Meaning of HILL in English


n. & v.


1. a a naturally raised area of land, not as high as a mountain. b (as the hills) Anglo-Ind. hill-station.

2 (often in comb.) a heap; a mound (anthill; dunghill).

3 a sloping piece of road.

1. form into a hill.

2 (usu. foll. by up) bank up (plants) with soil.

Phrases and idioms:

hill and dale (of a gramophone record) with groove-undulations in a vertical plane. hill-billy (pl. -ies) US

1. colloq., often derog. a person from a remote rural area in a southern State (cf. HICK).

2 folk music of or like that of the southern US. hill climb a race for vehicles up a steep hill. hill-fort a fort built on a hill. hill-station Anglo-Ind. a government settlement, esp. for holidays etc. during the hot season, in the low mountains of N. India. old as the hills very ancient.

over the hill colloq.

1. past the prime of life; declining.

2 past the crisis. up hill and down dale see UP.

Etymology: OE hyll

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