Meaning of RAKE in English


I. noun


haul/rake/drag sb over the coals


And on a car of this class the steering column ought to adjust for rake as well as reach.

Are they coming to mow the lawn or to liberate the hostages with rakes, clippers and blowers?

Did he think that would work if she got him gloves and a rake and shovel?

She went through the house door leading into the garage, seized a rake and plunged into the cold wind.

The cinema was built on a hill, giving a natural rake to the auditorium seating.

The hoes and rakes are still there, leaning against the wall, useless.

Unfortunately I sometimes think some one left a rake lying across a lot of them.

II. verb




It seems to stir up emotions and rake over apparently quiescent turmoil.

I have no desire to rake over the past but we should have the right to refer to matters of historical record.

Was he trying to rake over old coals?

Julius's gaze raked over her sharply, then settled on her face.

I would not - could not - rake over the embers of his past with him persistently.

The borders were neatly raked over and the roses cut back.


But others were willing to rake up the controversy for him.

But it's pretty unpleasant, especially for Dad, to have all this raked up .

So is there any point in raking up the issue again?

So any advantage we can rake up , nomatterwhat, is something we're gon na use.

The pencil light spun around, raked up the stairs, and speared straight into Carson's eyes.


Guerrillas raked the room with gunfire.

The women raked us with their cold stares.

They paid me $20 to rake the leaves in their front yard.


And it will really drive civilized people nuts if Phillips starts raking in extra dough by posing in commercials for sports products.

Around them women and men and children worked in the hayfield, gathering and loading, raking and stacking.

Connors got his fuel bladder raked and had to break away from the flight.

Cracks in rendering should be raked out, cut back to sound material if necessary and then filled with new mortar.

He raked his fingers through fur the color of weak tea, brown, red, golden tint of gaslight.

He raked his fingers through his hair, as if debating what to say next, and she followed the movement.

He moved, and his shock of hair caught the sun as he raked a hand through it.

The lawn had been freshly cut, some grass raked into piles on the front walk.

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