Meaning of SMOOTH in English


Function: verb

Inflected Form: smoothed ; smooth · ing ; smooths also smoothes

Date: 15th century

transitive verb

1 : to make smooth

2 a : to free from what is harsh or disagreeable : POLISH < smooth ed out his style> b : SOOTHE

3 : to minimize (as a fault) especially in order to allay anger or ill will <his main job is to smooth over the friction that so often arises ― Brian Crozier>

4 : to free from obstruction or difficulty <conciliation smooth ed the way to an agreement>

5 a : to press flat < smooth ed down the folds of her dress> b : to remove expression from (one's face) : COMPOSE

6 : to cause to lie evenly and in order : PREEN <a bird smooth ing its feathers>

7 : to free (as a graph or data) from irregularities

intransitive verb : to become smooth

– smooth · er noun

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