Meaning of BRASS in English


n. & adj.


1. a yellow alloy of copper and zinc.

2 a an ornament or other decorated piece of brass. b brass objects collectively.

3 Mus. brass wind instruments (including trumpet, horn, trombone) forming a band or a section of an orchestra.

4 Brit. sl. money.

5 (in full horse-brass) a round flat brass ornament for the harness of a draught-horse.

6 (in full top brass) colloq. persons in authority or of high (esp. military) rank.

7 an inscribed or engraved memorial tablet of brass.

8 colloq. effrontery (then had the brass to demand money).

9 a brass block or die used for making a design on a book binding.

--adj. made of brass.

Phrases and idioms:

brass band a group of musicians playing brass instruments, sometimes also with percussion. brassed off sl. fed up. brass hat Brit. colloq. an officer of high rank, usu. one with gold braid on the cap. brass monkey coarse sl. used in various phrases to indicate extreme cold. brass-rubbing

1. the rubbing of heelball etc. over paper laid on an engraved brass to take an impression of its design.

2 the impression obtained by this. brass tacks sl. actual details; real business (get down to brass tacks). not a brass farthing colloq. no money or assets at all.

Etymology: OE br{aelig}s, of unkn. orig.

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