Meaning of SMOOTH in English

I. adjective


a smooth curve

He drew a line on the paper in a smooth curve.

a smooth movement (= graceful )

Tom leaped over the fence in one smooth movement.

a smooth/comfortable ride

The new suspension produces a smoother ride.

feel smooth/cold/damp etc

Her hands felt rough.

The house felt hot and stuffy.

mellow/smooth (= pleasant and not strong or bitter )

Add milk to make the flavour more mellow.

smooth operator (= someone who is good at persuading people but who you feel you cannot trust )

He may not look it, but Newman is a smooth operator .

smooth running

He praised the smooth running of the election.

smooth talker (= someone who is polite and pleasant but who you do not trust )

Mom thinks he’s a smooth talker .

smooth (= with no problems or sudden movements )

The flight had been smooth all the way.


Marble provides a cool smooth surface.

smooth (= happening without any problems )

There were some difficulties in achieving a smooth transition to independence.


The dessert had a good all-round flavour and a smooth texture.


She smoothed the creases from her skirt.


Her skin was smooth and pale.




Designs of scars, battle marked patches, as smooth as sea washed pebbles - shocking!

The final stage of slipping the boltholes over the bolts is not always as smooth as it was with the first column.

He was black and gleaming, his outline as smooth as a dolphin's even down to the hint of rubber.

But this doll was as smooth between his legs as a baby girl.

All a dream and the glass was as smooth and blank as when I first installed it.

Sure enough, the channel was as smooth as silk.

An ocean as smooth as glass closing over things vast, alive and hateful.

It's as smooth as anything.


What he had not anticipated was that the top of the train would be so smooth .

It was so smooth you hardly knew it-was happening.

Peach stared at the sea, so blue, so smooth .

They've gotten so smooth and perfect and it's amazing.

Even in rehearsal it requires stamina and dedication to make it appear so smooth .

Clean and new and so smooth .

Never as long as I live will I marry that sinister shark who pretends to be so smooth and loyal and hard-working.

The water was so smooth that he swam confidently out to where it was very deep.


Consequently it was important that the bore of the cylinder was very smooth .

The universe could have started out in a very smooth and ordered state.

A good Vitesse engine is very smooth and quiet.

In childhood the arteries have very smooth internal linings.

Stefan Glowacz looked very smooth as he cruised his way to the only flash of the round.

Pound or whizz the whole mixture to a very smooth paste.

But this has an amazingly low action, very smooth and even.

Both types of cooker top are very smooth in appearance and easy to clean.



The yield curve is a smooth curve through those points.

If the fish is suspended in open water with no obstacles around, the lines are smooth curves .

The basic idea is that a few parameters are turned into a smooth curve by a standardised computation.

On a smooth curve , both the values and the slopes at neighbouring time points are close together.

This is rather like being able to draw a straight line tangent at any point on a smooth curve .

Where the septum meets the body wall it does so in a smooth curve .


Wallshield gives a smooth finish , and Sandshield a fine sand-textured finish.

These caulks are paintable, clean up with soap and water and also require some proficiency for a smooth finish .

These raised the nap on the cloth, which could then be cropped with shears to give it a smoother finish .

Endless Kiss gives a smooth finish and it contains a protective sunscreen.

Twin wire paper which has an identical smooth finish on both sides.

Blending is useful when trying to obtain a smooth finish .

You can ring the changes by exposing the aggregate and creating a rough surface texture if you find a smooth finish uninspiring.

The smooth finish means clothes are less likely to snag than on ordinary basketwork.


It has been repeatedly reported that smooth muscle antibodies of autoimmune chronic hepatitis are directed to cell actin.

The muscles involved in such tremors and twitches are skeletal, as opposed to cardiac or smooth muscle.

In addition to its potent vasoconstrictive actions, ET-1 is also a mitogen for vascular smooth muscle cells.

Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudoobstruction is usually caused by disease of the enteric nerves or smooth muscle .

