Meaning of FLIGHT in English



a flight/train/coach departure

I'm afraid your flight departure has been delayed.

a night train/bus/flight

I took the night train to Fort William.

a relief convoy/flight

A relief convoy of 10 trucks set off with food and medical supplies.

a short walk/flight/drive

It’s a short drive to the airport.

The hotel is only a short walk from the beach.

balloon flight

a balloon flight over the Yorkshire Moors

book a flight

He picked up the phone and booked a flight to Barcelona.

charter flight

connecting flight

I missed the connecting flight .

domestic flights (= that stay inside a country )

London’s airports handle one hundred thousand domestic flights a year.

flight attendant

flight crew

flight deck

flight delays

Unfortunately flight delays do sometimes occur.

flight lieutenant

flight path

flight recorder

flight sergeant

flight simulator

flights of stairs (= sets of stairs )

We walked up four flights of stairs .

freebie holiday/hotel/flight etc

A waiter was handing round freebie glasses of wine.

long journey/walk/flight/drive etc (= a journey etc over a large distance that takes a lot of time )

It’s a long walk to the shops from here.

long-distance travel/journey/flight/commuting etc

nonstop flight

a nonstop flight to Los Angeles

scheduled flight/service (= a plane service that flies at the same time every day or every week )

Prices include scheduled flights from Heathrow.

smooth flight/ride (= a comfortable trip in an airplane or car )

It wasn’t a very smooth ride.

solo flight/voyage/ascent

Ridgeway’s solo voyage across the Atlantic

the morning train/flight (= that leaves in the morning )

She took the morning flight back to London.

the power of flight

Some birds have lost the power of flight over millions of years.




They built hub-and-spoke route systems based on a few large airports, rather than a web of direct , non-stop flights .

There are also new direct flights from Newcastle, Norwich and Birmingham.

Nova was developing in parallel as a booster capable of hurling a spacecraft to the Moon on a direct flight mission.

The two countries also agreed to allow direct air flights from Pyongyang to Tokyo.

She argued in favour of a direct flight to London and then on to Jersey.

A late morning direct flight takes you to Kathmandu where you will stay at the Oberoi Soaltee Hotel for 2 nights.


Airports ran out of fuel, and domestic flights were diverted.

Time was when even domestic flights were something akin to exotic adventure.

Diamond Service will continue on domestic flights .

Coupons generally offer the best savings when used for coast-to-coast or other long-distance domestic flights .


We will further liberalise transatlantic air services and encourage more international flights to and from regional airports.

Many internal and international flights can also be made into Manchester Airport, located 57 miles south-west of Bradford.

So let's not keep you in suspense and join Katie prior to her departure from a surprising location for international flight .

Passengers on international flights will no longer be able to use curb-side check-in procedures for luggage.

Mr. MacGregor I assure the hon. Gentleman that Customs continues to monitor international flights into the airport.


Their chemical and isotopic compositions are meteoritic and they have had long histories of flight through space.

He and his co-pilot settled down in the darkness for the long flight in the cramped cockpit.

After a long flight your perceptions are dulled, and everything is synthetic.

A long flight from the front porch to the sidewalk would have prevented any exit for her out the front door.

It took away the normal drudgery of long flights with little radio contact and constant headings.


This includes return flights , transfers, all meals and drinks, nightly entertainment, non-motorised watersports and activities.

We often placed caches of them near the action to cut the wasted time of return flights .

Each tour includes a return flight from Gatwick to Berlin, with transfers to and from your Berlin hotel.

I never took the return flight home.

En route, Shaker instructed two ships to join him on the return flight .

In late afternoon the return flight begins.


Prices include all transfers, by air where applicable. Scheduled flights are also available at a supplement.

On scheduled flights sporting equipment may be carried as part of your baggage allowance.

Not a scheduled flight , for McKenna would be watching those.

Prices include scheduled flights from Heathrow.

Travel will be on scheduled flights with a choice of departure from either Gatwick or Heathrow airports.

