Meaning of TECHNIQUE in English



analytical method/techniques/approach/skills

During the course, students will develop their analytical skills.

assessment methods/techniques

We recommend using a variety of assessment methods.

employ a method/technique/tactic etc

The report examines teaching methods employed in the classroom.

exam technique (= good ways to succeed in exams )

Mr Frasier gave us some useful tips on exam technique.

instructional programmes/materials/techniques etc

a free instructional video.

interview technique

The book gives some useful advice on interview technique.




Since spectrometry forms the basis of most analytical techniques to be described it must first be defined.

The next chapter will explore some of the analytical techniques that are commonly employed in working capital management.

In this year students apply higher-level business, analytical and technological techniques to management within the hotel operations and tourism ventures.

The analytical techniques available to the bureaucracies of modern states are increasingly sophisticated.

An early investigation of Roman lead-rich glazes using this analytical technique was carried out by the late E.M.

This analytical technique was time-consuming and destructive.

Again differences in analytical techniques , patient selection, and other variables makes the interpretation of some of these studies difficult.

The chapters on the various analytical techniques used in the detection and study of drugs of abuse are of more general interest.


Techniques Most people have cleaned something and have employed basic cleaning techniques .

We will also review some basic techniques for editing tables.

Here are some basic assertiveness techniques: Three-part messages: This formula can help you express messages that make you feel uncomfortable.

Those same cooks forget from year to year the most basic techniques of getting the bird to the table.

In this barbaric world, there were no polite procedures, just basic survival techniques .

Getting my thoughts off myself and on to others was another basic technique that I learned in this business.

Having outlined the basic techniques for evaluating securities, we may now remove the assumption of certainty.

The grading curriculum consists of only the basic techniques that have been learned so far.


Many groups have fabricated devices for diverse applications and using a variety of different techniques .

It also resurfaces the skin, which is a whole different technique .

In each of the four videos, Alwyn teaches about watercolour materials and different techniques .

For them, a different technique is used, although it is considerably more expensive and somewhat riskier than the adult procedure.

This project will estimate the benefits and costs of wildlife habitats and compare the results using different valuation techniques .

If significant delay may result from this process, a different decision making technique should be used.

McNeill Alexander adopted a different analytical technique , and came up with a much slower dinosaur than Bakker's.

With detergents and other chemicals a different technique is used.


But the main culprit seems to be modern farming techniques .

Abortion mortality was high.... Modern medical techniques have altered this situation.

It may be that growing wealth meant that more people came to have access to modern contraceptive techniques .

Such modern techniques take time away.

This is a potentially lethal combination, but modern techniques help to safeguard us from those risks.

Most significantly, Mirror papers introduced modern printing techniques , processed photos locally for immediate use and speeded up the presses.

Thanks to the sophistication of modern mining techniques , little damage would have been caused to most other properties.

In this way modern analytical techniques are providing the basis for greater appreciation of some of the world's greatest painters.


The new technique came into its own by treating the infested garments for 72 hours in ten bubbles simultaneously.

Gandhi showed a new technique ....

Progress was easier because many new techniques were available.

The Stylus uses a new technique for putting ink on the paper.

Not all patients, however, such as the elderly and high risk, are suitable for these new operative techniques .

Soon, armed with both the desire and the understanding to change, she worked hard to learn new techniques for coaching.

Another new technique which, according to Mr Botham, was likely to become more popular is tissue testing of plant material.

The time and ease of work could be shortened by new techniques or advancing skills for old techniques.


Dale now works freelance from home and plans to diversify to explore other subjects and techniques .

It also determines the paper's resilience to scraping and other colour removal techniques .

Mackenzie is also looking at other mathematical techniques for analysing and synthesising waveforms.

They are flexible, however, and employ other techniques when appropriate.

When cold, several primes of the throttle are required, but no other special technique is needed.

There is evidence that verbal reprimands tend to be less effective in various disciplinary encounters than other techniques .

As mentioned earlier, a paper's sizing also determines its resilience to scraping and other colour removal techniques .


A SIMPLE technique of rapid reading has just been announced.

He describes the simple techniques used to counter a bewildering problem: I was a volunteer.

It was decided to first try out the simplest possible computational technique .

It can be done with air and water, using a simple technique I have devised.

