Meaning of WOOD in English

/ wʊd; NAmE / noun


[ U , C ] the hard material that the trunk and branches of a tree are made of; this material when it is used to build or make things with, or as a fuel :

He chopped some wood for the fire.

a plank of wood

All the furniture was made of wood .

a wood floor

furniture made of a variety of different woods

—see also dead wood , hardwood , softwood , wooden , woody


[ C ] (also woods [ pl. ]) an area of trees, smaller than a forest :

a large wood

a walk in the woods

—see also wooded


[ C ] a heavy wooden ball used in the game of bowls


[ C ] a golf club with a large head, that was usually made of wood in the past

—compare iron


- not see the wood for the trees

- not out of the woods

—more at knock verb , neck noun , touch verb



Old English wudu , from a Germanic word related to Welsh gwŷdd trees.

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