The production of a visceral-specific anti-peptide antibody should permit a further investigation of its expression in smooth muscle cells.

This pattern was limited to the distal, smooth muscle portion of the oesophagus.

This would facilitate the calculation of peristaltic velocity and the speed of contractility of gut smooth muscle with high temporal resolution.

Several theories of the factors causing smooth muscle cell proliferation have been made.


The control exercised from this remote box, therefore, was vital to the smooth operation of this busy line.

Somewhere along the line its deals undermined its smooth operation .

Gulping such a prey animal down head-first is a smooth operation .

Reengineering offered a technical fix for what were seen as lapses in the smooth operation of ongoing business processes.

In the silence he feels the smooth operations of the mind's incomparable picture show.

The Huey had snapped into smooth operation after more than a month of storage.

What specific tasks do you believe need to be tackled to create a smoother operation ?

The intensive service with large locos and the smooth operation were certainly appreciated.


Behind the scenes ... chaos ... smooth operators ... and hairdressers everywhere.

He was then a smooth operator .

Here are the big time smooth operators .

He may not look it, but he is a smooth operator .


By later standards they were rather slow cars, but the trucks gave a smooth ride on straight track.

Please give my compliments to Captain Tynes, and thank him for the smooth ride .

All the rail joints would be welded by the Thermit process, to give a smooth ride throughout.

As far as home openers go, there have been smoother rides .

It is expected to be a smooth ride for the bill from here.

In particular, it boasts a longer wheelbase and new twist-beam suspension which produces a smoother ride and better handling.

The result is a smooth ride and relaxed, easy handling that makes it a great long-distance cruiser.


This is essential to facilitate the smooth running of a sale and to provide the client with regular written status reports.

An angry mob creates confusion and prevents the smooth running of its hunting sequence.

The lights flickered and dimmed as the blast from a nearby explosion momentarily disturbed the smooth running of the generator.

But its smooth running depended very much upon their personal skill and devotion.

But only on account of the smooth running of the business, she realised.

In fairness to the smooth running of the place, shouldn't Silas be warned of Ling's prediction of trouble?

They shared their responsibilities for the smooth running of Zone I with the enthusiasm of those bound by a loveless marriage.

He's a sort of diocesan works manager responsible to the bishop for the smooth running of the parish priests.


Sugar paste, the smooth skin of young girls.

He had a quick smile, smooth skin and a booming fascination with his own anatomy.

She glimpsed smooth skin , but the blood and dirt flooded back in.

They even have the same smooth skin .

They were a generation of large, well-nourished, beautiful children with silken hair, smooth skin and clear eyes.

A smooth skin also tans more evenly because you have removed dead skin cells.

He rested his eyes on her, very conscious of the smooth skin and her flowery perfume.


The soft broom is used for light sweeping on smooth surfaces and the hard type for rough or wet work.

The smooth surface makes it easier for agents to detect footprints in the road.

A laser is used to etch a pattern of tiny flaws in the otherwise glassy smooth surface of the disc.

Harding gathers the dice up with his long fingers, feeling the smooth surfaces with his thumb as if he was blind.

However, if a hard smooth surface is required royal icing is very effective.

Benches with reversible tops give the option of either a smooth surface or recessed gravel trays for summer and are particularly useful.

She sighed and let her fingers move slowly down the dark, smooth surface of the glass.

The hard, smooth surface pressed to his face was covered in water.


Safeway Organic Bananas, £1.59 for six A sweet banana with good all-round flavour and a smooth texture .


Labour's complex leadership rules, first used to elect Mr Kinnock in 1983, make a smooth transition impossible.

The broadcasters say they need both analog and digital channels for 15 years to ensure a smooth transition to the digital age.

Johnson's first task was to ensure a smooth transition of power, and for the time being he kept together the Kennedy team.

Of this sector, electronic parts and components manufacturers made the smoothest transition to commercial markets.

Ensure that children and young people with learning disabilities have a smoother transition into adulthood and adult service networks.

