Meaning of FINAL in English

I. adjective


a final bid

The unknown man was successful with a final bid of £9,500.

a final decision (= one that will not be changed )

The council will make a final decision in four months.

a final exam (= at the end of a course )

The students take their final exams in June.

a final examination (= at the end of a course )

My final examinations take place in June.

a final/last attempt

They made one final attempt to make their marriage work.

a final/last-ditch effort (= a last effort, when you want very much to achieve something )

Sam took a deep breath and prepared herself for one final effort.

cup final

final approval

The document’s final approval had to come from the Pope.

final fling

He sees this as his final fling before he retires.

final flourish

There’s nothing like a luxurious dessert to give a menu a final flourish .

final reckoning

In the final reckoning , the president failed to achieve his major goals.

final salary

Your pension is based on a proportion of your final salary.

final score

The final score was Southampton two, Leeds United nil.

final tally

The final tally was $465,000.

has the final say (= has the right to make the final decision about something )

The chairman has the final say .

one final/last point

There is one final point I would like to make.

put the final/finishing touches to sth

Emma was putting the finishing touches to the cake.

sb's final destination ( also sb's ultimate destination formal )

At around 1pm we arrived at our final destination.

sb’s last/final resting place (= the place where someone is buried )

sb’s last/final/dying wish

Her last wish was to be buried in her husband’s grave.

the championship finals

His team lost in the European Championship Finals.

the end/final result (= the result at the end of a long process )

The end result will be well worth the effort.

the final arbiter (= make the final decision )

The European Court of Justice will be the final arbiter in the dispute.

the final draft (= the finished form )

He showed me the final draft of his letter.

the final selection

The final selection will be based on local requirements.

the final total

Mrs Menzies said the final total could be as much as £750.

the final version

The final version of the report omitted these criticisms.

the final/ultimate outcome

The final outcome of the investigation is still to be announced.

The ultimate outcome of this controversy remains in doubt.

the final/ultimate/crowning etc indignity

the initial/early/final stages of negotiation

The offer was in the final stages of negotiation.

the last/final chapter

The final chapter summarizes the themes in the book.

the last/final part

We had reached the last part of our journey.

the later/final/closing stages

She was well cared for during the final stages of her life.




The inaccessible lesions were included in the final analysis as the aim was to evaluate this procedure according to the intention to treat.

In the final analysis , the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision struck down the first display and upheld the second one.

Since the modifications were only slight, data from the piloting stage were included in the final analysis .

But in the final analysis , these are just details.

Nevertheless, in a final analysis , her older houses have an edge over the new, or relatively new.

In the final analysis , it is hard to imagine just what Boschwitz thought he would accomplish with the letter.

And, in the final analysis , are they any good?

In the final analysis , informed decision making is the overriding goal of financial statement analysis.


The guidelines, due for final approval next year, will have little practical effect.

Aztar Corp. received final approval in December to open a riverboat casino in Evansville.

Bundesbank reform On June 17 the Bundestag gave final approval to controversial legislation reforming the structure of the federal banking system.

Pending final approval , work in the field is expected to begin in the second quarter.

The committee reports to the faculty board, and final approval is given by the General Board.

Received final approval for an administrative plat to consolidate lots 1-3. 9.

The proposal will be debated in dioceses before being returned to the synod for final approval in 1991.

Newton and Marie Shank received final approval to build 10 single-family homes on 17.35 acres. 11.


The final blow for many firms was the government's abolition of import duties which resulted in a flood of cheap imports.

Practices which have characterised the details of your daily living from the cradle upwards are dealt a swift and final blow .

The final blow for Philip was the defection of his chancellor, Conrad, bishop of Würzburg.


The final chapter - on whither the wedding cake - had this reviewer in helpless stitches.

The final chapter summarizes the key themes in the book.

He had spent the afternoon teaching Sun Tzu to his senior officers: the final chapter on the employment of secret agents.

We will look at the means of accomplishing this goal in the final chapter of this book, Chapter 9.

This suggests an important point which will be taken up in detail in the final chapter but which should be mentioned here.

The antidote lies in recovering awareness of our context embracing the real, which is the subject of the final chapter .

In the final chapter the narrator relates the actions of the new people as they flee from their encounter with the Neanderthalers.

But Sisson, in addition to bringing his story up to date with a final chapter , interjects half way through a lengthy segment on his war.


One of Frankie's greatest fears in his final days was letting people down.

The final day will feature speeches by Dole and his running mate.

