Meaning of WIN in English


transcription, транскрипция: [ wɪn ]

v. & n. --v. (winning; past and past part. won) 1 tr. acquire or secure as a result of a fight, contest, bet, litigation, or some other effort (won some money; won my admiration). 2 tr. be victorious in (a fight, game, race, etc.). 3 intr. a be the victor; win a race or contest etc. (who won?; persevere, and you will win). b (foll. by through, free, etc.) make one's way or become by successful effort. 4 tr. reach by effort (win the summit; win the shore). 5 tr. obtain (ore) from a mine. 6 tr. dry (hay etc.) by exposure to the air. --n. victory in a game or bet etc. øwin the day be victorious in battle, argument, etc. win over persuade, gain the support of. win one's spurs 1 colloq. gain distinction or fame. 2 hist. gain a knighthood. win through (or out) overcome obstacles. you can't win colloq. there is no way to succeed. you can't win them all colloq. a resigned expression of consolation on failure. øøwinnable adj. [OE winnan toil, endure: cf. OHG winnan, ON vinna]

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