Meaning of STRENGTH in English



a position of strength (= a strong position )

By now they were negotiating from a position of strength.

gain strength

He is beginning to gain strength again after his illness.

independence/strength/flexibility of mind

men who were chosen for their independence of mind

muscle strength/power

This exercise will help increase muscle strength.

physical strength

The murder could have been committed only by a man of enormous physical strength.

regain your strength/health

First he must rest and regain his strength.

sap sb’s strength/courage/energy

Her long illness was gradually sapping Charlotte’s strength.

strength of will

She had achieved success by sheer strength of will.

strengths and weaknesses

The plan has strengths and weaknesses .

superhuman power/strength/effort etc

It will require a superhuman effort to get the job done on time.

superior strength/power

He used his superior strength to wrestle Ben to the ground.

tax sb’s patience/strength etc

The kids are really taxing my patience today.

tensile strength




Behind whatever economic and military strength the papacy possessed, there existed enormous and immeasurable power as a moral force.

It will mean strong and continued emphasis on investment for economic strength .

Is not that the most telling argument as to the comparative economic strength of this country?

As a huge block of population and economic strength , the Community will be formidable.

Numbers alone did not mean automatic economic and political strength .

Our increasing economic strength means that resources for care have gown and are growing.


The analysis was completed by a tabulation of results which consolidated the risk scores and financial strength ratings.

Our restaurant business has tremendous financial strength and a very bright future.

Newco's options depend on these factors, as well as on the time available and the financial strength of the vendor.

Balance sheets depict the financial strength of an enterprise at any single point in time.

The acquirer will obviously want warranties and indemnities to be given by people with financial strength .

We have the financial strength to do it.

It believes the figures on this basis give a much fairer picture of business performance and underlying financial strength .

Profitability High liquidity ratios indicate short-term financial strength but do not measure efficiency of utilization of resources.


His companion had returned to full strength .

Neither team was close to full strength .

Welshpool are at full strength for the third division derby at unchanged Montgomery.

Two Western superpowers, hoping to force the other to blink, despite negotiating at less than full strength .

I was a different man, full of strength and excitement.

The shift was ended, the sun was not yet up, though it was daylight, full strength and gray.

At full strength it will have 38 members.


Very strong in his own way, not swaggering or throwing his weight about, but a great inner strength .

The whole approach is flexible and has a great strength in the direct link to the highest administrative body.

But in my educating myself it proved to be a great strength .

In some cases it also helped to underline the main moments in the action by emphasising gestures for greater strength and expression.

The benefits included higher bone density, faster reaction times, greater muscle strength and better balance.

Isabella was now in a position of great strength .

He was a man of not only great strength , but goodness.


Then after a while she got an inner strength and asked me what Heaven was like.

Chi goes to the inner strength of your personality, your character.

Very strong in his own way, not swaggering or throwing his weight about, but a great inner strength .

She has a talent for playing modern women who must find the inner strength to fight their own battles.

There is a sense in which outer power is an illusion; inner strength can change the world.

The study also found that 95 percent of women credit their family with building up their inner strength .

Kungfu has three essential elements: speed, coordination and inner strength .

Created between 1965 and the present, these works establish a powerful testament to inner strength and perseverance.


Some governments say that in order to keep the rebellious minorities down within their own countries they must have a large military strength .

Since Desert Storm, military strength has dropped by 800, 000 from 2. 2 million.

First impressions are of tremendous military strength , a dominating position and a unit and compactness of design.

The allegation that there had been a military show of strength was flatly denied by Yakovlev on May 4.

Our goals-peace based on military strength and creative foreign policy, economic growth, tax re-form, and fiscal sanity-would never change.

In 1966 Denis Healey.: Military strength is of little value if it is achieved at the expense of economic health.

One thing which it is difficult to deny is that military strength was vital for Muscovite survival in this massive frontier land.


However, power is about more than physical strength .

Hercules was the strongest man on earth and he had the supreme self-confidence magnificent physical strength gives.

Age is probably the most important variable in explaining variation in those sports that require physical contact and strength .

The Kings have ability, but not overwhelming physical size or strength .

She gasped at the easy way in which he took advantage of her lack of physical strength to fight him.

Those who work with their brains govern the others; those who work with their physical strength are governed by them.

Clough was small in stature with disproportionate physical strength and powers of endurance.

He was young and powerful and very handsome, and looks and physical strength were high currency.


As Glynwed International's actions indicate, the relative strength of the pound against the euro is merely their current excuse.

Smith regarded this distribution as depending in the first instance on relative bargaining strength .

The election produced little real change in the relative strength of the other three main parties.

Many pairs and triplets show the relative strength of the noun: Jill fusses.

His relative electoral strength is not an end in itself, but an illustration of his influence outside the mainstream.

But the relative strength of scale economies and political protectionism varies greatly between different communications fields.


