Meaning of WIN in English


v. 1 come (in or out) first, carry the day, conquer, overcome; carry off (the palm), finish first (in), achieve first place (in), triumph (in), be victorious (in), be the victor (in), gain a victory (in), prevail (in), succeed (in), take first prize (in), Colloq bring home the bacon Which team is more likely to win today? We seem to have won the battle but not the war 2 gain, carry off or away, attain, acquire, get, obtain, secure, procure, receive, collect, net, bag, earn, realize, pick up, glean Look at all those trophies Gillian has won playing golf! 3 win over influence, sway, incline, persuade, charm, prevail upon, convert, induce, bring round or around, convince Don't think that Gilbert can be won over without a strong argument

n. 4 victory, conquest, triumph, success So far this season we have recorded six wins and one loss for the Surrey Scouts

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