Meaning of SMOOTH in English

adj. 1 regular, even, flush, flat, level, plane, unruffled, unbroken, unwrinkled, undisturbed, tranquil, peaceful, calm, serene, glassy A light breeze rose to ripple the smooth surface of Alan's martini 2 slick, sleek, shiny, glossy, glassy, mirror-like, uniform, polished, burnished; silky, silken, velvety, satiny Optical mirrors for telescopes must be as smooth as modern technology can made them He ran his fingers over the smooth fabric. 3 unobstructed, easy, effortless, free, uncluttered, even, orderly, well-ordered, uneventful, flowing, fluent, unconstrained, uninterrupted There were no obstacles in the way of a smooth return to normal operations The road to ruin is short and smooth. 4 hairless, bald, bare, naked, clean-shaven, smooth-shaven, depilated, glabrous His smooth pate shone in the moonlight 5 soothing, mellow, pleasant, bland, mild, soft That is a very smooth whisky indeed 6 suave, slick, slippery, unctuous, silken, silky, glib, urbane, soigné(e), agreeable, winning, plausible, facile, nonchalant, courtly, eloquent, honey-tongued, smooth-spoken, persuasive, oily, slimy, syrupy, Colloq chiefly Brit smarmy With his quick understanding and smooth manner, Edward was a very successful salesman 7 sweet, dulcet, pear-shaped, mellow, well-modulated, silver-tongued The smooth tones of his serenade wafted through the evening air 8 slick, scheming, conniving, crafty, shrewd, cunning, tricky, shifty, sly, foxy, Machiavellian, sophistic(al), plausible, credible, believable, Colloq cagey Robinson came up with a very smooth plan to bilk wealthy widows out of their money

v. 9 Often, smooth out or away. flatten, even, level, iron, press, mangle, calender Please smooth the wrinkles out of this shirt so that I can wear it tonight 10 prepare, lay, pave, ease, ready, clear, open, prime, lubricate, facilitate What is your policy for smoothing the way for employees joining the firm? 11 sand, plane, polish, buff, burnish The wood is smoothed to a glassy finish before being used for the cabinets 12 Often, smooth over. ameliorate, assuage, allay, calm, gloss over, minimize, mitigate, lessen, soothe, reduce, temper, mollify, smoothen, soften, palliate, appease An otherwise uncomfortable situation was smoothed over by her quiet words

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