The price of £639 includes scheduled flights , transfer and dinner, bed and breakfast.

The two-night packages include scheduled flights and breakfast.

Ot has introduced short breaks to Paris using scheduled flights from nearby Southend Airport.


Access to the dining room in the north-east corner of the main block was then made via a short flight of stairs.

He watches four men trying to drag a doorless refrigerator up the short flight of steps into the band shell.

Those who do not fancy long haul can share short flights between two or three budding pilots.

It was a short flight , only a hundred miles.

Both Langkawi and Kuantan are reached by short flights .

Frankie stared towards the shorter flight of steps leading to the landing.

They sat on stubby pillars at the bottom of a short flight of steps leading to the parade square.

The upper-level dining gallery and sitting-room are reached from the living-room via short flight of open-riser timber stairs.


The inspiring influence behind an automatic promotion triumph is determined Boro will not just make up the numbers in the top flight .

Coventry are just hoping to play in the top flight next season.

Six months in the top flight and he thinks he's f***ing Brian Sewell to the football world.

Oh, not in the top flight , but he travels around the world - anywhere golf is played.

He established Swindon as one of the most skilful sides outside the top flight before a frustrating switch to Tyneside.

I see no reason why I shouldn't continue to score goals in the top flight .

Inverleith retained their place in the top flight with a dramatic 7-6 victory over Touche Ross in the final game.

That is enough to get us back into the top flight .



A flight attendant was thrown to the floor, breaking her ankle.

Airlines do train flight attendants in how to spot trouble in advance, and in conflict resolution.

Kim, 31, is a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines.

In a staggering display of corporate arrogance, managers threatened to sack-and even sue-the striking flight attendants .

She should have been either a flight attendant or a Greyhound bus driver.

I once asked a flight attendant about this.

He then gave them the choice of apologizing to the flight attendant or taking another flight.


Owing to space restrictions, sail boards are not allowed on charter flights .

For weekenders, charter flights are of little use, as usually they offer only weekly or fortnightly returns.

It deals with the occasional situation when a holiday party arrives on a charter flight and claims asylum enbloc.

Prices for the above itineraries are based on charter flights from London to Bangkok.


The flight crew aborted the takeoff, however, could not stop the aircraft on the wet runway.

In this case the members of the flight crew live in the bunker, alongside their missiles.

As the party headed home the flight crew served cake and sang Happy Birthday.

In the air, the all-male flight crew ruled.

Pilots and other flight crew immediately come to mind; so too do maintenance engineers and air traffic controllers.

The flight crew reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin before the tower lost contact.


The Doctor was marched on to the flight deck of the F61 at pistol point.

I watched the edge of the flight deck move un-der us through the chin bubble at my feet.

The carrier's flight deck is too short for its aircraft to land on and putting it right will cost around £50m.

It meant long hours for the pilots, flight deck crews, repair crews and cooks.

The forward attachment point is under the shuttle's nose about half way between the tip and the flight deck windows.

Ammunition from the burning aircraft on the flight deck starts cooking off, spraying the deck with shrapnel.

The patented plan is to feed data about the relevant airports into a small computer on the flight deck before take-off.


After treatment the mountaineer will be on the next flight home to join his girlfriend at the couple's home in Radley.

He spent Wednesday afternoon trying to find a flight home for Thursday.

We had a good flight home with excellent connection times, which made it less exhausting than the journey to Jo'burg.

I never took the return flight home .

It was one reason why I caught the first flight home .

The flight home was nothing to speak of.

Pervez Musharraf, delayed his flight home because of a bomb threat.

Vitamins, they said it was, to build me up for the flight home on Saturday.


Aides' night flight attracts heavy congressional fire.

Inside, the lobby lights had been dimmed like the interior of an airplane on a night flight .

Varig offers day and night flights taking off every week from 12 cities in 9 different countries.


Living near an airport which is proposing to add an extra flight path - over your house.