Light, high tensile strength fibres confer stiffness and strength to a polymer resin that binds them into a rigid three-dimensional form.

Nor did its low tensile strength help either.

Each of these hazards can reduce the tensile strength by several percent.

The springs can also become fatigued and lose their tensile strength .

Again, relatively high tensile strength may be accompanied by very poor compression characteristics.

This imparts a rhythm to the neck even when it is straight and gives a sense of alertness and tensile strength .

Its light weight and high tensile strength make it easy to install and wonderfully versatile.

For the tensile strength of monofilament spun by arachnids was the key.



He grabbed at the barrel and fell with it so that the power of the big man was added to his own strength .

The very fact that they were different added immeasurably to their strength .

A reinforced edge adds strength and is useful for a fruit cage.

Birds Eye allegedly told inspectors the soya was used to add texture and strength to the product and prevent shrinking.

As long as the War Altar is undamaged the Grand Theogonist may add +2 to his strength .

Should the War Altar be damaged the Grand Theogonist adds +1 to his strength .

Cream Silk Hot Oil Therapy is a deep conditioner, developed to add strength and body to fine, flyaway hair.

When each day shall add strength to its limbs, and its love.


Perhaps the most obvious way to build strength is by training with weights.

So step alone can build some strength in the legs, the study said.

Although it still has a stronger name on the track, the 1992 road range builds on the strength of previous years.

The field then reverses and builds its strength back up in the opposite direction.

Altogether, the navy was built up to a strength of 200 triremes in the course of three years.

The therapeutic pool helped patients build strength and stamina, while the warm saltwater relaxed their muscles.

People aware of their connectedness can build both compassion and strength .

The study also found that 95 percent of women credit their family with building up their inner strength .


From her he seemed to draw sufficient strength to get through the days until the simple funeral was over.

Somehow, we drew strength from each other, enough to stave off death for a little while longer.

It builds on what it has done well, drawing strength from small triumphs and symptoms of gradual improvement.

And from that terror she drew unexpected strength .

The Independent Labour Party had drawn most of its strength from its connection with the larger Party.

Both princes drew strength from their uncle's quiet confidence.

Only the faithful who pray to her and draw on her strength can do that.


She'd felt that strength when he'd scooped her easily into his arms.

I felt drained of my strength .

It was then that he felt his true strength as an eagle coming at last.

It gave him a feeling of quiet strength just to have her near him.

Joshua Morris sipped his vermouth and felt his strength returning in waves.

She felt her strength ebbing but remained calm.

She felt she would draw strength from it.

Labor was beginning to feel its strength , and this gaffe kept many away.


Such is the site of Callanish for the golden eagle and in its circle all may find strength and truth.

She has a talent for playing modern women who must find the inner strength to fight their own battles.

She had better find the strength .

Most of the women and men that Lieberman interviewed found a strength in themselves that they never expected.

So we must find the strength to face it somehow.

But he finds strength in that truth and uses it to his advantage.

Somehow then I found the strength to roll away, dragging my boots away from the clutch of the pile's soggy depths.

Where would she find the psychological strength to survive her circumstances?


All the while, moreover, a number of purely domestic cross-currents were gaining in strength .

The step-and-resistance exercisers also gained more strength , the researchers said.

It must have seemed to him that Vincent had gained immeasurably in strength and confidence since their last confrontation.

Some bank stocks gained on the strength of J. P. Morgan&038;.

He would gain strength from being back with his books, his bed and his little bits and pieces.

Sea World veterinarian Jim McBain said the calf is gaining strength and responding to treatment.

The movement whose new star he became in 1934 soon showed the public how greatly it had gained strength .

They melt and seep into other dreams, gaining strength , getting wider and deeper as they flow downhill, gathering debris.


Leipzig church calls for calm as unity movement gathers strength .

I did not have to gather strength .

Despite the obstacles, Mr Djukanovic's officials claim to be optimistic that their gradual drive for independence is gathering strength .

The fingers touching the back of her neck were stronger now-the strokes bolder as though Baby Suggs were gathering strength .

The wastelands are inhabited by all kinds of monstrous creatures and it is here that the armies of Chaos gather their strength .

In the late 1960s the case for Congressional reform had gathered strength .

The time I spent alone with her ... those hours allowed me to gather strength to go on with my deception.

He spent the interval just sitting in his dressing room, gathering his strength for the next act.


It kept out the cold and gave strength and comfort beyond its natural powers.

Gerda kissed Kay, giving him back his strength .

The food and rest gave me back my strength and I no longer felt ill.

Teclis was stronger now, the potions of the Loremasters had gone a long way towards giving him mortal strength .

You need a leader to give you strength when the frustrations get out of hand.

We have adopted it because it gives greater strength and dignity and fullness to the design.

The dream gives me the strength to consider the future.


