards for research.

It has been proved that Lothian has low bureaucratic costs and provides an above average standard of services at low cost.

These cakes provided a standard by which to judge the substitutions.

We will continue to be innovative and will provide value and high standards of service and safety for all investors and borrowers.


What can I do to raise standards generally in schools?

Most important, Loftus launched a campaign to raise academic standards and expectations.

We have begun the job of raising educational standards and breaking down the barriers between the vocational and the academic routes.

Serigraph also has worked to raise standards at the high school to reflect its needs.

The presence of at least some specialist assistance has been shown to be essential for raising the standards of the whole team.

States could raise academic standards for some students and consign others to a new and marginally improved version of job training.

Officials are drafting the strategy, which aims to raise teaching standards through training and staff support.

On education, Labor is pledged to raising standards while cutting class sizes for 5, 6 and 7 year olds.


Cherwell Scientific Publishing Limited was founded in 1990 to distribute and publish carefully selected software which reaches this standard .

They insist that virtually all of their students reach a high educational standard .

Both bodies regularly inspect the homes and have powers to make sure that care and other conditions reach specified standards .

Why work more industriously to reach the new standard ?

The young concert pianist had spent fewer hours reaching concert standard than he had spent achieving a mediocre amateur level.

They never reached the standard of work evidenced by the Parthenon or the Erechtheion.

Diplomas are awarded to candidates who reach a satisfactory standard in written examinations following nine months of coursework.

Studies that reach a high standard can be submitted for publication.


Creative, determined to set the highest standards .

It sets zoning standards for previously unregulated swingers clubs and semi-nude modeling businesses.

Never before has there been such open abuse of power by those who are supposed to set standards for the people.

You can only set standards and then see if those standards are met.

But since the majority sets the standards , the differences of the majority are considered normal, those of the minority odd.

If state laws establish certain certification requirements for teachers, the collective bargaining contract can not set up conflicting standards .

Basil did not preach on such matters; he simply set high standards for teachers to emulate.

Instead, regents of individual institutions and systems were given the power to set standards , the reports said.


be common/standard/normal practice

It is normal practice for the definitive sale and purchase agreement to be drafted by the acquirer's solicitors.

It is normal practice for the heads to specify that each party will be responsible for the costs of its own advisers.

It is normal practice for the purchaser to order a survey for two reasons.

It is normal practice for the vendor to disclose various documents to the purchaser as part of the disclosure exercise.

Motorcycles would be kept out by barriers at each end - this is normal practice for cycle/pedestrian paths.

The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry.

This is standard practice , but such an event is unlikely.

Whatever the circumstances, it is standard practice in embryo transfer to introduce several embryos at a time.

style-setter/trend-setter/standard-setter etc

the gold standard


Air quality standards vary from state to state.

All his work is of a very high standard .

I'm afraid you haven't quite reached the standard required for the job.

I'm afraid your driving isn't yet up to standard .

If the pilot has not been trained to normal airline standards, he will not be employed by us.

In reading tests, 15% of school students were found to be below the standard for their age.

Judges remarked on the high standard of this year's entries.

Many Europeans who consider themselves to be poor are rich by the standards of some Third World countries.

Safety standards are simply not being maintained.

Shakespeare is the standard against which all playwrights must be measured.

The standard of workmanship on this table is extraordinarily high.

The industry standard of temperature for shipping produce is 41 degrees Fahrenheit.


Many of them are of a Victorian standard and need considerable investment.

Ministers have shifted their focus from primary standards to the lack of pupil progress at key stage 3.

Months of wrangling over new production standards for the vaccine and new inspection procedures followed.

Similarly, your internal editor insists that you create documents based on equally arbitrary and unattainable standards.

The organisation published a draft standard on computer graphics at the end of March.

They need a person who sets standards of competence and integrity to be aimed at.

II. adjective




A motorised telescopic steering column is fitted as standard , as is an electrically adjustable seat with a memory function.

What finally evolves as standard jargon may be entirely different than anything suggested so far.

A plastic dust extraction adaptor is included as standard .

Already the story was being repeated as standard history.

All 605s are fitted with a three-way catalytic converter, anti-lock braking system and an ultrasonic alarm as standard .

Now they're arguably the easiest of all classics to look after, and come brimming with character as standard .