It soars the length of the awning, wings flapping once, twice to propel it along an unerring flight path .

Meadow pipits, commonest of upland birds, negotiated undulating flight paths over white tufts of cotton grass.

As the gaggle crossed the next village on our flight path , many ships called in hits.

No way was I going out with a Famlio ship in my flight path .

She would then try to adjust her flight path to the fist by altering direction into the wind.

That way it may get out of the bat's flight path before it enters the detection range.

We must be under a flight path .


Accident investigators have found the black box flight recorder .

There remain the specialists who look after the flight recorder side of aircraft accident investigation.

Flight Recorders Missing Falcon N888AR had voice and flight recorders installed in its tail.

The small flight recorder section is headed by an Assistant principal Inspector.

These were essentially flight recorders but were not made to withstand crash forces.


The trials also involved asking a pilot to land a damaged plane using the flight simulator .

Loren Carpenter launches an airplane flight simulator on the screen.

Escapade basically provides the experience of taking off and landing a commercial airliner, aboard Britannia's 737 flight simulator .

Reflectone, a Tampa-based maker of flight simulators , increased 1 3 / 4 to 15 3 / 4.

Consequently, most pilots are trained on flight simulators .

He trained in the flight simulator .

The real classics, of course, our flight simulators .

Corncob is one of the best Shareware flight simulators I used and will provide hours of entertainment for any would be Hero.


Their finding could lead to new treatments for muscle wasting in humans, or ways to conserve muscle tissue during space flight .

All are subjects of experiments that will measure changes in development brought on by space flight .

If this aspect of space flight was not the most convenient then the solid waste management was even worse.

Even if successful, equipment used in the experiments would have to be miniaturized before being used in space flight .

It reminded the sergeant of mission control for some dark and mysterious space flight .

Their proposed Lunar Tours will be the first series of commercial space flights to the moon.

They are being pried open by computer quizzes, interactive exhibits, panoramic films and a simulated futuristic space flight .


Now you know where the 900S fits in, why not fit in a test flight soon.

The first test flight of the experiment occurred in mid-1992.

Heavy with the extra responsibility of a man's life he wanted another test flight .

The space agency impounded documents and even embargoed findings from the research gathered during the brief test flight .

June 9 saw the Vimy ready for a test flight from the field.

Ray Hanna too G-FIRE up for its first test flight on March 14, 1981, in primer.

For a test flight , ring.

Even this sortie was a test flight .



Chances are they are emailing their mates or booking holiday flights .

Typically, coupon holders must book a flight 14 days in advance.

She was booked on to a flight arriving in London at midday but failed to board the plane.


And he had deliberately caught his flight with just minutes to spare.

Bernstein caught the first flight out of Washington Friday, August 25, and again spent most of the day with Ruby.

Perhaps she had witnessed the attack on her father but had had to leave in order to catch the designated flight .

It was one reason why I caught the first flight home.

She was so distressed that she caught the first flight from Calcutta to New Delhi.

A week ago her plan had been to give Travis the slip and catch the first flight out.

He must catch a flight to Washington to tell a committee that the cities need more money.


No, but I am aware of them if I pant a lot climbing up in a flight of stairs.

Inspectors may have to climb ladders or many flights of stairs, or may have to crawl around in tight spaces.

He climbed the last two flights with effort.

On that fateful January day the beleaguered Matty climbed the five flights of stairs from trading floor to the cafeteria.

Outside Polly's flat, in the well of the building, Jack was climbing the last flight of stairs.

I climb the four flights and tell him to take his time at the door.

My room is on top of a cloth-shop and I have to climb up a flight of dark stairs to get to it.

He heard her climb the last flight , getting slower every day.


This includes return flights , transfers, all meals and drinks, nightly entertainment, non-motorised watersports and activities.

The promotion includes round-trip flights such as Los Angeles to New York for $ 388 with no advance purchase requirement.

Each tour includes a return flight from Gatwick to Berlin, with transfers to and from your Berlin hotel.

