Meaning of HILL in English




a steep hill

The car careered down the steep hill.

Capitol Hill


They crested a wooded hill shortly before sunset.

distant mountains/hills

From here, you can look out to the distant hills.

hill station

hill/hilly country

He grew up in Texas hill country.

hill/sea/ground fog

Rain was forecast, along with hill fog.




The sun trembled for an instant on the edge of the distant hills , then started to sink behind them.

This is why the method is often applied to soften and diffuse distant objects or hills , as in atmospheric perspective.

This combination is useful when suggesting distant hills .

On this side of the Webi, undulating grasslands rose to distant hills , and strips of woodland bordered numerous streams.

Triangulations on distant hills were attempted, weather records kept, and there was an astronomical observatory.


This is the capital of the region, with gentle sloping hills , beech forests and wooded ridges in the background.

It is framed by gentle hills that look down on oak groves that abound with deer, bobcats and golden eagles.

It is situated in the Dartmoor National Park, amidst gentle rolling hills and woods where buzzards nest.

For a while it looks like the red earth, green vegetation and gentle hills of Sedona.

Its gentle green bosomy hills were obliterated in the mid-nineteenth century by pit-heads, ironworks and regiments of cheap terraced housing.

To me they would only ever belong among the gentle hills and quiet, winding lanes of Upper Killington.

The surrounding area is very beautiful with gentle hills , waterfalls and purple heather.

Most of the town is built on the valley floor, but the east and west sides rise into gentle hills .


Set amidst green and fertile hills its skyline is stunning and its landscapes inspire a long and dreamy gaze.

The kid drove along through the green hills of California without saying a word.

Beyond this rose the green hill that sheltered Applegarth.

Ribbons of trees along now-dry creeks paint creases of green between charred hills .

Its gentle green bosomy hills were obliterated in the mid-nineteenth century by pit-heads, ironworks and regiments of cheap terraced housing.

Inside a yellow barn set in rolling green hills , 10 Sufis spin like synchronized tops across the wooden floor.

Beyond the inn a church tower perched in the tree-tops and behind it crowded high green sheltering hills .

His shouts would fill the whole valley, echoing from the dark green hills of bush.


He flicked away another cigarette as they made their way towards him to continue the drive still higher into the hills .

I can see it snuggled into one of the deep valleys in the encircling high hills .

Climbed a very high hill today called An Teallach and am just starting to recover now.

The city of Belfast has a magnificent setting, ringed by high hills , sea lough and river valley.

Beyond the inn a church tower perched in the tree-tops and behind it crowded high green sheltering hills .

Ascending the 400 metre high , Male hill will take you to the highest point in the Kalahari Desert.

In a commanding position high on a hill overlooking the village stands the church of All Saints.

I walked to the top of the highest hill and looked down.


Pushing my bike up those long hills and dry valleys gave me an intimate understanding of the nature of the chalk landscape.

Freewheeling down the long hill , Mungo was aware of a large, pale shape by his right shoulder.

I love the long bare hills with just the odd clump of trees.

Starting early, I traverse the long ridge of hills that separates me from Isafjördur, arriving late in the afternoon.

She dropped down and started groping round on the floor as the bus sped down the long hill into town.

They went up a long hill and came to an imposing arched entrance.


The Marais Communal of Curzon lies in the lap of low scrubby hills , like a green sea of stillness.

Now they are driving into a range of low hills .

There was only one low hill in sight, and this had an old, disused windmill on it.

A few scattered lights burned on the ridge of low hills as he arrived in the cove, long after nightfall.

Through the cleavage of two low hills the lights of San Antonio rippled in the warm rising air.

He caught the atmosphere of those grey days when the clouds hang low on the hills and the colours are sombre.

This is an area of low wooden hills and a large man made lake is the principal attraction.

Rock-controlled lowlands and low hills 5.


Be warned though, the rolling hills and rugged terrain will test your mountain biking stamina to the extreme.