For the most part it consists of a series of simple techniques combined with a new way of looking at the subject.

In consequence, simple statistical techniques are used to characterize the grain size distribution data.

It is amazing what a difference these simple techniques can make.

A simple technique is to lower the water level to the height of the parents.


Many experiments have used purpose-built probes rather than one of the standard techniques .

Agarose gel electrophoresis, ribonucleic acid transfer, and hybridisation of blots were performed by standard techniques .

One of the oldest tricks in the book and he had completely overlooked it. Standard night-fighting technique in group tactics.

In the future it may complement or even replace standard techniques such as phage typing.

The team also found that 57 per cent of the eggs were able to be successfully fertilised using a standard technique .

The standard technique is to use a Stern-Gerlach experiment.

We can test this theory by using matrix isolation and then employing standard techniques such as in the study of stable molecules.

Using standard laboratory techniques , the virus itself is very difficult and expensive to detect.


It is tempting always to produce all the information that can be extracted by a particular statistical technique .

The methods used are similar to the statistical techniques that have been arrived at independently in this project. 2.2.

This led to the incorporation of statistical techniques of inference into empirical social science.

In consequence, simple statistical techniques are used to characterize the grain size distribution data.

The use of statistical techniques is not new to computational linguistics.

The first calls for psephological analysis, using modern statistical techniques , of the 1931 general election.

The main method of study involves a range of statistical techniques .

Conclusions drawn from applying statistical techniques to incomplete data may be very misleading.


So will the way in which he championed the traditional principles of technique .

But traditional drilling techniques could tap the oil in only a small number of these cracks.

Comments expressed in the survey revealed that a return to traditional manufacturing techniques and management styles would not be welcomed.

Not only does it discredit traditional replication techniques , it also steers the organization toward less costly ways of achieving its ends.

Textiles were in full decline; the old metal trades had vanished to the point where no artisan could explain the traditional techniques .

A final problem with applying traditional measurement techniques to white-collar professional groups was that traditional measurement focused primarily on efficiency.

Only traditional cultivation techniques are used.

Such errors were studied, along with traditional error correction techniques .


Subsequent chapters are devoted to mastering various techniques and manoeuvres.

The various techniques within the holistic orientation bear witness that the bodymind is a balanced system of energy.

Management reform Chapter 4 briefly reviewed various management techniques that have been tried and then abandoned by government.

Become familiar with these various techniques , even the more sophisticated ones, if they fit your business and product mix.

As this is the case, part of the research will examine various experimental techniques used previously in studies on word recognition.

That program features not only various process improvement techniques but also a fundamental change in the way Boeing is organized.

Selection Patients were assessed in a special gallstone clinic to determine their suitability for the various treatment techniques available in our unit.

But in his search he could find only pieces of various techniques to improve quality and productivity.



Plans are under way to apply the technique to other types of cancer as well.

Gandhi applied a technique of combat which turned the traditional docility of the gentle Hindu into heroism.

This issue comprises an extensive effort to apply economic modelling techniques and other analytical approaches to policy issues in a specific sector.

A final problem with applying traditional measurement techniques to white-collar professional groups was that traditional measurement focused primarily on efficiency.

Public awareness of the value of applying these techniques to archaeology has increased in consequence.

Texas Instruments, for example, is finding good success with applying data compression techniques to the training sets.

However, a number of problems confront investigators applying this technique to studies of alcoholic liver disease.

As if to compensate for this, he applied military techniques in the colony.


We have described the technique employed in detail.

He describes the simple techniques used to counter a bewildering problem: I was a volunteer.

This chapter therefore describes the techniques you will need to follow to obtain perfect pressed flowers.

It describes a number of techniques that the teacher can use to involve students in active viewing.

This paper describes how these techniques helped the author to reuse parts of an existing book to write a new one.

Off-balance sheet financing is a term used to describe techniques designed to obscure a company's true financial obligations.

Can you describe the best technique to use?

For example, Katy Simmonds of the Oxford Polytechnic has described a technique she used with 12-year-old children with specific reading difficulties.


Experiments are now being conducted near Reading to determine yields and to develop a suitable threshing technique .

Distillers scrambled to develop processing techniques that would allow them to carve out their own niches.

Socially useful designs of advanced systems would develop these techniques further.

