Meaning of TENDER in English

adj. (tenderer, tenderest) 1 easily cut or chewed, not tough (tender steak). 2 easily touched or wounded, susceptible to pain or grief (a tender heart; a tender conscience). 3 easily hurt, sensitive (tender skin; a tender place). 4 delicate, fragile (a tender reputation). 5 loving, affectionate, fond (tender parents; wrote tender verses). 6 requiring tact or careful handling, ticklish (a tender subject). 7 (of age) early, immature (of tender years). 8 (usu. foll. by of) solicitous, concerned (tender of his honour). øtender-eyed 1 having gentle eyes. 2 weak-eyed. tender-hearted having a tender heart, easily moved by pity etc. tender-heartedness being tender-hearted. tender mercies iron. attention or treatment which is not in the best interests of its recipient. tender spot a subject on which a person is touchy. øøtenderly adv. tenderness n. [ME f. OF tendre f. L tener]

English main colloquial, spoken dictionary.      Английский основной разговорный словарь.