Meaning of WOOD in English

wood S2 W2 /wʊd/ BrE AmE noun

[ Word Family: adjective : ↑ wooded , ↑ wooden , ↑ woody ; noun : ↑ wood , ↑ woodenness ; adverb : ↑ woodenly ]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: wudu ]

1 . [uncountable and countable] the material that trees are made of ⇨ wooden , woody :

Put some more wood on the fire.

a polished wood floor

Her house was made of wood.

⇨ ↑ hardwood , ↑ softwood

2 . [countable] ( also the woods ) a small forest:

a walk in the woods

3 . touch wood British English , knock on wood American English said just after you have said that things are going well for you, when you want your good luck to continue

4 . [countable] one of a set of four ↑ golf club s with wooden heads

5 . not be out of the wood(s) yet informal used to say that there are likely to be more difficulties before things improve

6 . not see the wood for the trees to not notice what is important about something because you give too much of your attention to small details

⇨ ↑ dead wood

• • •


■ adjectives

▪ solid wood

You can install a solid wood door.

▪ bare wood (=not painted or covered)

The floors were of bare wood.

▪ a hard/soft wood

Oak is a hard wood.

■ verbs

▪ chop wood

He was chopping wood for the fire.

▪ cut/saw wood

A local carpenter cut the wood to size.

▪ carve wood (=used a knife to shape it)

The room was decorated with carved wood.

■ phrases

▪ a piece of wood

He made a bench out of pieces of wood.

▪ a plank of wood (=a long thin flat piece)

The shed was constructed from some old planks of wood.

▪ a block of wood

I used a block of wood to knock the pole into the ground.

▪ the grain of the wood (=the natural lines in it)

The oil enhances the natural grain of the wood.

■ wood + NOUN

▪ wood chips (=small rough pieces)

Fish are smoked slowly over wood chips.

▪ wood shavings (=thin curly pieces)

He cleared up the wood shavings.

▪ wood smoke

There was a smell of wood smoke.

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