Meaning of HILL in English


/ hɪl; NAmE / noun


[ C ] an area of land that is higher than the land around it, but not as high as a mountain :

a region of gently rolling hills

a hill farm / town / fort

The house is built on the side of a hill overlooking the river.

I love walking in the hills (= in the area where there are hills) .

—see also anthill , foothill , molehill


[ C ] a slope on a road :

Always take care when driving down steep hills .

a hill start (= the act of starting a vehicle on a slope)

—see also downhill , uphill


the Hill [ sing. ] ( NAmE , informal ) = Capitol Hill


- a hill of beans

- over the hill

—more at old



Old English hyll , of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin collis and Greek kolōnos hill.

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