Meaning of NAKED in English

adj.1 without clothes; nude.

2 plain; undisguised; exposed (the naked truth; his naked soul).

3 (of a light, flame, etc.) unprotected from the wind etc.; unshaded.

4 defenceless.

5 without addition, comment, support, evidence, etc. (his naked word; naked assertion).

6 a (of landscape) barren; treeless. b (of rock) exposed; without soil etc.

7 (of a sword etc.) unsheathed.

8 (usu. foll. by of) devoid; without.

9 without leaves, hairs, scales, shell, etc.

10 (of a room, wall, etc.) without decoration, furnishings, etc.; empty, plain.

Phrases and idioms:

naked boys (or lady or ladies) the meadow saffron, which flowers while leafless: also called autumn crocus. the naked eye unassisted vision, e.g. without a telescope, microscope, etc.


nakedly adv. nakedness n.

Etymology: OE nacod f. Gmc

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