Eli Whitney, famous for the cotton gin, also developed mass production techniques for muskets.

Before he developed his wrap around technique a full figure took 18 months to make.

He recognized his limitations, but he made little attempt to develop another technique .

In the course of their work the professional-managerial class develop techniques to control the working class.

The narwhal has developed other techniques to capture its food, such as sucking or blowing.


To lure shoppers, some merchants have employed some unorthodox promotion techniques .

Techniques Most people have cleaned something and have employed basic cleaning techniques .

Children beg, cry, throw temper tantrums, flatter, and employ countless techniques to get what they want.

It came originally from my father, who employed the technique with great relief on many occasions.

Newhouse construction almost always employs these techniques .

We will be employing an eye-tracking technique to study reading of complex sentences.


Only two patients had been prescribed aids or appliances to improve their technique .

Such games are studied by chess players to improve their own techniques .

It gives clear detailed instructions, answers queries and suggests ways to improve your technique .

Teachers can improve their own demonstration techniques by observing methods shown in films.

Sheldon compared the improved techniques to those used for environmental monitoring.

Training after a main event should be much less dynamic and should concentrate on improving technique in preparation for the next competition.


The beginner normally learns combination techniques by performing them against thin air.

They learn relaxation and energizing techniques .

To do this, you will need to learn a technique called scribing.

Soon, armed with both the desire and the understanding to change, she worked hard to learn new techniques for coaching.

How do they learn of the detail and, indeed, where do they learn the specific techniques ?

Perhaps you work for a charitable organization that must learn sophisticated marketing techniques to survive financially.

It does not follow that in owning a funboard you should only learn funboard techniques .

Even so, Swilling expects his student to make a smooth transition to defensive end. Learn the techniques .


In the manuscript assignment, candidates will be required to demonstrate display techniques .

Determination of serum ferritin concentrations generally requires immunoassay techniques . 274.

To approach this in a more formal sense would also require mathematical programming techniques .

Computers are widely used because cost estimating may involve complex mathematical calculations and require advanced mathematical techniques .

But longer distance homing must require other techniques .

Yet the vast amounts of data they produce require advanced data visualisation techniques for their human understanding.

International mediation can require sophisticated processes and techniques .

It will require improvements in oil-drilling techniques before they can be exploited.


Rita is a machine knitter of 20 years' standing who has taught many techniques of the craft.

Can a teacher sue a principal for slander for making critical remarks about his or her teaching techniques ?

A pilot course to teach community interpreter training techniques was set up at the Polytechnic of Central London last year.

Everyone, including aides and orderlies, was taught techniques so that each patient was moved as much as possible.

It may also be possible to promote rest by teaching some specific relaxation technique , e.g. deep breathing, yoga.

However, in these settings, at their best, great strides were made in medical and teaching techniques .

To avoid these situations it is important for pilots to be taught the right technique for the take-off run.

Promoting and teaching laboratory techniques appropriate for public health purposes are also critical.


I use the pencils for techniques such as cross-hatching, contour and scribble drawing, shading and frottage.

In this chapter, we will examine commonly used techniques for both short-term and long-term financial forecasting and budgeting.

Compare this with the slide-back scooping block which uses the same technique but does not turn the body away.

For this purpose the Gurdjieff system uses a technique known as Self-observation.

Today around 80% of the prints I produce now use this technique .

He used special low temperature techniques to freeze the intermediate in solid argon at -250°C.

Woodpeckers use a similar hiding technique .

Pressures and temperatures in the Jovian atmosphere have largely been determined by spacecraft, using a variety of techniques .


Chapter 6 describes useful techniques for creating on screen filing systems that really work.

Doctors are developing a painless technique to give shots.

helpful tips on how to improve your exam technique

More and more heart patients are surviving thanks to improved surgical techniques.

the artist's impressive style and technique


But techniques of reproducing graphic images - illustrations - were very slow to develop.

I used this technique for areas of detail, or when I needed deeper areas in large washes.

It is not only that the sophistication level with which the question or technique is framed must be appropriate to the patient.

Karajan, it seems, always had a superb baton technique .

Many find it very embarrassing to describe their expectations regarding actual physical technique .

Such modern techniques take time away.

The techniques developed will lead to a more versatile approach to landscape assessment than is presently possible.

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