Hoarse from the final days of furious campaigning, Clinton celebrated his victory at a party with campaign staff on Thursday night.

The resulting look may not have been pretty on the final day , but neither was it unfamiliar.

But Jimenez blasted a best-of-the-week 63 for a two-stroke lead going into the final day at Crans-Sur-Sierre.

Cardinal Barnabo of Propaganda had said as much to Corrigan that final day in Rome.

Pam Wright, who started the final day at two over par, was three over at the turn.


One of Frankie's greatest fears in his final days was letting people down.

Will he be remembered as a statesman in his final days , or just another bought-and-paid-for hunk of political meat?

Hoarse from the final days of furious campaigning, Clinton celebrated his victory at a party with campaign staff on Thursday night.

Bush got a significant boost in the final days before the recess from two votes in the House of Representatives.

During the final days of his reign as chief executive John Hackney was tipped off that his boardroom was bugged.

The probe has lasted for nearly two years and in its final days has split the House into warring partisan camps.

These final days of the third session were taking place in increasing gloom.

Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., died in the final days of the GOP-led Congress last year.


The final decision is with me.

A final decision will be made once the stricken destroyer is towed away.

After this it re-enters the network and a new set of answers emerge, leading to a final decision .

The final decision will only relate to where the girl lives and does not affect her parents' other rights.

You've got to start back a long way before you get to the final decisions on costs and budgets.

But again, it is up to each manager to make the final decision , basing it on the best available advice.

This commitment to objectivity and clarity of thinking proved useful when making the final decision .


A final dividend of 7.25p makes a total of 12.75p for the nine-month reporting period, a prorata increase of 6 percent.

A 9p final dividend takes the total on from 13p to 14p.

A final dividend of 6.5p makes a total of 11p, after a special dividend of 10p which was paid in June.

A final dividend of 4p makes a total of 6p.

As announced on 11 March an unchanged final dividend of 1p per share is being recommended.

The final dividend should be 10 percent up on last year's payment.

A 1.01p final dividend on June 5, lifts the total from 1.39p to 1.45p.

The final dividend is raised to 10.4p from 9.6p, taking the total to 16.1p from 15.3p.


Chancellor Norman Lamont and fellow finance ministers began hammering out the final draft in Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.

This layout should be made as formal as if it were the final draft .

Always use good quality paper, especially for the final draft .

I have pleasure in enclosing our considered response and hope it will be carefully considered before the final draft is prepared.

It is good practice to write your proposal word for word as if it were the final draft .

Only 12 types of links were used in the semantic net that supported the final draft of the Hypertext book.

The final draft of the environmental impact report on rezoning is to be completed in the spring.


Hundreds of riot police on Nov. 2 clashed with students in Dhaka protesting against recent legislation to curb cheating in final exams .

Thousands of students are diligently filling out final exams with Number 2 pencils.

On top of this, I face my final exams at the end of the year.

This week, final exams or not, she is in no mood to tolerate poor practices.

Mr Foecke has claimed he scored passes in 13 out of 13 final exam papers.

Staying up for a week during final exams is nothing compared to months of interrupted sleep with an infant.

The usual summer crush of final exams was supplanted by the trappings of grief.

There will, I promise you, be a final exam .


They played gallantly, leading right up to the final game , and going down on 836.

Even a victory over Fresno State in the final game Saturday would produce a record no better than 5-6.

He never looked like relinquishing that lead, although Rusedski did have one break point in the final game .

From now, mid-January, until the final games of the season in mid-March, every game counts.

Their final game this season is against Newcastle Blue Star at Guisborough tomorrow night.

A few days after the final game of the 1990 World Series we were married.

Basuki broke Van Lotum's serve in the final game .

But in the final game before the All-Star break Sunday, the Angels went right at McGwire.


Up until the final minutes the jokes fly as fast as sniper's bullets.

The sixth had to wait until the final minute when substitute Teddy Sheringham slammed in Solskjaer's pull-back.

But his joy was almost stolen in the final minute when Everton's Paul Rideout hit a post.

And then in the final minute came the try that brought the crowd to their feet.

Middlesbrough full back Gary Parkinson limped off in the final minute with an ankle injury.

Pears was whisked off still wearing his goalkeeper's jersey and limping heavily after being hurt in the final minutes .

For B.C., a missed conversion in the final minutes was critical.

In-form Smith, getting through a power of work, could have added to his tally in the final minute .


The final outcome will be exceedingly positive - and it isn't far away.

Some others were not pleased with the final outcome .

And are now waiting to hear the final outcome .

