Meaning of FLIGHT in English

flight S3 W2 /flaɪt/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: flyht ]

1 . TRAVEL [countable] a journey in a plane or space vehicle, or the plane or vehicle that is making the journey ⇨ fly :

He immediately booked a flight to Toulouse.

There are only three flights a day to Logan Airport from Heathrow.

2 . FLYING [uncountable] when something flies through the air

in flight

pelicans in flight

In 1968, the first supersonic airliner took flight (=began flying) .

3 . MOVEMENT THROUGH AIR [uncountable] an object’s or bird’s movement through the air:

During its flight, the weapon twists and turns.

4 . STAIRS [countable] a set of stairs between one floor and the next:

Bert lives two flights down from here.

a flight of stairs/steps

She fell down a whole flight of stairs.

5 . ESCAPE [uncountable] when you leave a place in order to try and escape from a person or a dangerous situation

flight from

Donald Woods' hasty flight from South Africa early in 1978

take flight (also take to flight )British English :

When the alarm sounded, the whole gang took flight.

put somebody to flight (=make someone run away especially by fighting or threatening them)

6 . flight of fancy/imagination/fantasy thoughts, ideas etc that are full of imagination but that are not practical or sensible

7 . BIRDS [countable] a group of birds all flying together SYN flock

flight of

a flight of swallows

⇨ ↑ in-flight , ↑ top-flight

• • •


■ verbs

▪ book a flight (=reserve a seat on a particular plane)

I booked the flight over the Internet.

▪ get a flight (=book it)

I’ll be there tomorrow morning if I can get a flight.

▪ catch a flight (=be in time to get on a plane)

They caught a flight that night to Frankfurt.

▪ board a flight (=get on a flight)

We arrived at the departure lounge to board the flight to Madrid.

▪ miss a flight (=arrive too late for a flight)

Jack overslept and missed his flight.

▪ charter a flight (=pay a company for the use of their aircraft)

The club have chartered a special flight for fans.

▪ operate flights (=make flights available for people to use)

The airline operates three flights a day between London and New York.

▪ get on/off a flight

She’d just got off a flight from Buenos Aires.

▪ travel on a flight

Passengers travelling on flight BMI 373 to Zurich should proceed to gate 17.

▪ a flight is cancelled (=a flight that was due to go somewhere does not go)

All flights have been cancelled due to fog.

▪ a flight is delayed (=it is late leaving)

Her flight was delayed and she arrived over an hour late.

▪ a flight is diverted (=it is made to change direction and land at a different airport)

Our flight was diverted to Manchester because of poor weather.

▪ a flight is bound for London/New York etc (=it is going there)

Johnson boarded a flight bound for Caracas.

■ adjectives

▪ good/pleasant/comfortable

Have a good flight!

▪ smooth (=with no problems or sudden movements)

The flight had been smooth all the way.

▪ bumpy (=uncomfortable because the plane moved up and down a lot)

The flight was very bumpy, and we really wondered whether we would make it.

▪ long/short

I was very tired after the long flight.

▪ cheap flights

Environmental groups are calling for an end to cheap flights.

▪ a direct/non-stop flight (=a flight going straight from one place to another without stopping )

the first direct flight to Tokyo

▪ an international flight (=a flight between one country and another)

The number of international flights increased by over 5% last year.

▪ a domestic/internal flight (=a flight within a country)

Is there a domestic flight between Havana and Varadero?

▪ a long-haul flight (=travelling a long distance)

You should wear comfortable clothes on a long-haul flight.

▪ a scheduled flight (=a plane service that flies at the same time every day or every week)

There are scheduled flights between the islands.

▪ a charter flight (=a plane service that is arranged for a particular group or purpose)

The company is operating charter flights to Crete.

▪ a connecting flight (=a flight that arrives before another one leaves)

We had to wait for three hours in New York before catching a connecting flight to Chicago.

▪ an intercontinental flight (=a flight that goes from one continent to another, for example from Europe to Asia)

Passengers on intercontinental flights can reserve seats with extra legroom.

▪ a routine flight (=a normal flight)

They were on a routine flight when their helicopter developed engine trouble

▪ an airline flight

domestic airline flights

▪ a test flight (=a flight to test a new plane)

The aircraft made a successful test flight on June 3rd.

▪ a maiden flight (=the first flight of an aircraft)

The plane’s maiden flight is scheduled for November.

■ flight + NOUN

▪ the flight time (=how long it takes to fly somewhere)

Our estimated flight time is three hours and fifteen minutes.

▪ the flight path (=the route taken by an aircraft)

They lived directly underneath a busy flight path.

▪ the flight number

Write the flight number on all your luggage labels.

▪ a flight plan (=the planned route of an aircraft)

For some reason the pilot diverged from the flight plan.

• • •


■ by plane/boat/car/bicycle etc

▪ flight a journey by air:

You should check in at the airport two hours before your flight.

▪ voyage /ˈvɔɪ-ɪdʒ/ a long journey over the sea:

MacArthur’s epic round-the-world voyage

▪ crossing a short journey by boat from one piece of land to another:

A 30-minute ferry crossing takes you to the island.

▪ cruise a journey by boat for pleasure:

a Mediterranean cruise


a cruise down the Nile

▪ drive a journey in a car, often for pleasure:

The drive through the mountains was absolutely beautiful.

▪ ride a short journey in a car, or on a bicycle or horse:

It’s a twenty-minute taxi ride to the station.


a bike ride

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