Meaning of FLIGHT in English

I. ˈflīt noun

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English flyht; akin to Middle Dutch vlucht flight, Old English flēogan to fly

Date: before 12th century


a. : an act or instance of passing through the air by the use of wings

the flight of a bee

b. : the ability to fly

flight is natural to birds


a. : a passing through the air or through space outside the earth's atmosphere

flight of an arrow

flight of a rocket to the moon

b. : the distance covered in such a flight

c. : swift movement


a. : a trip made by or in an airplane or spacecraft

b. : a scheduled airplane trip

4. : a group of similar beings or objects flying through the air together

5. : a brilliant, imaginative, or unrestrained exercise or display

a flight of fancy


a. : a continuous series of stairs from one landing or floor to another

b. : a series (as of terraces or conveyors) resembling a flight of stairs

7. : a unit of the United States Air Force below a squadron

• flight·less -ləs adjective

II. verb

Date: 1571

transitive verb

: flush

intransitive verb

: to rise, settle, or fly in a flock

geese flight ing on the marsh

III. noun

Etymology: Middle English fluht, fliht; akin to Old High German fluht flight, Old English flēon to flee

Date: 13th century

: an act or instance of running away

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate English vocabulary.      Энциклопедический словарь английского языка Merriam Webster.