Meaning of DIRECTION in English



a move in the right direction

The decision seemed to be a move in the right direction.

a sense of direction (= the ability to judge which way you should be going )

The place was completely dark and I lost all sense of direction.

a sense of purpose/direction (= a feeling that you know what you are trying to achieve )

Becoming a mother had given her a new sense of purpose.

a step in the right direction (= an action that helps to improve things )

Environmentalists said the law was a step in the right direction.

ask for directions (= instructions how to get from one place to another )

At the station he asked for directions to the museum.

give...directions (= tell me how to go there )

Can you give me directions to the station?

in a northerly direction

We set off in a northerly direction .

in a southerly direction

Tara walked in a southerly direction .

in a westerly direction

We set off in a westerly direction .

in an easterly direction

We drove off in an easterly direction .

in the general direction of

They started walking in the general direction of the pub.

in the opposite direction

She turned and walked off in the opposite direction .

lose all sense of time/direction/proportion etc

When he was writing, he lost all sense of time.

pointed in the direction of

She pointed in the direction of the car park. the direction of

Could you point me in the direction of the bathroom, please? the right direction

A financial adviser should be able to point you in the right direction .

stage direction

the other side/end/direction etc

You can park on the other side of the street.

He lives at the other end of the road.

She drove off in the other direction.




They could have evolved in radically different directions in the three areas.

Management and coaches and scouts all seemed to be headed in different directions .

But the political tide seemed to be flowing in a different direction .

All five charged off in different directions .

Tuppe and Cornelius followed the pointing fingers and set off in different directions .

They came to Stanford at the same time, but from entirely different directions .

In a fan experiment, other dishes are put at the same distance as the original dish, but in different directions .

There was too much information to absorb all at once; too many forces were pulling me in different directions .


The methods are restricted to illustrating, supplementing, and contextualizing results obtained from quantitative procedures, and indicating future research directions .

Other academics, including some from abroad, will be invited to suggest future directions for research.

This is related to marketing and systems analysis literature and practice with the aim of establishing deficiencies and proposing future research directions .

The Green Paper makes clear the future direction of probation, through comments on the training of probation officers.

Confusion reigns for the future direction of the industry in the absence of clear guidelines and leadership.

Yet he remains bearish about the future direction of share prices.

But its future direction remains unknown and indeterminate.


Governors are responsible for the ethos and general direction of the school.

When I threw a half-hearted punch in his general direction , he knocked me down.

As the general direction of O'Neill's policies became clear, conservative Protestants began to organize against him.

Keoni began to head north-west, in the general direction of Hsu Fu.

Her hair was taken back just on one side, and she smiled in the general direction of the entire human race.

We sit down and talk about what has to be done, the general direction we want to go in.

Then one of the men shouted something, waving his arms in the general direction of the forest.

We will fire him a great distance, in the general direction of a wall in which two slots are cut.


It points the way to new directions for the late 1980s and 1990s.

Efficient decision-making systems give terrific power to the efforts of already capable people considering new directions .

Whatever enforced their absence for the last couple of years, it wasn't an extensive search for a new musical direction .

Whatever the circumstances, reporting means learning new skills, taking new directions , having more room to grow.

And then found her thoughts, which desperately needed a new direction , turning slowly towards the mill-school.

The banks of the river move; water flows in new directions .

But they're worth doing: the program has suggested whole new directions for medical research.

But new directions and designs help only when the people who must change behaviors engage in understanding and shaping them.


Caught in a green translucent wave were two tiny sea-horses facing in opposite directions , one frolicking, the other melancholy.

Coming in the opposite direction ahead are three cars, then four.

This happened to me on the Seven Mile Straight at recently, a lorry coming in the opposite direction in spite of road signs.

During the first two rounds, the wind had been in the opposite direction .

Yet paradoxically, the reaction expected from a reader is in the opposite direction .

The evidence points in exactly the opposite direction .

However, when the current in the read cycle reverses, this will re-magnetize the core in the opposite direction .

You head in the opposite direction and you come down into a ravine.


But it is also because their own specialist interests have led them in other directions .

Definite and energetic steps must be taken in other directions to restore the balance of our national economic life ....

The financial strain upon the Danzigers came from other directions too.

Much of the time she could only be ridden towards her dinner bucket; any other direction except backwards produced complete refusal.