Even so, Swilling expects his student to make a smooth transition to defensive end.

Again we're using repetition in different octaves and lots of slides and pull-offs to make a smooth transition between each position.

Chan cited signs that point to a smooth transition in 1997.


take the rough with the smooth

I needed them as much as they needed me and I happily took the rough with the smooth.

You have to take the rough with the smooth.


Smooth and charming, Francis was the kind of man your mother would love you to marry.

a smooth flight

a smooth lawyer

a smooth , freshly-paved driveway

a board with smooth edges

a series of smooth , graceful ripples on the lake

Add the remaining ingredients and beat until smooth .

Blend the strawberries with a little icing sugar in a food processor until it forms a smooth purée.

Don't let his smooth manner fool you - he's just after your money.

FrontPage is a software program that helps to organize the entire web site so that it works in a smooth fashion.

It was one of the smoothest flights I've ever had.

Moisturizers promise to leave your skin softer and smoother.

She has lovely smooth skin.

The car has excellent suspension and the journey was really smooth .

The main responsibility of the Project Co-ordinator is to ensure the smooth running of the department.

The marble table felt smooth and cold against her arm.

To ensure a smooth change-over, we'd like you to start work one week before your predecessor leaves.

We hope that most students will make a smooth transition into high school.


Behind the scenes ... chaos ... smooth operators ... and hairdressers everywhere.

It is a smooth spreading sausage, similar in texture to a fine liver sausage, with a bright pink colour.

She felt too, as she mopped the trickling water from it, the smooth bronzed skin of the leg.

Stir in currants and mixed peel. 3 Add enough milk to make a soft, smooth dough.

The control exercised from this remote box, therefore, was vital to the smooth operation of this busy line.

The eyebrows and eyelashes were drawn in an then very pale washes were put on, the paint smooth and even.

The water around the fire was smooth as glass, black, like a standing pool of oil.

Whisk cup water with lemon juice, flour and salt to taste until smooth .

II. verb




It works immediately to alleviate cracking and smooth away dryness and scaling.

He managed to smooth away his rougher edges.

His face was flushed, all the petulance and disappointment smoothed away .

She is certain that this interest in their marathon game helped to smooth away many problems which could have arisen.

But the sea rushed in, smoothing away the names, filling her shoes with frothy, sandy water.


Mrs Frizzell gazed into space and Mrs Murphy smoothed back errant curls from her damp forehead.

Springing up, she smoothed back her tousled hair and hurriedly unbolted the door to Bethany smiling at her.

Then, with a single gesture, the three waiting figures smoothed back their hair and advanced warily to meet him.

He would remember smoothing back her hair.

He held her close, smoothing back her hair, his big hands so gentle.

So, rising, Sammler smoothed back the bedding, the coverlet.

He folded it and smoothed back the sheet.

She has a clean apron round her neat waist and her hair smoothed back .


I watched the last one turn, slowly, halting before it was smoothed down .

She smooths down her hair, tipping the beret back to its original angle.

Then she jumped to her feet and smoothed down the quilt.

Lift marzipan over cake and smooth down , easing out folds.

When hardened, smooth down with abrasive paper, then seal with plaster primer.

Dry-mouthed, she smoothed down the shimmering folds of her robe with fingers that shook slightly.

Press into a little china, glass or glazed earthenware pot or terrine and smooth down the top.

Nervously she smoothed down her hair.


Most biological systems have feedback mechanisms that help smooth out the little fluctuations that life throws at them.

She tries to recall the good memories to help smooth out the rough times.

Sixty-Four Donna put down the note and ran her hands over the paper, as if trying to smooth out the creases.

But Internet sales are being delayed until kinks can be smoothed out , as well as security issues.

In most instances, a kink will produce a slight burr on the surface which can be smoothed out .

The curiously but hopefully not phonetically named Botox is injected into the forehead to smooth out the skin.

Simply isolate the culprit, cut, and smooth out the surrounding transitions.


She made the pain go away and thought the grit out of her hand, smoothing over the abrasions.

