Meaning of TECHNIQUE in English

(ˈ)tekˈnēk noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from technique technical, from Greek technikos — more at technical

1. : the way in which technical details are treated: as

a. : the manner in which a creative artist (as a writer or painter) uses the technical elements of his art to express himself

where technique is deficient, characterization cannot but suffer — E.R.Bentley


(1) : the manner in which a musician, dancer, or athlete uses basic physical movements in performance

will specialize in technique and improvisation for teenage and professional dancers — Dance Observer

(2) : the ability of a musician, dancer, or athlete to use basic physical movements effectively

a clarinetist of very limited technique — John Hammond


(1) : a body of technical methods ; especially : a body of technical methods used in scientific research

every science has its own special technique a considerable part of which serves chiefly to prevent error — R.W.Murray

(2) : the ability to use such methods effectively


a. : a technical method of accomplishing a desired aim

the technique of establishing linguistic families … is too difficult to be gone into here — Edward Sapir

especially : a particular technical method

used a technique involving radioactive carbon to measure photosynthesis — E.F.Thompson

b. : method , way , manner

the usual fishing technique is to loll around quietly in a small boat — Buick Magazine

young women whose technique is faulty are prone to meet failure and disillusionment — C.W.Cunnington

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