Meaning of ELBOW in English


I. noun


knee/elbow/shin/shoulder pad (= a pad that you wear to protect a part of your body when you are playing a sport )

knee/neck/hip/elbow etc joint

a permanently damaged knee joint

tennis elbow




I try to twist my body so I can jab my left elbow in his face.

Sit up a little and touch your right elbow on to your left knee and then your left elbow on to your right knee.

Her left elbow was still stiff since her injury in the air raid and she failed a medical for heavier work.

Touch your right leg with your left elbow .

My little chair and table were at the King's left elbow .

Christine, check your left elbow seal.

Keep the left elbow on the floor for support.


Reverse as your right elbow touches your left knee, turning to see the left side.

His primary replacement, Junior Bryant, is questionable with a torn ligament in his right elbow .

He is clearly a very good golfer, though his flying right elbow looks odd now.

And, then he developed serious problems with his right elbow .

He developed stress induced swelling of both knees and the right elbow .

Pippen started shooting Tuesday for the first time since he underwent surgery on his right elbow Jan. 29.

With your hands lightly placed at the sides of your head, sit up to touch left knee with right elbow .

The man who replaced him at New Orleans, Junior Bryant, is questionable with a hyperextended right elbow .



I give the pink botty a thorough good scrub, putting in plenty of elbow grease .

Cleaning Thanks to the availability of steam, cleaning is now a simple task, taking very little effort and no elbow grease .

Pioneering vision is required, and elbow grease !

It certainly saved a lot of elbow grease .

Hopefully, this knowledge will save many householders a great deal of elbow grease !


The shoulder and elbow joints are built around precision variable resistors and as each joint swivels so the variable resistor turns.

The large bone of the upper arm was splintered to the elbow joint , and the wound bled freely.


Mr. Illsley Where would Nottinghamshire county council find the elbow room to which the hon. Gentleman referred?

The little clearing was shielded from the street by the laurels, and afforded him plenty of elbow room .

Packed three or four to a closet-sized room , students can come to envy the elbow room afforded sardines and cosmonauts.

The belt provides vast material resources, vast amounts of solar power, and vast elbow room .

Oh come, you must leave even me a little elbow room in which to breathe.

Give each elbow room to display its fronds.

There was enough elbow room in this gargantuan aquarium for all kinds of surprises to emerge.

A father, said Winnicott, can provide a space in which the woman has elbow room .


I have met knitters with bad backs, frozen shoulders, tennis elbows and so on from doing to much knitting at a time.

The road racer's version of tennis elbow and other physical peculiarities are the downside of this progress.

Without a tennis elbow support, that is.



As the patient stands up, he practises bringing the ball back towards him by bending his elbows with good control.

She couldn't bend her elbow to raise her arms above her head.

The later stages of arm control involve lifting the hemiplegic arm and controlling it in space while bending and straightening the elbow .

The ball is so outstretched that Edney can not bend his elbow to use his upper-arm muscles.

Alternatively, hold a heavy medicine ball in both hands, bend your elbows and thrust it from you.

As you step-tap on to alternate feet, straighten and bend the left elbow to work the front of the arm.


But she leant up on her elbow and looked down into his face and knew the truth of it.

He was lying sprawled across the pillow leaning on his elbow , his head propped to one side, reading the letter.

Beneath a canvas awning strung between two trees, several guys leaning back on their elbows were passing a small jug.

Then he sat on the floor beside her, half turned towards her, leaning on one elbow .

She leant her elbows on the table, clasped her hands lightly and rested her chin on them.

Inside he twisted round and, leaning his shoulder and elbow against the door, pushed it firmly to.

The eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not lean on thy left elbow , or else.


Lil, propped up on one elbow , grins at me from under a towelling turban.

A guy came up on the bow and propped his elbows on the steel ledge to brace his large binoculars.

Long before dawn, I was propped on an elbow , with a warming mug of tea and a few verses of Romans.

I prop myself on my elbows .


He put his elbows on his desk and propped his chin in his hands.

She squats down in front of me and puts her elbows on my knees.

They never put their elbows on the table, and they sat up straight instead of slouching.

I give the pink botty a thorough good scrub, putting in plenty of elbow grease.

He lifts his right arm with his left hand to put his elbow on a table.

She put her elbows on the desk and her head between her hands.

He put one elbow on the stage itself and stared straight at John.


He raised himself on one elbow , and the pain bit him.

She raised herself on one elbow , so that she could look down on his face.

He raised himself on one elbow and gingerly felt around his feet.

Pull the tummy in and raise the elbows , head and shoulders towards your knees.

Lying as shown raise the elbows , head and shoulders towards the knees and hold up for 5 counts.


I rubbed my elbow , regarding him thoughtfully.

There were retro-outfit types rubbing elbows with people wearing the original gear.

She came back into the kitchen, rubbing her elbow .

Sun-bleached surfers rub elbows at the bar, and stray toddlers wander through the dining rooms.

Léonie sat up, rubbing her elbows .

In some instances, what enticed these donors to open their checkbooks was the chance to rub elbows with the president.


knacker your elbow/hand etc

not know your arse from your elbow


Apply once or twice a week, especially to backs of arms and thighs, your feet, elbows and knees.

His shot had struck the shoulder joint, and... came out between the shoulder and elbow .

Lying as shown, raise the elbows, head and shoulders, bringing your chin as close to your chest as possible.

Most of the Acutes in the dorm. are up on their elbows, blinking and listening.

Polly said, materializing at my elbow .

The group has a single tendon insertion below the elbow into the forearm.

II. verb




Charlie and I elbowed our way through the crowd.

Simon was not a Harvard graduate but a Lafayette College dropout who had elbowed his way to the top.

He elbowed his way to the bar and ordered a lager and a ham sandwich.

But then, in February 1885, a rival railway syndicate elbowed its way in.

One of the yellow-jacketed policemen elbowed his way to Lawrence's window.

On Earth, life elbows its way into solid, liquid, gas.

People were boarding and I elbowed my way into line.

Furiously he elbowed his way through the crush, his men behind him.


not know your arse from your elbow


Elbowing me to one side, he took hold of the microphone.

Craig elbowed me aside roughly.

Greene had to leave the game after being elbowed in the face.

She elbowed her way through the crowd.


He picked up Dougal's empty glass and elbowed through the crowd at the bar.

I elbowed Karen unceremoniously aside and grabbed the paddle.

One of the yellow-jacketed policemen elbowed his way to Lawrence's window.

She laughed often; a great sudden masculine sound, jerking her arms as if elbowing the air out of the way.

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