On the other hand it does not provide remedies for production problems which can be applied as standard recipes or procedures.

With anti-lock as standard , they respond smoothly and effectively to instruction and show no signs of fade during repeated hard stopping.



All regiments may include a standard bearer and/or musician, and these cost double the points value of an ordinary trooper.

Their presidential standard bearer was criticizing the woman they love to hate.

Obviously, the regiment must include a standard bearer before it can be given a magic standard.

Mr. Hill was an important standard bearer .

Ronald Reagan was not without handicaps and dissatisfaction with both of the party's standard bearers in this election was unusually widespread.

Niblit replaces the normal battle standard bearer option in the army list.

The army general and standard bearer are very important to the Empire army.


Five replicates were performed per drug dilution and the standard deviation of the mean is shown.

In either case the system is out-of-control, although all values lie within the 2 standard deviation range. 62.

The distribution remains normal but the standard deviation decreases as the square root of n, the sample size.

Mean and standard deviation figures therefore include these two patients.

Means and standard deviations of the variables used in the subsequent analyses are presented in Table 1.

The variation in salinity at a depth of 1,600m has been less than standard deviations from the 1975-78 mean.

Eighty-two percent of the papers are published within one standard deviation on either side of the mean.

The standard deviation can usefully be visualized as the distance from the mean to the point of inflection of the bell-shaped curve.


This limit does not apply to standard equipment that is fitted by the manufacturer.

They provide information for the receptionist when dealing with enquiries for the guests as to what standard equipment is in the room.

Apple computers have long been standard equipment in the graphics and photographic industry.

The ventilator, improved and updated, is now standard equipment in most operating theatres around the world.

Be advised, however, that with its high level of standard equipment , the Mountaineer is not cheap.

Government engineers bought sub-standard equipment , inflated the price, and pocketed the difference.

For the same price - around nine grand - standard equipment is better, including remote-control central locking and a sunroof.


There are also facilities to display the data's standard errors and select polynomial and rational functions.

Thaler and Rosen reported several estimates with confidence limits around each, based on their standard errors .

The reason for their very big standard errors become clearer from the specification of the leisure effects.

Data are expressed as mean percentage of T cells binding from three replicate wells; lines represent standard errors .

The bar lines denote standard errors .

This gives a total of 16 out of 36 which could be solved using standard error correction algorithms.

Additionally, the standard errors of the estimated coefficients are larger in Models 2 and 3 than in Model 1.

Three pieces of daub were dated and provided an average age and standard error of 830 plus/minus 40 years.


Fees Search work will be charged for on a standard fee basis.

It has sought to identify what criteria must be met before any standard fees system could be workable.

Of immediate concern to the profession was the Lord Chancellor's introduction of standard fees for magistrates' court work.

The first of these, standard fees in the magistrates' courts, is to be introduced in January 1993.

A standard fee was then imposed.


This contract, which is reproduced here, is a typical example of a standard form contract found in the haulage industry.

Furthermore the finding itself - that women in each class use more standard forms than men - is not without problems.

However, with standard form contracts directed at consumers, the legislature has interfered because of the imbalance in bargaining power.

The standard form 1980 provides a procedure where the client puts forward three specialists whom he would be happy to see used.

Again standard forms can be used and copies should be sent to all interested parties.

This is best obtained by asking interviewees to complete standard forms or to take tests before or between interviews.

It is usually written on a standard form , but not necessarily.


The YC5 or YC6 fits both the fine and standard gauge machines.

At least when you're knitting on the bigger gauges you have fewer rows to knit than on a fine or standard gauge.

Finally, one exciting development is the electronic intarsia carriage for use with the standard gauge electronic machine.

The line was seven miles long, single track, and of standard gauge .

All these accessories fit all Silver standard gauge punchcard machines.

Remove the stitches from the standard gauge machine with the garter bar and replace them on the chunky machine.

Apart from these, the other accessories available for the standard gauge models are not available for the fine and chunky gauges.


A free link to the Maker is supplied as standard issue to every Earthling, fully installed by him from the womb.

They fitted pretty well, but were standard issue .

Police said he was shot by a standard issue SA80 rifle, one of the Army's deadliest weapons.


All gliders and light aircraft have to recover satisfactorily with the standard method .

And the standard method of teaching was sheer translation.