For the mass of the population, indeed, the shift of interest arguably went in the other direction .

Drivers coming from the other direction raised a hand to thank me for allowing them to pass.

He groped his way back to the last junction and limped in the other direction .

By the shore the driftwood was still travelling upriver, but in midstream it was gathering way headlong in the other direction .


Is it taking you in the right direction ?

But environmentalists call it a step in the right direction .

Could you have shifted it as an individual in the right direction ?

There would be no time like now to get things going in the right direction again.

He began to run in what he thought was the right direction , but he didn't recognise any of the buildings.

A: Read your letter ... like your style ... can point you in the right direction .

Implementing Cadbury will therefore be an experimental step in the right direction .

The illuminated sail was reversible, so that it always sailed in the right direction to ensure authenticity.


But the politicians are looking for it in the wrong direction .

How can so much movement in the wrong direction be accomplished in one year?

He urged him to go to the local hotel, only twelve miles in the wrong direction .

But I am heavier and headed in the wrong direction .

Then she saw him look around quickly, but in all the wrong directions .

He could hear the old man rummaging in there, completely unaware that things were now somehow turned in the wrong direction .

It is no use just heating things up; that would again only speed up the reaction in the wrong direction .

They began to see small craft but, like the Amenca, apparently going in the wrong direction .



Yes, for reasons of stage direction .

In this family, stories were the tangible stage directions in her otherwise silent and subliminal Medlow script.

The uncertainty of this utterance is indicated strongly in Stoppard's stage directions .

Wes was rattling off the stage directions as fast as he could.

The effect is not unlike that of the script of a play with stage directions .

A stage direction suggests devils appear and Faustus goes off with Mephostophilis.



Films rather than books were the medium to aim for-fair comment, of course, that helped me change direction .

Several are in turnaround situations, having changed direction under new leadership.

Consequently, they may change the direction of their attitudinal expressions.

But when he was denied tenure, Moore changed direction and started practicing psychotherapy.

As instructed, she gave Fen two or three minutes' warning and felt the boat change direction and nudge the bank.

As the light slows down, it also changes direction a little.

Guha surely had it right when he likened Littlewoods to a giant tanker that takes ages to change direction .

It was a dark night with just a glimmer of stars and a light and fickle wind which frequently changed direction .


He followed Creed's directions , leaving the road for an unpaved track that seemed to lead towards the ocean.

Treatment followed one of three directions , depending on the condition of a particular muscle.

They followed his directions , once again admiring the great single-spouted fountain as they continued on towards the centre of the city.

Meanwhile, the emerging industrial factories needed workers who were at least literate and able to follow directions .

But, if you use cleaning products, you must follow the manufacturer's directions explicitly.

Look at the picture and follow c, the directions .

The form is simple and foolproof if you follow its wording and directions carefully.

First of all, they are unable to follow directions .


The minister can change the board and give the board directions of a general character which have to be observed.

I gave them directions to Astor Place.

It can probably spot moving targets, and give their speed and direction .

Those without a Visa card will be given directions on how to apply for one.

My presence in the flat at Annick Water gave him a final direction for all this fuss.

Win sat in the middle of the rear scat, giving directions .

One example of their work: Bernard Flanagan was asked to give direction to the works stores.

The good manager gives direction and information about what works and takes the problems away.


He was now heading back in the direction of New York City, by circling the perimeter of the vast estate.

Management and coaches and scouts all seemed to be headed in different directions .

While these figures are still terrible, they are at least heading in the right direction .

Otherwise they would head in the direction of the agreed place and either catch up with the flocks or inquire.

That was where Obispal was heading from one direction .

Anson guessed west, and so headed in that direction .

The very fact that we are considering aspects of animal welfare suggests that we are now heading in the right direction .

Jean and those guys, it seems like this organization is heading in the right direction .


I looked in the same direction and saw a group of men standing and staring at us.

Other senators look to her for direction .

Almost everyone concerned with education is looking for the right direction to go, and there is much talk of leadership.

The man on the bicycle who had been looking intently in my direction remounted and pedaled away.

He seemed unable to meet the coroner's eyes, not daring even to look in his direction .

I can look in any direction by turning my wheelchair, and I choose to look back.

Tim was lying on the sand, looking in the direction the man had gone.

One of these people had looked in my direction once too often, passed by once again just a little too slowly.


Lurching along in this enclosed space, one loses all sense of direction .