It is situated in the Dartmoor National Park, amidst gentle rolling hills and woods where buzzards nest.

All round the small station were green fields and rolling hills .

The house was at the bottom of a valley near the reservoir, surrounded by rolling hills .

Glacier walking is a piece of cake; well this bit was, with rolling hills of dazzling serenity.

Vicchiomaggio is surrounded by the vineyards and rolling hills of the region.


Our house is on a small hill which looks towards the large hill, Monte Regia.

For a different look at the mission, take the path up a small hill nearby.

Everywhere you can see a rich greenery of grass and trees, covering smaller hills and valleys.

Not all rocks will land at the bottom; a particular rock may get stuck on a small hill somewhere.

He just stopped the car on the top of a small hill , for they were right out in the country now.

Buddied up to the other side of the reservoir was a small hill , where children went sledding in the winter.

This he applies also to mountains, holding the combination of small hills with varied textures are more beautiful than grand magnitude.

Then, as the two outer hills separate, you see a glimpse of the smaller hill that lies between them.


But that's through high trees and up steep hills .

Sometimes you can reveal them by making the engine labor, going up a steep hill .

It stretches up a steep hill and overlooks the rivers Tay and Earn.

Set into a steep hill green with trees, they look out upon the sea.

Replacing the bowls, they pedalled on down the steep hill and up the next.

After lunch, he and Barnabas walked up the steep hill to Fernbank.

Coal for the mill's steam engine was carried up the steep hill on donkeys.

Wearing a pair of tennis shoes, he walked up the steep hill with the energy of a young mountain climber.


The spacious, airy rooms have exhilarating views of the surrounding hills and dales.

Most bedrooms also have gorgeous views of the surrounding hills .

The surrounding hills are reflected in the position of the figurative elements; the geometric parts mirror the life of the building.

All rooms have extensive views of the surrounding moorlands and hills .

It stretched over several hectares of land, its one-storied buildings lying bland and soulless under the surrounding hills .

Away in the distance, tucked between a fold in the surrounding hills , was home.

The refugees have stripped the surrounding hills almost bare, and spend much of their time collecting branches.

I thought we might take a tour round the surrounding hills and make sure there were no hidden surprises.


But the north of the country has a range of pleasant, wooded hills called the Ardennes.

The Rocky Mountains have no shortage of rocky mountains, but the ones open to skiers are rounded, wooded hills .

Residents fled on foot through the wooded hills .

Artists and poets have never tired of its historic buildings and artisan shops, richly wooded hills and lovely views.

In the north their own wooded hill rose up.

The wooded hills of Craigendarroch and Craig Coillach rise up around it.

They cleared the thick, wooded hills of Oxford and went down into the open countryside.



He has captured the characteristic light of the hill country .

The bighorn sheep, very good to eat, was a logical source of provender in the hill country .

The hill country had once been far more populous.

A boy from the Virginia hill country .

Mr Foster says the consultation document fails to acknowledge the tradition of free access to mountain and hill country .

After failing in a rebellion in the hill country , they settled at Delphoi, where they had old family friendships.


Other hill farms are owned and worked as a unit linked with a lowland farm.

I believed I had been locked up all my life, up there on that hill farm in North Chittendon.

As a result some of the hill farms are being joined together - amalgamated - and farm labourers are becoming unemployed.

Asa bought the hill farm in 1856 from Orin Perkins, married Elmira Wilkins, and settled there.


And we will continue to support hill farmers through the Hill Livestock Compensatory Allowances.

Does he agree that hill farmers had a substantial drop in income in recent years?

Many of the fodder crops are sold to the hill farmers and some are used to fatten the lambs.

The power that small hill farmers and poorer urban dwellers have in the state apparatus and in society at large is negligible.

Many hill farmers are smallholders with part-time jobs elsewhere.

This was despite government assurances that hill farmers would not be made worse off.