Aggregation results in mixed or compound Poisson distributions which can not be fitted by standard methods .

The washing of the northern blots was carried out according to standard methods .

Bound antibodies were detected with an alkaline phosphatase conjugate by standard methods .

Writing of names A standard method of writing names should be adopted.

If you are using packaged binaries, you should install as per the standard method for your distribution.

Myc point mutants were generated by site-directed mutagenesis using standard methods .


The concept of an advantageous mutation spurring evolution is the standard model with which evolutionists still work.

On the standard model , water passes via a duct under and thence through the media.

In the third stage, production consists mainly of standard models and there is a reluctance to undertake specials.

Then we tried to get a pair of shoes, also a standard model .

The assumptions about classical conditioning that are implied by this notion must be rather different from those embodied in the standard model .


The first is the wide variation in specification and finish that are standard practice in the motor industry.

Win had also used a false name through the years, standard practice for officers engaged in covert work.

This was, in fact, standard practice and Barratt was fully aware of it.

But fee waiving is standard practice among money funds.

This was formerly standard practice but had lapsed in recent years.

This, I learned, was standard practice when a customer was about to be sacrificed for the greater good of Salomon.

This is standard practice , but such an event is unlikely.

Philip Redfern suggested it should become standard practice for statisticians to put their professional advice on the record.


Again this is a standard procedure throughout Grimes.

All teams were responsible for developing their own approach to self-management; there were no standard procedures .

No two old people will react the same way, so no standard procedure can be recommended.

No one asked me about follow up phone calls made to me by their offices, standard procedures for campaigns.

From 1754 onwards marriages were entered on printed forms, otherwise no standard procedure was laid down until 1813.

This is a standard procedure whenever there is a dispute over the availability of a privilege.

For all his standard procedures , I don't think he is actually imitating anybody.

Kinase labelling, hybridisation, and washing of the blots was performed at 42°C according to standard procedures .


Turns on to headings will be made at the standard rate , but using the stop-watch, not magnetic compass.

The standard rate for a federal student loan that does not require a co-signer is now 8. 25 percent.

His ambition was to reduce the standard rate of tax to 25p in the pound by the next election.

Discounts typically run 10 percent to 60 percent off standard rates .

Thus after year six, your monthly payments are higher than the standard rate demands.

When charges are made, standard rates apply for the services provided to our personal customers.

The standard rate is 17.9 per cent.

The last Labour Government put up the standard rate to 35p.


Each machine comes with a standard set of at least 35 different type-faces.

The companies said they will share technology and develop a standard set of communication protocols.

Proof correction marks a standard set of signs and symbols used in copy preparation and to indicate corrections on proofs.

But they were built to a safety standard set 30 years ago.

Less than half the wines listed were selected for awards making the standard set one of the highest in the world.

This approaches the standard set by the patient's charter.

The standard set of Spectrum keys have been added to in an intelligent way too.

There is a standard set of terms for the conduct of an arbitration.


They must conform to the pattern and standard size laid down by the Post Office.

Why did he not decide to reduce the three para battalions to the new standard size ?

How many standard sizes do Beaver offer and why is this important?

All the pallets were of a standard size which Bob guessed to be about four feet square, about sixty-four cubic feet.

The 20-strong team cuts the material into standard sizes and Robert liaises with sales offices on orders and delivery dates.

They come in a fairly wide range of standard sizes .


This remained a standard work well into the next century.

She published extensively on the technology of New World pottery, and wrote a standard work , Ceramics for the Archaeologist.

By far the most exciting is Molecular Biology of the Cell, which will surely become the standard work for cell biology.

For the expert the book will certainly become a standard work of reference.


standard size paper

A work week of forty hours is standard in the U.S.

All hand-baggage was X-rayed - this is now standard practice at most airports.

Drug tests are a standard procedure following train accidents.

Prices start at $15,489 for the standard model.

Students are encouraged to learn standard English because this is what they will need to know in the business world.

Supermarkets typically have six standard food departments.

We make shoes in all standard sizes.


In telephone and face-to-face selling standard sales pitches are used, regardless of the specific needs of the customer.

Letters can be compiled from standard paragraphs stored in the memory.

Most industrial/commercial concerns will have such standard costs calculated for their ranges of products.

You must know the rules and be familiar with standard market terminology.

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