Throw in a possible appeal after that, and the final outcome may be years away.

The most obvious example is the electoral college, the phantom body that stands between voters and the final outcome .

Your prayers could make the difference, affecting the final outcome .

One rationale emphasises the connection between procedural due process and the substantive justice of the final outcome .


We will turn a more critical eye to the assumptions and propositions of this model in the final part of this chapter.

Shaken free from its sand, a casting looked like nothing so much as a grotesque mutation of the final part .

The final part of this chapter offers guidance on how this task can be approached.

Most of the final parts of this story can not be independently verified but events appear to have run as follows.

After all that, the final part is an anticlimax, just a simple up-scroller.

The final part of the chapter will consider some of the broader policy arguments concerning the scope of review.

That forms the final part of our Strategic Intent.

The final part of the weekend was spent packing everything away in the van.


The third and final phase was different again.

The third and final phase would be carried out between April and September 1998, he said.

The client is also understood to be working up proposals for the final phase of the project to build a leisure centre.

In the final phase , in the seventh century, the settlement moved westwards and consisted of more isolated and separate farmsteads.

He felt her lift up to him as they started the final phase of their journey.

In the final phase there was a major change in alignment and structural type of building.

Entering the final phase , I noticed with a shock the year was old and light got bruised by 4 o'clock.

In the final phase of the project, which began in 1991, tritium was put into the machine.


My final point is a secondary issue relating to the sample letter.

With the win, Zanardi moved into third in the final points tally.

The final point by way of preface is that it is a mistake to assume that all black people are deprived.

All of the above leads to a final point .

This leads on to the final point .

Conclusions draw a final point based on numerous other points.

One final point - sometimes you have to return a card to the manufacturer before the warranty becomes valid.

One final point should be remarked upon.


Finally, the backgrounds and characters must be brought together to build the final product .

The second, and final product , was great.

The final product may have as many as 40 to 50 different components.

From the point of view of the quality of the final product , reproduction from seeds is the better method.

This makes difficult to offer less then whole-hearted and enthusiastic endorsement of the final product .

At several points in the concrete process a mistake could weaken the strength of the final product .

More importantly, he is not in control of the final product .

But his aides stress that the final product , while reflecting the input of dozens of others, is predominately Clinton.


There was improvement in all Commercial lines when compared with both the first and the final quarters of 1992.

The 49ers had a 35-21 lead with three seconds gone in the final quarter , and that was enough.

All biennials are best placed in their final quarters by the end of the month, and firm planting is extremely important.

Cardiff attacked gamely in the final quarter and scored a late try through Jeffreys.

Geest warned in the autumn that oversupply in the final quarter of 1995 would severely hamper its full-year bottom line.

The final quarter was an untidy affair on both sides with the conditions taking a heavy toll on concentration and stamina.

Quarterback Terrence Bryant, who sat out the final quarter , completed 17 of 25 passes for 224 yards and two scores.


But the time to plan the final report is right at the start.

The final report is complete within a few weeks.

Differences of opinion among the observers prevented the drafting of a final report .

Did opposing views find compromise in final report ?

In its final report , however, the Criminal Law Revision Committee has reconsidered this approach.

The final report is expected by the end of the year.

Provisional tables, etc., for the final report should be specified. 4.


The only major problem at this year's final results from the traditional fine weather in southern California.

Exit polling indicated the final results would reflect this spread.

But what is extraordinary about all these intricate reworkings of such disparate source material is the coherence of the final results .

But the final result always remains murky.

Surprise fought for supremacy over sheer relief, the final result hardly strong enough to chase away the last vestiges of fear.

For Democrats, the final result this year was easily achieved.

The final results will be announced at a special lunch in London, on March 23.

Yet the final result is still what we desire.


Meanwhile, Stuart Easton waited until the final round of the year to score his maiden win on the Vimto Honda 125.

While there is a certain grubby vitality to the show, it wears thin long before the final round of moralizing.

The back nine of that final round would again decide.

It was also the day of the final round of the Masters.

The final rounds of the judging took place at the charity ball that evening.

Bring the final round of comments to your next meeting.

On the fiendishly tricky 10 - 15 foot sets of the final rounds , resident Pipeline specialists began with a huge advantage.

Wright flew back to cover the final round of the tourney.


We should not go so far as to hold a referendum, but the people must have the final say .

You can do all the planning you like, but in the end the Old Course has the final say .

The Good Friday agreement leaves the final say to the people of Northern Ireland in a referendum.

