Meaning of WOOD in English

I. ˈwüd, ˈwōd, ˈwu̇d adjective

Etymology: Middle English wod, from Old English wōd mad — more at vatic

1. archaic : insane , mad

2. archaic : enraged , violent

II. ˈwu̇d noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English wode, wude, from Old English wudu, widu; akin to Old High German witu wood, Old Norse vithr tree, wood, Old Irish fid tree



(1) : a dense growth of trees usually greater in extent than a grove and smaller than a forest

out in the wood — J.G.Frazer

— often used in plural but sing. or plural in constr.

would take our children into a nearby woods — Herbert Gold

(2) : growing trees found in natural groves

gentle risings covered with wood — Thomas Gray

b. : a tract of land on which stand growing trees : woodland

c. archaic : forest 6a

2. : the hard fibrous substance that makes up the greater part of the stems and branches of trees or shrubs beneath the bark, is found to a limited extent in herbaceous plants, and consists technically of the aggregated xylem elements intersected in many plants with the rays


a. : the trunks or large branches of trees sawed or otherwise prepared for commercial use : timber , lumber — see hardwood , softwood

b. : trees or branches cut or sawed for use in a fire : firewood

4. : a form or condition of wood substance or timber ; especially : the wood of a particular kind of tree

some woods warp easily

5. : something made of wood: as

a. : a part (as a handle or shaft) made of wood

b. : a wooden cask or keg

draft beer from the wood — B.M.Brown

c. : bowl 1b

d. : a golf club (as a driver, brassie, or spoon) having a massive head (as of wood, metal, or composition material) and used especially to drive the ball from the tee — compare iron

e. : pins in a bowling alley ; especially : pins that have been knocked down

6. : the fundamental substance of a person's character

of what wood a minister is made — Benjamin Disraeli

7. : almond 6a

8. : a wood shot in golf

- out of the wood

- out of the woods

III. adjective

1. : made of wood : wooden

2. : suitable or used for or engaged in cutting or otherwise working with wood

3. or woods -dz : living or growing in woods

IV. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

transitive verb

1. : to supply or load with wood especially for fuel

wooding the stove — Jan Burroway

2. : to cover with a growth of trees : plant with trees

3. : to surround (the jack) with bowls in the game of bowls

intransitive verb

: to gather or take on wood — often used with up

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