Meaning of SMOOTH in English

adj., v., n., & adv.


1. having a relatively even and regular surface; free from perceptible projections, lumps, indentations, and roughness.

2 not wrinkled, pitted, scored, or hairy (smooth skin).

3 that can be traversed without check.

4 (of liquids) of even consistency; without lumps (mix to a smooth paste).

5 (of the sea etc.) without waves or undulations.

6 (of a journey, passage, progress, etc.) untroubled by difficulties or adverse conditions.

7 having an easy flow or correct rhythm (smooth breathing; a smooth metre).

8 a not harsh in sound or taste. b (of wine etc.) not astringent.

9 (of a person, his or her manner, etc.) suave, conciliatory, flattering, unruffled, or polite (a smooth talker; he's very smooth).

10 (of movement etc.) not suddenly varying; not jerky.


1. tr. & intr. (often foll. by out, down) make or become smooth.

2 (often foll. by out, down, over, away) a tr. reduce or get rid of (differences, faults, difficulties, etc.) in fact or appearance. b intr. (of difficulties etc.) diminish, become less obtrusive (it will all smooth over).

3 tr. modify (a graph, curve, etc.) so as to lessen irregularities.

4 tr. free from impediments or discomfort (smooth the way; smooth the declining years).


1. a smoothing touch or stroke (gave his hair a smooth).

2 the easy part of life (take the rough with the smooth).

--adv. smoothly (the course of true love never did run smooth).

Phrases and idioms:

in smooth water having passed obstacles or difficulties. smooth-bore a gun with an unrifled barrel. smooth-faced hypocritically friendly. smoothing-iron hist. a flat-iron. smoothing-plane a small plane for finishing the planing of wood. smooth muscle a muscle without striations, usu. occurring in hollow organs and performing involuntary functions. smooth talk colloq. bland specious language. smooth-talk address or persuade with this. smooth-tongued insincerely flattering.


smoothable adj. smoother n. smoothish adj. smoothly adv. smoothness n.

Etymology: OE smoth

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