Extension of the smoking ban on airplanes to include any flight that starts or ends in the United States.

These include flights , hotel with private facilities, breakfast, taxes and entrance to the fair.

Prices apply until October 31 and include return flights , taxes and transfers.

Prices include scheduled flights from Heathrow.

The first prize includes return flights London-Delhi, half-board hotel accommodation and all transfers.


A flight of steps leads up from the courtyard and there is entry also from the house end.

Orange flight led us in a wide orbit two miles away, still low level.

Then he violently shoved her down the small flight of stairs that led off their bedroom to the bathroom.

The procession reached the foot of the long steep flight of stairs leading up to the temple.

To his left a shallow flight of oak stairs led to a narrow gallery from which led a number of doors.

Instead, a steep, wooden flight of stairs led down into the ground beneath me.

Frankie stared towards the shorter flight of steps leading to the landing.

They sat on stubby pillars at the bottom of a short flight of steps leading to the parade square.


I mustn't miss my flight !

Not once did Richardson miss the flight .

No time to call Newman: she would miss her flight .

I missed the maiden flight at Kitty Hawk and managed to be absent when Alan Dershowitz invented the appeal process.

I was always tense, afraid I would miss the flight .


Practically every scheduled flight is sold out, including extra flights.


The next day, we took an early flight to Danang.

My guess would be he would take the first flight to Helsinki and listen to the venture capitalists there.

I saw food take flight from its physical manifestation, turning into light that shot through my body.

Last year 1. 3 billion passengers took a flight in an airplane.

A series of area road improvements could help Brown Field take flight as an air cargo hub.

I took a meagre 22 flights .

Janir, at five and a half, was eager to take his first flight alone.


long-haul flight/route/destination etc

By comparison with trying to sleep on the cramped seating of today's long-haul flights it was luxury indeed.

Hence the decision to buy smaller wide-body jets for long-haul routes.

It's jet lag and it affects nearly everyone on long-haul flights.

Table 11.9 shows Kuoni's top long-haul destinations in 1983-4.

The aunts have brought more baggage than the passengers Rainbow takes to long-haul flights at Heathrow.

maiden flight/voyage

As Dole and Kemp headed across the country, the team of surrogates was making its maiden voyage in California.

Fifty-two years before I met him, Lawrence Beesley had been a second-class passenger on the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

I missed the maiden flight at Kitty Hawk and managed to be absent when Alan Dershowitz invented the appeal process.

Read in studio A rather unusual hot air balloon has completed its maiden voyage.

The maiden flight of the A-12 had been scheduled for November 1991, with a view to the aircraft becoming operational in the mid-1990s.

The company said the first aircraft had experienced no problems during its 18-minute maiden flight.

With barely a week to go before the maiden flight, Paul's report made alarming reading.

mercy flight/mission etc

A Home Office spokeswoman confirmed last night that Stansted would be used for all future mercy flights.

I had heard of the many mercy missions of the ruler's private planes.

It was the first and last time I was to fly on one of its mercy missions.

Rival warlords are also holding up mercy missions with feuds over contracts to take food to drought-ravaged towns and villages.

Soldiers now face the harsh reality of their mercy mission in the barren country.

The authorities also believe if these mercy missions continue it could present long term problems.

They already have a Hercules plane running mercy missions to Sarajevo.

With United Nations help, it's hoped this mercy mission will be the first of many.


All flights to Tokyo were delayed because of bad weather.

Each room contains a sink, but the bathroom is one flight up.

It's a 7-hour flight to New York.

It's only an hour's flight to Detroit from here.

United Flight 202 from Denver is now arriving.


But what if a large passenger aircraft has to be fuelled ready for flight ?

Incidents between military and civilian flights were also down, from 23 in 1991 to six last year.

The flight from London was delayed, and it was about three in the morning when I finally got to Venice.

The flight up the valley was lower, faster, and much hotter than anything I had yet seen.

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