Meaning of WOOD in English



a coal/wood/log fire

There was a coal fire in the sitting room.

dead wood

dense forest/wood/woodland/jungle

Their helicopter could not land because of the dense jungle.

plank of wood

a long plank of wood

solid wood/pine/oak etc

a chest made of solid oak

wood pulp (= used for making paper )

timber grown for wood pulp

wood pulp

wood smoke

I love the scent of wood smoke.

wood/metal/print etc shop

One auto shop class is run just for girls.




Money in the drapes, and in the pottery that had a shelf to itself by the wide, dark wood staircase.

The walls were paneled throughout in a dark wood .

Stairs of dark wood curved up from the hall, and the old treads creaked under their combined weight.

The dark wood shone like glass.

Augmenting the club-like atmosphere are the carefully chosen dark wood paneling, beveled stained glass and forest-green carpets.

The place was fitted out in dark , polished wood in the style of the twenties.

Atmosphere: Dim lights and dark wood .


Cut out the dead wood so that the young new wood can grow and develop.

Check for dead wood by scratching the bark with your fingernail.

Basically we looked at dead wood !

And the potential for catastrophic wildfires is very high because of so much dead wood on the forest floor.

He was working in a thicket of briar, elder and dead wood from a fallen tree.

In his frustration, Doug picked up a piece of dead wood and flung it as far as he could.

There's definitely a case for decriminalising the removal of dead wood .

These would originally have been topped with a fence of dead wood or a live hedge to keep the animals out.


Something resembling hard wood floors is just visible beneath a veil of potting soil and foam rubber confetti.

He was lifted out of the water and dumped with a smack on hard wood .

His muscles were hard as wood , locked in a pain of waiting, waiting for a touch to release them.

She felt the hard wood press against her back and buttocks, as she was forced to stand against it.

This left any harder wood in place.

Its hard wood helps it resist cold winters, and its thick-skinned grapes are almost impervious to rain, disease and insects.


It was just these bits of old wood nailed together.

We are sinewy, old wood , old trunks with fading limbs and few leaves!

From where he stood he could see the interior was crammed with old logs, wood planking, and some rusted machinery.

Under my bed is an old wood box with my doll in it.

She hoped not. Old wood settling in changing temperature?

The Oxford was wearing its signature fragrance of floor wax, lemon oil, old wood , and worn leather.

I boosted, increasing speed as the jagged line of dead seaweed and old wood and cans and bottles skittered by me.

Problem: Thirdfloor rear walls in old rowhouses often are masonry supported only by an old wood beam at the level below.


Fake sunbeams played on tables of polished black wood .

The place was fitted out in dark, polished wood in the style of the twenties.

There was a large table in the centre of the room, made of dark polished wood .

It is in walnut polished wood , bow fronted with bow legs.

Small antique tables in polished dark woods beside each bed, stacked with belongings.

There were polished dark wood floors and green blinds.

The floor was of plain polished wood with islands of Bokhara carpets.


They did this by developing game crops, game spinneys, small woods , and unsprayed or carefully sprayed headlands.

He walks beside me through the small woods between our subdivision and the Nearing village green.

You then need a small piece of wood to do the scribing.

Road bends right then left, then passes small pine wood .

He met his friends in the small wood outside the village.

We were staying overnight at Blackburn bothy, which is set in a small wood with a stream wending through it.

Below the green Victorian wallpaper decorating the small den were wood paneling and shelving loaded down with books and videotapes.


Brush liberally on to the exposed wood until the soft wood fibres are saturated.

A rough hinged wire door had been fashioned in cheap soft wood , only eighteen inches square.

During this operation the housing joints were filled in flush with soft wood blocks to make an uninterrupted inside curve.


A solid wood stem and mahogany floors and stiffeners complete the basic construction which has been particularly cleanly executed by West Custom.

What grub had chewed galleries in solid maple wood ?

All the tables and chairs are of solid dark wood to match the dark stained original wooden beams of the mill.

Occasionally, some one would use butcher block, solid wood , copper, stainless steel, marble or some other exotic surface.

Passing discreetly through the solid wood of the garage door he slid right into the skulking Omally.

It's a straight-ahead good solid piece of wood , with a good pickup and four strings.

Do you have room to store oil or solid fuel or wood ?

The earliest glazing bars were quite thick, as they were hand cut from solid wood .



Lights were already beginning to diamond out of the shadowed pine woods on the lower slopes.

Maggie and Nevil walked hand-in-hand through a pine wood .