However, as the object shrinks the C- field grows in strength and ultimately succeeds in causing a bounce.

The law and order lobby has grown in strength during the Conservative ascendancy.

It is in the growing strength of the nationalist community in economic and social terms.

It grows from strength to strength each year and the quality of the programme gets even better.

As her creation grew in strength , so she felt her own on the rise.

Adherence to ethnic identities appears to be growing in strength all over the world.

The sky was still blue; the sun, growing in strength , promised a hot sweltering day.


This has the effect of greatly increasing the strength of the withdrawal reflex in response to subsequence stimulation of the siphon alone.

Then the wind began to increase in strength , still from the east and blocking any progress.

How then is the continuing, and even increasing , strength of nationalism to be explained?

Panel by panel we reduced sail as the wind increased in strength .

This will help increase muscle strength .

If the object is to increase the effective strength of a trade union, it is lawful.

Furthermore we know more or less what to do to increase its strength .

His hand-written letter was enclosed in an envelope which in turn was enclosed in three others of increasing size and strength .


It sapped my strength and made sweat trickle into my eyes.

It makes you sick, it saps every bit of strength you got.

The effort began to sap his strength and his muscles quivered as at last he pulled himself over the icy edge.

First, he had to deal with diabetes that sapped his strength .

The first 25 metres are 8a+, serving to sap strength and stamina for the harder moves to come.

Four years ago, Johnson contracted food poisoning prior to the Olympics, the illness sapping his strength and ruining his conditioning.

Insomnia plagued her and sapped her strength .

He also began to believe that clashes between the two most important opposition figures would sap their strength .


But it was not long before symptoms of the hypochondria which had always been present showed themselves in strength .

The book shows the tenderness and strength of children.

Many pairs and triplets show the relative strength of the noun: Jill fusses.

And Anders, showing off his strength by tearing only at the thick material of Nina's suit.

Technology issues showed some strength after a strong profit report from Cisco Systems, the bellwether of the computer networking sector.

That shows an inner strength which must be the result of his deep religious conviction.


Barton nudged the nose down and tested the strength of the right-hand roll.

I got a better grip, Lincoln testing my strength , experimenting with the power of the leash.

Are you naturally more cautious, preferring to test the strength of your enemy before striking at his weak points?

The pool water was working wonders on her ankle and after a few more minutes she tested its strength .

When an aircraft has been designed and built a full-sized specimen must be tested for strength and stiffness.

Many happy hours were spent colouring the eggs and inventing games to test the strength of the shells.

You will at least be able to test the strength of the case against you.

Having thus tested the strength of the main anchor, the last person down can remove the back-up before abseiling.


God give me strength!

be a pillar of strength

Finally, to my daughter who was a pillar of strength.

brute force/strength

And let's not limit the language to pictures of thunder and brute strength.

But like men, chimps do not rise entirely on brute strength.

Even his strong-man routine seems devoid of any intelligence or style and focuses, instead, upon brute force and muscle.

Henry Cooper used brute strength to promote after-shave.

Teravainen belonged to the brute force school; off the tee, he was as long as anybody.

Their only ultimate recourse is to deal with each other by brute force.

Wado employs very light and fast techniques, preferring evasion to meeting brute force head on.

Was brute force and intimidation all they knew?

every (last) ounce of courage/energy/strength etc

It had taken every ounce of courage she possessed to board the aircraft after her last experience.

gather yourself/your strength/your thoughts

keep your spirits/strength/morale etc up

Crusty Bill boasts he's on a spicy vegetarian diet to keep his strength up for love.

During the war years, it helped keep our spirits up and we need it again now.

He had a strong sense of humour, and kept his spirits up.

I had to keep my strength up.

I told Tansy that she must keep her spirits up, that Rose might be needing her.

She ate a little to keep her strength up.

play to your strengths

tower of strength

My mother has been a tower of strength.

John seems a tower of strength and reason.

She was a tower of strength, giving me lessons on a weekly basis.

Tactful, encouraging, a tower of strength to lean on.

You're always a tower of strength.


Before choosing a career you should spend time identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Bill was doing a lot of exercise to build up his strength .

Diana pulled on the rope with all her strength .

His ability to charm people is one of his greatest strengths.

I didn't have the strength to climb any further.

Men are better at some sports because of their greater physical strength .

moral strength

Regular gym sessions will improve both your health and strength .


Fitness programs feature water aerobics, self-defense techniques and strength training.

He had all the strength it would take to kill an adult person, let alone a baby.

His is constantly pre-occupied with fitness, strength , and staying in peak condition.

She felt her strength ebbing but remained calm.

The strength of this book is that it puts flesh on the bare bones of this argument.

The analysis was completed by a tabulation of results which consolidated the risk scores and financial strength ratings.

The opposition mounted, but Johnson was probably right in asserting that its strength was overstated.

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