Meaning of TECHNIQUE in English



BAD : The main cause of unemployment is modern technique.

GOOD : The main cause of unemployment is modern technology.


technique = a way of doing something, especially one that requires special training: 'Thanks to these new surgical techniques, patients spend far shorter periods in hospital.' 'The purpose of these seminars is to keep our staff up to date with the latest teaching and testing techniques.'

technology = (the study of) the use of scientific theories and methods for practical purposes: 'Can you imagine what the world would be like without science and technology?' 'Space research has produced major advances in computer technology.'


BAD : The job requires proper technique training.

GOOD : The job requires proper technical training.

BAD : He used a lot of technique language that I didn't understand.

GOOD : He used a lot of technical language that I didn't understand.


technical = (1) involving or requiring detailed knowledge, especially of an industrial or scientific subject: 'The flight was cancelled because of a serious technical problem.'

(2) requiring special knowledge to be understood: 'Engineering students need a lot of technical English.'

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