The rich fled to the hill stations and the beggars followed them.

A conference was held at the hill station , Dalat, between Giap and Pierre Messmer.

From the tropics of Madras to the midst of the hill stations at Ootacumund and Kodaikanal.


The spectacular Castellana Grottoes, and several lovely hill towns are also within reach.

Paths pottered through the site like the twisting streets of medieval hill towns .


Thus the hill walker has a challenge right on his or her doorstep.

Nowadays the walk is a favourite with high-level hill walkers .

Amsteg's position makes it a well placed base for climbers and hill walkers .

This is a book I heartily recommend to al hill walkers .



As they climbed into the hills , the sky lowered over the car.

Then I climbed another hill and there were the barracks.

A Brush car climbing the Gynn hill in 1963, on the North Station route with which these cars were associated.

If good farmland is not avail-able elsewhere, then they climb the hills , cutting the most beautiful forests.

She could have tried to climb the hills , and fallen!

Harrison charged that the ex-sailors were too old and wheezy to climb the steep hill up to the Observatory.

As at Killorglin, a street of dark stone houses climbed a hill .

He could see quite clearly as he climbed the hill out of the village.


It is nestled into the verdant rolling hills some 25 kilometres north of Cape Coast still located on the Central Region.

Inside a yellow barn set in rolling green hills , 10 Sufis spin like synchronized tops across the wooden floor.

We rolled down the hill to the cemetery.

Pickup trucks were rolling down the hill to the cove from upland.

If rolled down a hill , the hollow-centred ball will reach the bottom quicker since it has a greater inertia.

Before the boat swung around Ezra caught sight of the truck rolling down the hill to the wharf.

The can rolled sideways down the hill and she scrabbled across the tent for it.

Outside the store, the rolling hills of New Hampshire were aflame in scarlet, yellow, orange and gold.


Safely over the other side of the gate and out of the farm precincts, he ran up the hill towards the quarry.

I ran down the hill to the home of a classmate and told her the news.

The fear propelled her out of her stillness and she ran down the hill .

I run back up the hill to the cabin.

Adam Clark also designed the tunnel which runs under Buda hill connecting the western parts of Buda with the waterfront.

The minute he was out of their sight, he began to run up the hill .

He could smoke ciggies again and not run up the hill from Tuckers every day to improve his weakly lung-power.

It was not Selden, who had been running away from that hill .


Another listed building is the fine windmill which stands on the hill above the village and makes an outstanding local landmark.

Phaestos stands on a hill in the south of Crete, in an area more rugged than Knossos.

We're standing on a hill .

There are already thirty Chinamen scavenging boards and stuff, and a crowd of Cornish women just standing on the hill watching.

All over the tropics stand termite hills .

It stands on a hill , about two miles from Assisi, surrounded by parklands.

Five or six miles north-east of Scone stands the hill of Dunsinane.

But not far away stand other hills to which I do not lift my eyes.


Some local people say that his spirit still walks among the hills , searching for lost travellers.

It was then I started doing this form of meditation, walking around the hill and up it.

Now I can walk up hill without puffing and can bend down without grunting.

Susan and I walk down one hill , and up another.

John walked down the hill , on his way to meet some of the lads in the town.

I turned around and walked up the hill to Natchez.

Hundreds of miners from the western valleys were walking over the hill to the stricken village.

We got off the cars and began the long walk up the quarry hill road.


the brow of a hill

Barely a dozen homes remain, clinging to the brow of a hill.

the skirts of a forest/hill/village etc


The hotel is up on the hill , overlooking the town.


At Kaliro the hunters would build a small fire on a hill to show they were safe.

For a while it looks like the red earth, green vegetation and gentle hills of Sedona.

He ran down the hill , towards the small winding road.

One should expect things like phosphorescent hills and midnight gunplay.

Roosters answered one another throughout the hills of upper Queenstown.

The noise rumbled back uncertainly from the hills beyond the town.

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