Meaning of EFFECTIVE in English



a good/effective leader

What characteristics make a good leader?

a successful/effective strategy

The most successful strategy is often the simplest one.

an effective cure

A few decades ago there was no effective cure for the disease.

an effective partnership

The agency tries to forge effective partnerships with communities and private businesses.

an effective solution

The government has failed to come up with an effective solution.

an effective technique

This is an effective technique for removing unwanted hair.

an effective/efficient means

Speed bumps are an effective means of stopping cars from going too fast.

an effective/successful campaign

The Conservatives failed to mount an effective campaign.

effective communication

Effective communication plays a key role in the democratic process.

effective cooperation

The inspectors criticized a lack of effective cooperation among the staff.

effective use

We need to consider whether there could be a more effective use of our time.


The drug may prove to be an effective treatment for brain tumours.


It was a highly effective system of communication.

effective/efficient (= giving the result you want )

Some methods are more effective than others.

good/close/effective etc working relationship

We have a close working relationship with other voluntary groups.

highly successful/effective/efficient

a highly successful politician

simple but effective

Any child’s behaviour can be improved by this simple but effective technique.




In local political organisation the technique is just as effective .

Under those conditions, in other words, it is just as effective a weight-control agent as pink lemonade.

Physical trapping is likely to be about as effective for neon, argon and krypton.

The mourning can not be as effective when the damaged child survives.

In three of them, this diet was as effective as an elemental diet in achieving remission.

Clonidine is also used in some patients but is not as effective .

Its therapies have stood the test of time and are as effective today as they were two hundred years ago.

Table 5-1 describes briefly one of the many different ways each style might be perceived as effective or ineffective by others.


It has proved extremely effective over the past few years.

These steroids are extremely effective and keep you alive.

In contrast simple probabilistic models have been extremely effective in some speech and language tasks.

If men closed further, accuracy became less important, and powerful grenades became extremely effective .

It would not cost the Government money, would have the support of fishermen and would be extremely effective in terms of conservation.

They are fast acting and extremely effective as products and will rapidly remove grease and other organic films using spray-wipe techniques.

This combination of wet heat and time is extremely effective for disinfection.

Many word-games already used in classrooms are extremely effective on the computer.


It is well targeted and highly effective .

Hepatitis remains a killer, and although a highly effective vaccine is now available, very few gay men have taken it.

Both vaccines are highly effective and safe.

The defense was highly effective in the first half, as Stanford shot 30. 4 percent.

In appearance, the slab-sided yet undoubtedly highly effective new S-class disguises its massive bulk.

As a political strategy it was highly effective , successfully confronting the medical discourse which lay behind regulation.

Gold salts are highly effective in the management of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, most adverse reactions being mild and reversible.


In his cycle for Unicorn-Kanchana, Peter Hill has shown how effective a softer palette can be in such pieces.

Just how effective and successful they would be as managers in the long term, only time would tell.

More importantly, we can supply patients with their results so that they can see how effective their personal management has been.

But the real questions are: How do such workers really relate to each other? and How effective is their performance?

In that way, people can see how effective the organisation is against other providers or against a regional or national average.

There is also the matter of how effective Vlade Divac will be against Hakeem Olajuwon.

Only the security chiefs can guess how effective it would be, but large question-marks remain.

Are there distinctions to be drawn between legal problems and social problems? How effective are lawyers in solving legal problems?


Only in Britain, with 2 percent, was the catch-up less effective .

Against Seattle, he has been even less effective as the Rockets have fallen behind 2-0 in the best-of-seven series.

But the shrinkage did not last, and further courses of treatment were less effective .

Are we simply following some algorithm-no doubt favoured over other less effective possible algorithms by the powerful process of natural selection?

There are other less effective muzzles available.

Radiation can make it less effective .

This was labour intensive, more expensive and less effective than employing the bumble bee.

Such investments are astoundingly profitable, but each new generation of a weapon is less effective than its predecessor in generating employment.


This voluntary approach to emissions reduction would likely be more effective than the voluntarism urged here.

Second, decentralized institutions are more effective than centralized institutions.

No writer has been more aware of this feature, or more effective in recording it, than Gerald Brodribb.

Tricia describes how you can make simple exercises more effective and progressively more difficult.

Ministers insist that voluntary agreements with the tobacco industry are more effective than outright bans.

What about cumulative selection; how much more effective should this be?

For the best distribution of water throughout the filter bed, a finely slitted filter plate is usually more effective .

That Sir Robert Reid has been more effective is one of the headlines of the eighties.


