Meaning of NAKED in English

na ‧ ked S3 /ˈneɪkəd, ˈneɪkɪd/ BrE AmE adjective

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: nacod ]

1 . not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes SYN nude ⇨ bare :

The children ran naked through the yard.

a picture of a naked man

They found the body lying half naked in the grass.

The governor ordered the prisoner to be stripped naked and whipped.

stark naked (also buck naked/naked as a jaybird )American English (=completely naked)


In everyday English, people often say that someone has nothing on or doesn’t have anything on rather than say they are naked :

They ran through the yard with nothing on.

2 . the naked eye if you can see something with the naked eye, you can see it without using anything to help you, such as a ↑ telescope

visible to/with the naked eye

The mite is just visible to the naked eye.

Through his telescope he could see millions of stars that were invisible to the naked eye.

3 . weak and unable to protect yourself:

Standing in front on his first day of teaching, Brad felt completely naked.

4 . naked truth/self-interest/aggression etc truth, ↑ self-interest , ↑ aggression etc that is not hidden and is shocking:

The President condemned the invasion as an act of naked aggression.

5 . naked light/flame/sword etc a light, flame etc that is not enclosed by a cover:

A naked light bulb dangled from the ceiling.

—nakedly adverb

—nakedness noun [uncountable]

• • •


▪ naked not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes - used especially when this seems rather shocking:

a naked man


He got out of bed naked, and answered the telephone.


his naked chest

▪ have nothing on/not have anything on to not be wearing any clothes. This phrase is very commonly used in everyday English instead of saying that someone is naked :

Can you wait a minute? I've got nothing on!


The little boy didn’t have anything on when he answered the door!

▪ bare used about feet, legs, arms etc that are not covered by clothes:

The sand was too hot to walk on in bare feet.

▪ nude naked – used especially when talking about naked people in paintings, films etc:

a nude portrait of his wife

▪ undressed [not before noun] not wearing any clothes, especially because you have just taken them off in order to go to bed, have a bath etc:

Sara was undressed and ready for bed but Jenny was fully clothed.


Wearily she got undressed and stepped into the shower.

▪ topless if a woman is topless, she is not wearing any clothes on the upper part of her body, so that her breasts are not covered:

a topless waitress

▪ in the nude not wearing any clothes:

Men and women swam together in the nude and thought nothing of it.

▪ in your birthday suit informal humorous not wearing any clothes:

He likes to sleep in his birthday suit. He says pyjamas are uncomfortable.

▪ go commando informal humorous to not wear any underwear:

In summertime, he likes to go commando.

▪ in the buff informal not wearing any clothes - a very informal use:

a beach where you can sunbathe in the buff

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