Huckelberry makes a final recommendation to the Board of Supervisors, which has the final say .

The commission says it's adamant that the public will have the final say.

The state Board of Education -- Florida's governor and Cabinet -- has the final say .

Under the constitution, the supreme leader, appointed by conservative clerics, has the final say in matters of state.

It was she who would have the final say as to whether I was migration material or not.


So, 3-1 the final score .

The computer then crunches all the numbers and churns out not only the winner but the final score .

Wallace got another in the second half to make the final score 2-0, bring the car in future boys.

Eventually, the heroic locals would make several killing mistakes, the final score would look bad.

The final score Oxford nil, Forest nil.

Thus, it was even more amazing that the final scores were so high.

The final score of a strategy was the sum of the points it gained against all the other strategies.

The final score for the Sabino-Flowing Wells game was 49-48.


In the final section you did pay close attention to detail, but it remained only observation of detail.

The final section gives a Simplified economic analyses for the various conversions of a 200 megawatt plant.

The centre section deals with gastrointestinal fermentation and metabolism leading to a final section on the whole animal.

The final section of the bill decided the regulatory powers of the Directorate General of Telecommunications.

The final section of the walk takes you south to Montacute and then west to Ham Hill.

In the final section , I will begin to cast some doubt on the terms in which the debate has been set.

This is an issue to which we shall return in the final section of this chapter.

The final section of this chapter stresses the importance of participation by managers and all users.


The whole course is finished off with a word or two about the final stage of the recording process: the mix.

Ordering Ordering is the final stage , and if the previous steps have been thoroughly done it is the easiest.

Crunchy-topped broccoli To save time during the crucial final stages , cook the broccoli beforehand, rinse under cold water and drain.

The final stage of the reorganisation which is currently in hand will bring together the service departments at four regional centres.

The status of latent inhibition was assessed in a final stage of training that immediately followed the habituation test.

Relief normally like to sweep out through the crowds, as an orchestrated extension to their dramatic final stage exit.


Braintree started to control the midfield in the second half and only the final touch in the circle let them down.

Domain loudspeakers leave the final touch of interior decorating to the buyer.

Meanwhile, Hilary Murphy, who sets the questions, puts the final touches to Bob's board.

A creamy green sauce, redolent of sweet pea and butter, provides the final touch .

Traditionally this was the time for artists to add the final touches .

After the final touches , Endill and Mould stood back and admired their work.

Marcus Hannaford got the final touch down.

If we'd needed the final touch of homicidal brio, this would have had to be it.


Here we can consider only the final versions .

Republican governors in particular were intimately involved in crafting the final version of the measure.

The questionnaire was piloted, then revised, and a final version agreed.

But the two chambers must agree on a final version before Clinton can sign it into law.

I enclose the final version of the papers put before the Committee - which were slightly amended from the versions you say.

He asked Bill Hope to draft a final version that could be tested one more time back in the company.

Is it beyond the wit of Byers and his legal eagles to include a sunset clause in the final version ?

The final version must be adopted by both sides and submitted to the court by March 1.


By the final whistle he'd done the sensible thing and switched to Gazza.

Only minutes before the final whistle , Halliday weaved his way infield, causing the disruption from which Morris was to score.

United, leading 3-0 at the time, conceded two goals at the final whistle .

Howey led the City celebrations after the final whistle of a game which may mean so much to them.

The Final, played on Sunday, proved to be a cliff-hanger right up to the final whistle .

At the final whistle , Souness and Dalglish politely embraced.

Just before the final whistle , former Leeds player Gary Divorty grabbed a consolation try, converted by stand-off Bishop.

No sooner had Derek Bevan blown the final whistle at Twickenham, than faint noises could be heard from over the horizon.


He surely could not have known that in spite of his final words .

Scarsone, however, got the final word , following up with a two-run homer to left.

In Lord Jim there is no final word .

My final words would be caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.

But the final word must be reserved for the destructive, disruptive role played by George Bush's administration.

One final word about our analogy.

The preeminence assigned to last hours on earth gave a special significance to the final words of the dying.


These students return to the University for a fourth and final year of study to complete the degree.

Although President Kim was not implicated in the case, the scandal eroded his authority in his final year in office.

Mr Hartley, in his final year studying community arts at Newcastle, had been seeing Miss Harrison for about a year.

Should Laws earn the maximum performance bonus and fulfill the other conditions, he would make $ 213,500 in the final year .

A personal computing project is undertaken by all students during the final year .

Too many seniors are floating through their final year in high school in a combination of elective classes and study hall.