Road bends right then left, then passes small pine wood .

None of them allowed their eyes to turn towards the pine wood .

Set amidst lush shrubs and pine woods , everywhere you turn you find unexpected vistas of the shimmering bay.

One witness then saw the aircraft travelling over his garden and a nearby pine wood at 200 to 300 feet.

The bedrooms are fairly spacious with balcony overlooking the sea or the pine woods which surround the building.

How could it be otherwise, since this was Wyvis Hall and the pine wood and the animal cemetery?



The earliest glazing bars were quite thick, as they were hand cut from solid wood .

Finally, Simpleton was allowed to go into the forest to cut wood .

Since this left them without fuel, they began to cut wood from the ancient forests.

Dale, his logger, had cut two truckloads of wood for me, and that was it for now.

Tony and I cut wood while Odd-Knut erects a wood-burning stove in the tent.

Two-story buildings every-where, and walkways made of perfectly cut slats of wood .


At first boats were made of wood which was available in large quantities.

About 65 percent of paper bags are made from wood , primarily wood waste such as sawdust and lumber scraps.

In order to make use of the wood , the trust has revived some of the old woodland skills in an innovative way.

Thoreau had made the Maine woods , along with Walden, a symbol of freedom from the cares of city life.

Pre-soaking will help to make wood sink - or it can be leaded.

The containers are made of peat and wood fiber laced with soluble fertilizer and peat pellets that expand when watered.

Few readers will wish to make wood blades and even fewer to fit an ebony edge.

Unlike traditional playgrounds that are made of metal and wood , these are made of foam-padded tubular steel and plastic.


Suddenly, guns were fired again, and a group of pirates ran from the woods and on to the stockade.

He turned one last time and ran into the woods .

They had run for the woods in what they stood up in.

She turned finally and ran through the woods to the stream.

Continue forward on path running just inside the wood , leading to Lippetts Farm.

I scrambled to my feet and ran panicked through the woods , calling out for them.

They run wild into the woods , filthy, skeletal and naked.

Be sure not to permit water to run on the wood and hence into the tank.


The 1986 census in New Zealand reported that 10 % of houses used wood as a heating fuel.

I used the wood from some old ammo crates.

Environmental impacts have been minimised by using local woods and grasses to build the huts and the comfortable lounge and bar area.

He was using scented woods: white cedar, resinous palm.

Endill was using both wood and metal in his plane but he didn't dare tell either Mr Welt or Mr Walpit.

It can be used on wood and metal, and needs no primer or undercoat.

The possibility of using wood to generate electricity should also be explored.

He says that last year he saw people using the woods as a toilet, and jumping over back gardens.


Here I alighted and began to walk into the wood in search of something.

If Bambi walked out of the woods , he might not swerve to miss her.

The shrieks continued at irregular intervals as the creature walked the woods .

We walked through the woods to our cars, and I loved every step I took.

It is a warm and gentle day as I walk towards the wood that beckons me, cool and friendly.

I like to go walking in the woods just to breathe the air.

Many happy hours were spent walking in the woods , chasing elusive rabbits and splashing through the muddiest water.


babe in the woods

Stop worrying about Lucia - she's no babe in the woods anymore.

gilt-framed/wood-framed etc

in this/sb's neck of the woods

We don't get much snow in our neck of the woods.

What are you doing in this neck of the woods?

knock on wood

I haven't had a cold all winter, knock on wood.

Always ready to knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder, bite my tongue, cross my fingers.

Hopefully, knock on wood, Lieby is going to be in there most of the time.

KineHUHre is used as a verbal device similar to knocking on wood to ward off evil forces.

not see the wood for the trees

petrified wood/trees etc

Books and posters, shirts and sweatshirts and pounds of petrified wood spilled from the storage areas.

It may be more similar to the way that petrified wood is created.

It moved aside the earth and found the petrified wood that was the heart in the forest.

Their L-shaped living rooms were graced by open fireplaces, with the latest shapes in petrified wood adorning the mantelpieces.



I'm going out to get some wood for the fire.

The blocks are made of wood .


After 100yds go left through a wood to a road.

But the agency is not out of the woods yet.

Finally we heard a faint sound in the distance and scrambled into the woods.

I thought about the woman who had left the child in the woods.

Normal wood substance containing lignin does not do either of these things.

The flames licked around the wood , around the corpse.

To their left was the long forbidding wood with its tangle of trees and stubborn defenders.

To walk in the woods and not recognize the songs is to not hear them.

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