The convention was effectively run, with platform differences on abortion, immigration and other matters smoothed over .

This should be rubbed between the hands and smoothed over your hair for great shine.

But each fight was smoothed over when Russell gave roses to his wife, one neighbor said.

People said it was smoothed over , and that there had been adjustments of personnel in the agriculture department.

In this way, psychological writing manages to smooth over the difficulties in its discourses of gender.

Usually floodplains are not veneers of alluvium explicable by lateral channel movements, but considerable thicknesses smoothing over more complex relief.

This smoothing over of social and historical differences can turn discourse analyses' political implications from productive ambiguity, to complete opacity.



Sixty-Four Donna put down the note and ran her hands over the paper, as if trying to smooth out the creases .

Fernando drew away from her and Ruth scrambled to her feet, smoothing the creases from her dress.

She paused briefly to tidy her hair and smooth the creases from her skirt, then led the way into the house.


But by the next morning sleep had smoothed over the ragged edges of Folly's doubt.

Use an emery board to smooth sharp edges that could cut an adjacent toe.

He managed to smooth away his rougher edges .


Her fingers touched his hair , smoothing its fine silkiness, running against his scalp, the back of his neck.

She paused briefly to tidy her hair and smooth the creases from her skirt, then led the way into the house.

She has a clean apron round her neat waist and her hair smoothed back.

She dabbed at her hair , smoothing it.

Instinctively she ran a hand through her dishevelled hair , smoothing it into some kind of order.

Pomade - a perfumed oil or ointment put on hair to make it smooth and shiny.

Scott ran both hands through his hair , smoothing it back tight against his scalp.


The curiously but hopefully not phonetically named Botox is injected into the forehead to smooth out the skin .

She smoothed her skin with oil and chose a short, ice-green robe in which to welcome him.

Lotions or creams smoothed on while the skin is still damp will seal in extra moisture.

Katherine took her son's hand and smoothed the plump skin , her pale eyes alight with love.


And then she moved and with trembling hands smoothed down her skirt .

Astrid smoothed her skirt over her hips and sat down.


Simply isolate the culprit, cut, and smooth out the surrounding transitions .

And it would smooth the transition between the various sectors.


Well, you could break all the moulds by smoothing the way for Mary O'Rourke to come through as your successor.

The company said it has assigned more than 2, 000 employees to help smooth the way for competition.

I am not one who believes that extra resources necessarily solve problems or necessarily smooth the way to their solution.

Informal entertaining Though entertaining is not an essential part of the media relations programme it can often help to smooth the way .

The fact that bumiputra ownership had increased dramatically, no doubt helped smooth the way .

There were no words to explain how she felt but her body would smooth a way .



Sixty-Four Donna put down the note and ran her hands over the paper, as if trying to smooth out the creases.

The panel will try to smooth out differences between the measures, then send a final bill to both chambers for approval.

Later, I tried to smooth things over, but he wasn't interested.

I tried smoothing and adjusting my clothes.

Luke arrived, not too pleased about the party, and I tried to smooth him down.


smooth-textured/coarse-textured/fine-textured etc

take the rough with the smooth

I needed them as much as they needed me and I happily took the rough with the smooth.

You have to take the rough with the smooth.


Across the table, Tanya smoothed down her skirt and looked at her watch.

Every morning she smoothes the bedclothes out and dusts the room.

She removed her cap and smoothed her lush black hair.

The logs were smoothed and trimmed to size with axes.


But Internet sales are being delayed until kinks can be smoothed out, as well as security issues.

He smooths the circle to the exact depth required and marks it with a big cross.

He wanted to smooth the web of hair that spilled down her back springing alive from the bones of her head.

He would sit, smoothing his pants, and wait.

Luce washed herself and smoothed her fringe as best she could, scowling at her reflection in the mirror.

She stood up, a little unsteadily, and smoothed her frock.

The curiously but hopefully not phonetically named Botox is injected into the forehead to smooth out the skin.

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