Meaning of FINAL in English

/ ˈfaɪnl; NAmE / adjective , noun

■ adjective


[ only before noun ] being or happening at the end of a series of events, actions, statements, etc. :

his final act as party leader

The referee blew the final whistle.

The project is in its final stages.

I'd like to return to the final point you made.


[ only before noun ] being the result of a particular process :

the final product

No one could have predicted the final outcome.


that cannot be argued with or changed :

The judge's decision is final .

Who has the final say around here?

I'll give you $500 for it, and that's my final offer !

I'm not coming, and that's final ! (= I will not change my mind)


see analysis , straw , word noun

■ noun


[ C ] the last of a series of games or competitions in which the winner is decided :

She reached the final of the 100m hurdles.

the 2006 World Cup Finals (= the last few games in the competition)

The winner of each contest goes through to the grand final .

—see also quarter-final , semi-final


finals [ pl. ] ( BrE ) the last exams taken by university students at the end of their final year :

to sit / take your finals


[ C ] ( NAmE ) an exam taken by school, university or college students at the end of a semester or quarter , usually in a topic that they will not study again



Middle English (in the adjectival sense conclusive ): from Old French , or from Latin finalis , from finis end. Compare with finish .

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