Cheap rubberized plastic masks appear to be the most effective measure yet in combating aggressive tigers.

Probably the most effective direct influence by employment interests on the college curriculum comes from their membership of course committees.

One of the most effective ways Satan has to cripple missionary work is to attack the body of the missionary.

Corticosteroid drugs are the most effective and widely used treatment for acute relapse of ulcerative colitis.

Gerry was probably Mr Head's most effective signing for Palace over our four years in the top flight 1969-73.

Bullingdon's structure is based on a traditional Victorian tiered system which has proved most effective for observing inmates.

The chapter on species interactions is the most effective .


Spraying with water is particularly effective for discouraging red spider mite, which flourishes in dry conditions.

This is particularly effective at cocktail parties.

Accumulated research over many years has shown that these traditional methods are not particularly effective .

Young, in his fourth year, has been particularly effective against the Rams.

Even without them, some groups were particularly effective fighters.

It is considered particularly effective in dealing with certain drug abusers.

However, they conceded that this might prove expensive and not particularly effective in the battle against dishonesty.

These filter systems are particularly effective in removing cigarette smoke.


Vaginal Thrush Unfortunately, the antibiotics which can be so effective against Cystitis can make sufferers vulnerable to getting Thrush.

I was very good with tumbling, and not so effective with the apparatus.

If the leader is so effective , is the group really necessary?

Yet he was also impressed: perhaps because the staging was so effective .

Since tax avoidance is so effective , the answer is probably not much.

But that, in fact, is one of the reasons commercials are so effective .

Are the procedures for doing so effective in practice?

I mean, Cleveland double-teamed me in the last game and it was so effective .


Our tester found it very effective .

There is no evidence that the ordeal was very effective .

There's now very effective medication for ulcers.

But when combined with relaxation exercises, it can be very effective .

However, this has not been seen to be a very effective set of policies.

This removal is very effective because methylene chloride and other caffeine solvents evaporate at temperatures between 100 and 120 degrees.

He found a not very effective twig and scraped.

It had been going on since 1963 and was continued despite the fact that dead trees proved to be very effective cover.



However, effective action would be limited while the cause of the smog remained unknown.

Furthermore, this principle of doing through not forcing informs every discipline of the Far East having to do with effective action .

A bark alerts their owner to a likely disturbance, enabling them to take effective action .

It is one of the few on which we have the possibility to take effective action .

Confidence was increasing that men, through foresight and effective action , could ameliorate their existence and even prolong their lives.

Tons of thundering white water separated me from any effective action .

In Addis Ababa Tafari did his best to unite the frightened and divided chiefs and to persuade them to take effective action .

Meanwhile, liberals have deplored failure to take effective action while often proposing none themselves.


The conference on Using effective communications to build environmental credibility will take place in London on 24-25 March 1992.

Writing done for other purposes generally does not make such generous use of subheadings and depends on literary style for effective communication .

Of course communication is two-way, and the mood of the recipients is also important for effective communication.

Or you might benefit from courses or seminars in topics such as strategic planning, writing, or effective communication .

There are very few facilities for the encouragement of effective communication in either church-related or general community development work.

Even courses in effective communication rarely include instruction on media use.

This problem centres upon effective communication between hospital, community and local authority services.

Without effective communication , the management process could not be accomplished.


Nor did Peter regain effective control of his kingdom as Henry, although defeated at Nájera, staged a political comeback.

We can get effective control on 10 acres a day.

First, dispersal of shareholdings has led to effective control over the company being ceded to management.

Whoever is in charge needs to have effective control over the demand side of education.

By the end of the day Mutalibov had fled and the Front had established effective control throughout the capital.

Investigate environmental sources of infection and formulate effective control measures.

But the intervals between Forest Eyres were too long for effective control .

The zones would be outside the effective control of national government.


The scheme allows tight quality control and effective management of resources.

The overall result will be more effective management of medical costs.

A model for the effective management of health and safety at work has been produced.

This flexibility in turn is essential to the effective management of ReD. 5.

The following points were made: There was recognition of the need for effective management of campaigns.

In addition to personnel resources, reference laboratory facilities and services are critical to the effective management of emerging infectious disease threats.


Thin-section petrology is a more effective means of carrying out such quantitative work.

Such networks may also provide a more effective means for monitoring occupationally acquired infections in hospital and laboratory personnel.

It had become evident that a simple and effective means of communication was required, and the radio was the next step.

It has proved a simple, cheap and-so far-effective means of maintaining good circulation in my legs.