The third year is spent abroad and the fourth year follows the pattern of the final year of the single honours degree.


People are living longer, and costing the state more in the final years of their lives.

It also seems to come back regularly during the final years of centuries and millennia.

Another incident which sticks in my memory from those final years at school concerned a friend of mine, Nelly Mitchell.

If the onset of such diseases can be delayed then morbidity will be compressed into the final years of life.

In his final years in Bordeaux his drawings were the last things Goya worked on.

In the final years of his life Hervey achieved high office in the church.

One can not leave Wordsworth's religion without a glance at his final years .

The Angela Carter I knew and admired in her final years is a real presence in this book.


in the final/last analysis

In the final analysis Stalin was just as much a dictator as Hitler.

In the final analysis , the project was a failure.

The responsibility for the accident must, in the last analysis , rest with the captain.

And, in the final analysis , are they any good?

But in the final analysis it had been he who wanted out.

But in the final analysis , these are just details.

It should also comfort to recognize that, in the final analysis , these sums are operating to purify decision-making.

That, in the final analysis , is what organizational control is all about.

The pressures driving research evaluation are, in the final analysis , political.

The shift of leadership to John Smith may seem temporarily convincing, but it is in the last analysis cosmetic.

The Trotskyist movement could benefit only in the final analysis and in the long range.

last/final resort

Great power status was in the last resort the ability to wage war.

In buildings of more than two storeys, wait for the fire brigade, and jump only as a last resort .

Lithium was to be a last resort , and it looked as if she needed some in October.

Only in the last resort , under careful international policing and after all other attempts at persuasion have been exhausted.

That was a last resort , they said.

The guidance emphasises that restraint should be used as a last resort within a caring and disciplined home environment.

They also want to use public community service jobs as a last resort , something Wilson strongly opposes.

Who is the lender of last resort stopping financial panics and capital outflows from bringing the system down?

the final shakedown

the final/supreme/ultimate sacrifice

Also there, Captain Oates, the man who was to make the ultimate sacrifice in a bid to save his colleagues.

He evidently thought his life was so valuable that some one would surely save it even at the cost of the supreme sacrifice .

In that sense I suppose I am making the ultimate sacrifice .

These were people who showed courage, faith, and were an example to all by making the supreme sacrifice .

This might appear to be the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the colony, but all the bees in the colony are genetically related.

We felt that it was a great tribute to us and all our many comrades who made the supreme sacrifice .

You made the supreme sacrifice of your life for your work last night, so don't be shy about admitting it.

the home/final stretch

As the debate moves into the final stretch , Britain is not without its bargaining cards either.

Clinton also had two personal strikes against him as he went into the home stretch toward the July Democratic convention.

I was tired on the home stretch , but the crowd was wonderful.

The debate is a milestone signalling the final stretch in the campaign leading to the caucuses.

The van laboured its way up the final stretch of the brae, its engine protesting at the strain.

the last/final word

The final word rests with the board.

But the final word must be reserved for the destructive, disruptive role played by George Bush's administration.

But the project belonged ultimately to the pupils and they should have the last words .

By no means has the last word been written on the quantum Hall effect.

Dana was opinionated and liked to have the last word in an argument.

He had learned to let Leah have the last word .

Intimacy is probably the last word anyone would use in connection with the Coliseum.

Let that be the last word .

So they do; but that is not the last word , only the first.


A victory over Fresno State in the final game Saturday would produce a record run of wins.

Are you going to watch the final episode of 'The X-Files' tomorrow night?

He got as far as the final interviews, but he didn't get the job unfortunately.

I'd like to make one final point before we move on to another subject.

Mulligan will coach his final game on Saturday.

My boss has approved the project, but it's the Chief Executive who has the final say.

Paul just started writing the final draft of his novel.

The Board is expected to make its final decision on the merger by August 12th.

The drug is now in its final stage of testing.

The judges' decision is final .

The officials have final authority when making decisions.

The president appears tired but hopeful as the final stages of the negotiations begin today.

The two men were tied for the lead going into today's final round of the Dunlop Phoenix golf tournament.

The war reached its final stages in July.

They thought carefully before making a final commitment to buy.

What was the final score?

Whitney made both free throws in the final minute of the game.

You're not going out, and that's final !


Adding insult to injury, a double cross awaits our luckless hero in the final stanza.

At 11: 30, after a final struggle, he died.

He was no hero: his final exit was ignominious.

It occurs when teaching programmes do not relate to the final assessment of learning.

