Meaning of RAKE in English


[rake] n [ME, fr. OE racu; akin to OHG rehho rake] (bef. 12c) 1 a: an implement equipped with projecting prongs to gather material (as leaves) or for loosening or smoothing the surface of the ground b: a machine for gathering hay

2: an implement like a rake

[2]rake vt raked ; (13c) 1: to gather, loosen, or smooth with or as if with a rake

2: to gain rapidly or in abundance "~ in a fortune" 3 a: to touch in passing over lightly b: scratch

4: to censure severely

5: to search through: ransack

6: to sweep the length of esp. with gunfire: enfilade 7: to glance over rapidly -- n [3]rake n [origin unknown] (1626) 1: inclination from the perpendicular; esp: the overhang of a ship's bow or stern

2: inclination from the horizontal: slope

3: the angle between the top cutting surface of a tool and a plane perpendicular to the surface of the work

4: the angle between a wing-tip edge that is sensibly straight in planform and the plane of symmetry of an airplane [4]rake vi raked ; (1691): to incline from the perpendicular [5]rake n [short for rakehell] (1653): a dissolute person: libertine

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