Meaning of HILL in English


I. Hill, A ‧ ni ‧ ta /əˈniːtə/ BrE AmE

(1956–) an American lawyer and teacher of law. When the Senate was deciding whether Clarence Thomas should become a ↑ justice on the US Supreme Court, she told the Senate that when she was working for Thomas he had tried to start a sexual relationship with her even though she did not want to. Thomas said that this was not true, and after a lot of discussion, the Senate agreed to allow Thomas to become a Supreme Court Justice.

II. Hill, Benny BrE AmE

(1925–92) a British ↑ comedian known especially for his very popular television programmes. His shows were often criticized for the large number of jokes about sex, and for including lots of young women wearing very little clothing, whom he was shown chasing through parks.

III. Hill, Da ‧ mon /ˈdeɪmən/ BrE AmE

(1960–) a British Formula One ↑ racing car driver who was world ↑ champion in 1996. He is the son of the former Formula One champion Graham Hill.

IV. Hill, Joe /dʒəʊ/ BrE AmE

(1879–1915) a US ↑ trade union leader, who tried to help workers to get better wages and more rights. He also wrote many songs on social subjects, including Casey Jones .

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