She said that she had been lucky to sneak in the few arguments from our side that appeared in the final story.

Start packing, big clean up, final meal together and prize-giving.

The final cacheing solution is hardware based, and relies on cacheing controllers.

The Sainsbury's Wine Taste Challenge prize will be awarded to the one who gives best answers at the final tasting.

II. noun




Parry, 23, has twice reached the national quarter finals , losing each time to the legendary John Lyon.

Points earned in the competitions here in Florida count toward the sport's national finals .

The awards will be split regionally and nationally with each regional winner automatically entered for the national final .

It was the first time college basketball had witnessed so stark a racial contrast in a national final .

We will select a winner, publish the card in the paper, and send it on to the national finals .

Not because of the new-found fame, the cash she's pocketed or the car she stands to win in the national finals .

They are the first Suffolk representatives to take part in the national finals .

And last Saturday he finished runner-up in the national finals at Birmingham.


The Bruins defeated UConn in the West regional finals last year.

The biggest game in the Bluegrass state since the teams warred in the 1983 Mideast Regional finals .


The open semi finals promised to be two very tight games and they did not disappoint.

Sunday's play was of a high standard with two semi finals going to extra time, then penalties.

This started on the second day with the women's quarter and semi finals and the men's semi final.

Swindon have travelled to Tranmere Rovers with a three-one advantage from the first leg of the semi finals .

The semi finals followed on the Friday.

Saturday, Under-19: Semi finals: Blyth 3, Darlington 0.

The semi finals will be held on Saturday, with the final next Thursday.

Under-16: Semi finals: Stockton 4, Middlesbrough 0.



The game had the flavor of a world championship final .


For the third time in five seasons, the Utah Jazz is in the Western Conference finals .

I mean, the Seattle SuperSonics reached the Western Conference final in 1987 despite their 39-43 regular-season record.

In the conference finals , they split the first two games with Houston and lost the next three.


And will tolerate such mistakes as the O'Driscoll try and the cup final throw-in.

The first half of their attempt was completed when they defeated Hinckley 21-3 in the county cup final .

It s funny cos I decided to watch the fa youth cup final from last year on friday ... coincidence or what.

The Senior Cup final was contested between arch rivals Longfellows, winners in 1992, and the Oakley.

Reason - I think Harvey only replaced Sprake just before 1972 cup final .

This gives me the chance to have a last word on the World Cricket Cup final .


If all goes well, she should meet Commonwealth Champion Fiona Smith in the quarter finals .

Parry, 23, has twice reached the national quarter finals , losing each time to the legendary John Lyon.

Wimbledon champion Edberg lasted until Courier beat him in the quarter finals .

Bicester rugby club drive towards another Twickenham appearance when they travel to Ongar tomorrow in the quarter finals of the Provincial Cup.

The quarter finals also took place on Saturday and produced a mixed bag of entertainment.



All that summer, they advanced toward the finals , accounts invariably citing their impeccable teamwork.

Top teams then advance to a single-elimination final .

The top eight shooters advance to the finals .


At Seoul in 1988 he failed to make the final .


He played in ten Hampden finals and went home as a winner eight times.


It came during the Barcelona Olympics, with Redmond trying to qualify for the final of the 400 metres.

Bingham hit out after Charlton had written-off Northern Ireland's chances of qualifying for the finals .

To accomplish that, she first has to qualify for the finals , which will be run Friday.


Jackman, a 20-year-old from Norfolk, has reached four major finals since joining the world tour in August 1991.

I mean, the Seattle SuperSonics reached the Western Conference final in 1987 despite their 39-43 regular-season record.

For every athlete who reaches the County finals , it is a potential stepping stone to the National Championships.

Negotiators in Geneva reached their final agreement just hours before the midnight deadline.

Parker, after all, had been a key figure in helping Forest reach four Wembley finals over the previous three seasons.

Monica Seles enjoyed the remarkable achievement of having reached the finals of all 16 tournaments that she entered.

Yet she was not one of the women tipped to reach the finals here.


I had sat the finals for Philosophy in late May.


Aston Villa won their group final with a 4-1 win against Basle, 5-2 on aggregate.


I really shouldn't go out - my biology final is tomorrow.

the NBA finals


In the subsequent years they have appeared in losing finals against Tyrone 1984, Derry 1987 and Donegal 1990.

The fourth, fifth, sixth, quarter-final, semi-final and final have, as yet, eluded us.

The top 18 advance to the semifinal, while 12 move on to the final .

Three groups from the school are taking part in the finals at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

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