Alan Winmill says the Labour party has lost direction , but his former colleagues say they wanted him out anyway.

The trouble is that when there are so many directions , you lose sight of the direction.

I've lost my sense of direction .

I just lost all sense of direction , of purpose.

Now, with Tuvan music in fashion, she seems to have lost direction .

Here, all life is at its lowest ebb and man has lost all sense of direction .


This reduction has forced others to move in a similar direction .

Yields on bonds move in an opposite direction from prices.

It would be wrong not to move in that direction .

It seems to me that all mankind is moving in that direction .

They can thus be moved in any direction across the microscope stage.

Bond prices and yields move in opposite directions .

Canterbury was certainly not moving in the direction of Cistercian austerity in Anselm's time.

Sometimes they are able to and sometimes they are not able to, but they really move it in that direction .


With a certain amount of ingenuity she can even use the balloon to steer herself by pointing it in various directions .

Everyone I asked seemed to point in a different direction .

If you are going somewhere then you have to know where you are going in order to point in the right direction .

It also assumes that existing people are already capable and only need pointing in the right direction .

I have time to discuss only one lexical myth: this is the signpost which points us in the direction of precision.

The circle is actually a large microwave tower with nine cones pointing in five directions .

The organisation is pointing in a direction and the momentum keeps it going in that direction.

The old woman points south in the direction of the big house.


Even the claim that the natural order reflected the contingency of a divine will could pull in two directions .

Most of us get pulled into one direction or the other.

With money-economies firmly in place the wealthy can pull markets in whichever direction they like.

I was pulled in two directions .

There are powerful undercurrents in the 1988 Education Act which pull in this direction .

She was being pulled in opposite directions by equally powerful forces.

The picture of a dovish president pulled in opposite directions by thugs on both right and left is not entirely accurate.

There was too much information to absorb all at once; too many forces were pulling me in different directions .


The minute I unleashed him, he suddenly wasn't so brave, whimpering and running in the other direction .

The Yankees were cutting and slashing, and the cannoneers were running in every direction .

He ran in every direction and more important: faster than the turks.

Money always seems to run in one direction and that is the stock market now.

If he ran in that direction , would he be able to dodge?

Sometimes the mind can run in so many directions at once.

Remember that the teeth run in an upward direction and the last tooth sits a couple of inches below the eye.

Others are wound up with mothering tasks that have them running in all directions at noon.


I signalled to turn back in the direction of the motorway, then I changed my mind.

The damaged left eye seemed to turn in another direction , to be preoccupied separately with different matters.

We turn in the opposite direction to meet the path.

The tower was turned and facing another direction .

She turned in that direction even though it meant leaving the path.

Examples of rock piles that turned water in new directions are numerous.

Instinctively he had turned in the opposite direction from the Eldorado block.

He could hear the old man rummaging in there, completely unaware that things were now somehow turned in the wrong direction .


follow the signs/sb's directions

But, if you use cleaning products, you must follow the manufacturer's directions explicitly.

He made his way quickly to Mrs Brooks' house, following the postman's directions.

If you're using sterilising solution, follow the manufacturer's directions.

One involves focus groups, where a representative customer is selected and asked to perform a task by following the enclosed directions.

Process through a pasta machine following the manufacturer's directions.


Bill marched off angrily in the opposite direction .

Did you see which direction they went?

Frightened by the sound of footsteps, the rabbits ran off in all directions.

I was hoping he wouldn't look in our direction and notice us sitting there.

Officials have complained that there is a lack of direction in the mayor's office.

The moons all move around the planet in the same direction .

The plane was traveling in a northeasterly direction when it was hit by lightning.

The sound of shots came from the direction of the compound, a quarter of a mile away.

The two young men headed off in the direction of Central Park.

This decision could determine the direction in which our lives will move.

Tornadoes usually form when rising warm, moist air rotates, as winds from opposite directions collide.

We're going in the right direction now - I can see the main road up ahead.


Hencke shone the torch in the direction of the sound.

It can not be repeated too often - don't develop a bias towards one particular attitude or direction .

It points the way to new directions for the late 1980s and 1990s.

Quartz is strongly bonded in all directions and has no good cleavage.

The ride in the air transporter had been bumpy due to air missiles fired in their direction .

Whatever the circumstances, reporting means learning new skills, taking new directions, having more room to grow.

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