We appear to be a long way from finding effective means of primary prevention of attempted suicide.

But first we need to ask: is church planting an effective means to the growth of the church?

Letter-writing has often been an effective means of direction and Paul made the most of it.


This is an expensive but effective method of construction for synthetic bags.

Until recently, long-term, cost-effective methods to control rabies in free-ranging animals were not available.

The rewrite rule is an effective method of representing the rules of a generative grammar.

Thus computed tomography remains the most effective method for diagnosing small pulmonary metastases.

Collecting in Person Despite the time and inconvenience involved, this is the most effective method of collection.

It is possibly the least effective method of change because it depends on two steps both of which are unnatural.

In the early 1950s an effective method of resuscitating newborn babies who did not breathe was not known.

This is a highly effective method of generating prospects and, yet, tends to be under-used by many.


The most effective treatment before 1960 for severe and disabling depression was electro-convulsion therapy.

Without effective treatment , many patients, like this lawyer, wind up homeless or incarcerated.

In economic terms, sclerotherapy was clearly the most cost effective treatment .

The observers of gonorrhoea in the days before effective treatment was available vividly described the symptoms of acute gonococcal urethritis.

This also highlights the need to find an effective treatment , particularly as diagnosis is not relatively straight forward.

If successful, gene therapy could eventually offer effective treatment for as many as 4,000 hereditary illnesses, including cystic fibrosis.

However, the new research opens up the prospect of a far more effective treatment that simply sends the cancers to sleep.

An effective treatment for reversing the effects of that symptom has also been described.


Transport Development has been located in areas that name the most effective use of bus and rail networks.

The effective use of new power strategies, albeit awkward at first, encourages their use in the future.

Hers is a performance of indisputable class making little but tremendously effective use of her famous fluttering gestures.

He talked about the effective use of time, mnemonic tricks, and various kinds of tests.

Bibliographies should be encouraged in pupils' work to be able to monitor the impact and effective use of the library.

Under Malcolm Fraser the party began to make effective use of its support in Fleet Street.

This means telling workers that they may well lose their jobs if the company can no longer make effective use of them.

A very effective use is to show the proportion of costs in the manufacture of a product.


Assertiveness training can be fun as well as being an effective way of changing behaviour.

Furthermore, it had no effective way to discipline itself on expenditures.

This is an effective way of marketing our education and training system abroad.

For Beyster, employee ownership is an effective way to maintain control.

It may also constitute the most effective way of utilizing scarce resources for many such libraries.

To get it laid out in the most effective way .

Polarisation is the most effective way of reducing or eliminating reflected glare.

Symbolism is a primitive but effective way of communicating ideas.


Laziness is one of the more effective ways of changing behaviour.

All our staff receive training on effective ways to polish every surface and clean every corner.

With him they had space to express their response, which he nurtured and developed in simple yet effective ways .

There are more effective ways to leak a document.

This is one of the most effective ways of using video in the classroom.

And I think there are more effective ways to win cases, anyway-through mediation rather than ramrod litigation.

One of the most effective ways Satan has to cripple missionary work is to attack the body of the missionary.

Direct Mail One of the most effective ways to recruit and encourage members and supporters is by direct mail.


at your best/worst/most effective etc


An effective teacher will always produce better exam results.

Antibiotics are only effective if you finish the whole course of treatment.

Doctors soon realized that this drug was also effective in relieving the symptoms of arthritis.

His resignation is effective April 8.

Malarone is a new drug that has already proved highly effective .

Our training programme covers a range of effective management techniques.

Penicillin can be taken in various forms and is effective against a wide range of infections.

Rapid advancements in technology have reduced the effective lifespans of computers.

The effective use of color can make a small room look much bigger.

The advertisement was simple but remarkably effective .

The less expensive drugs were just as effective in treating arthritis.

The new system has proved to be a highly effective way of extending trading hours.

There are many effective ways of using videos in language teaching.

What we need is a tough and effective leader with a sense of direction.


As existing dominant males age so doubtless can the collaborative attacks of younger animals prove increasingly effective .

Capital prosecutions are hideously expensive; life imprisonment is cheaper and just as effective .

High-performance work design enabled them to achieve those objectives by increasing flexibility, output quality and effective use of assets.

How effective are lawyers in solving legal problems?

In my opinion neither of these arguments is effective in destroying its opponent.

Pimozide is now also being used; it appears to be approximately as effective as haloperidol and may have fewer side effects.

Provided that post-storage image processing is not a major priority, analogue technology is effective .

The idea that there could be such authority without effective power hardly occurred to anyone.

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