Meaning of BRASS in English


brass /brɑːs $ bræs/ BrE AmE noun

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: bræs ]

1 . METAL [uncountable] a very hard bright yellow metal that is a mixture of ↑ copper and ↑ zinc :

an old brass bedstead


a) [uncountable] musical instruments that are made of metal, such as the ↑ trumpet and the ↑ trombone :

brass instruments

⇨ ↑ percussion , ↑ stringed instrument , ↑ wind instrument , ↑ woodwind

b) the brass (section) the people in an ↑ orchestra or band who play musical instruments that are made of metal

3 . DECORATIONS [countable usually plural] an object made of brass, usually with a design cut into it, or several brass objects

4 . get down to brass tacks informal to start talking about the most important facts or details of something

5 . PEOPLE WITH TOP JOBS the brass American English informal people who hold the most important positions SYN top brass British English

6 . it’s brass monkeys/brass monkey weather British English spoken informal used to say that it is very cold

7 . MONEY [uncountable] British English old-fashioned informal money

⇨ as bold as brass at ↑ bold (2)

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