Meaning of ABSENCE in English


ab ‧ sence S3 W2 /ˈæbs ə ns/ BrE AmE noun

1 . [uncountable and countable] when you are not in the place where people expect you to be, or the time that you are away

in/during sb’s absence

Ms Leighton will be in charge during my absence (=while I am away) .

absence from

Her work involved repeated absences from home.

2 . [singular] the lack of something or the fact that it does not exist OPP presence

absence of

a complete absence of any kind of planning

In the absence of any evidence, the police had to let Myers go.

3 . absence makes the heart grow fonder used to say that being away from someone makes you like them more

⇨ leave of absence at ↑ leave 2 (3), ⇨ conspicuous by your absence at ↑ conspicuous (3)

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■ adjectives

▪ a long absence

She was apprehensive about studying again after such a long absence.

▪ a prolonged absence (=continuing for a long time)

Requests for prolonged absence during term time are strongly discouraged.

▪ a lengthy absence

The injury may mean a lengthy absence from the team.

▪ a brief absence

Everything seemed to have changed during his brief absence.

▪ frequent absences (=happening often)

She disliked Stephen's frequent absences on business.

▪ repeated absences (=happening again and again)

Repeated absences from school can lead to children falling behind.

▪ a temporary absence

No one noticed her temporary absence.

▪ a sudden absence

It wasn't easy to deal with Hugh's sudden absence.

▪ an unexplained absence

Did he give a reason for his unexplained absence?

▪ unauthorized absence (=that you do not have permission for)

With the older pupils, unauthorized absence increased.

■ phrases

▪ somebody's absence from work/school

You will be entitled to sick pay in respect of any absence from work through sickness.

▪ a period of absence

You must submit a doctor's statement to cover the period of absence beyond the seventh day.

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