Meaning of NAKED in English

I. ˈnākə̇d, chiefly in southern US ˈnek- adjective

( sometimes -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English nacod, nacud, naced; akin to Old High German nackot, nackut naked, Old Norse nökkvithr, Gothic naqaths, Latin nudus, Greek gymnos, Sanskrit nagna

1. : lacking covering : uncovered: as


(1) : not wearing, covered by, or protected with clothing : nude

the man and his wife were both naked , and were not ashamed — Gen 2:25 (Revised Standard Version)

— used of a person, the body, or one of its parts

naked arms plunged into the dough

never saw a colder nakeder man

(2) : inadequately or partially clothed especially so as to be socially unacceptable

that blouse is a disgrace, the girl is simply naked

b. of a saddle or draft animal : lacking the usual harness or trappings


(1) of a sword or similar weapon : free from its sheath : unsheathed and ready for immediate use

advancing, naked sword in hand

(2) : freed from or not provided with a protective enclosure

a naked light

d. of a plant or one of its parts

(1) : lacking pubescence

smooth naked stems

(2) : lacking some enveloping or subtending structure (as leaves, hulls, scales)

a naked bud

e. of an animal or one of its parts : lacking some natural external covering (as of hair, feathers, or shell)

a naked rhizopod

the Transylvanian naked -necked fowl

f. : not clothed in substance or flesh — used especially of personified concepts or unembodied entities

the naked spirits of the air

g. : lacking a final covering layer

a naked wall is one fully lathed but not yet plastered


a. : unprovided with needful or adequate clothing or other necessities of life : poverty-stricken : destitute

naked of comfort

b. : empty and barren : seeming bare by reason of the lack of usual covering, adornment, or furnishings

glanced about the drab naked room


(1) : devoid of ornaments or embellishments

hands naked of rings

(2) : lacking foliage

wintry trees spreading their gray naked arms

(3) : devoid of or sparsely furnished with vegetation

a naked desert

the naked hills towering above

c. : lacking weapons or means of defense or offense : unarmed , defenseless

unwilling to slay a naked man


a. : devoid of anything that strengthens, supports, or confirms : lacking evident or proven authority or authoritativeness : mere , simple

a naked command

naked belief

b. : lacking in some material matter, or having nothing to validate, confirm, or support it

a naked title

such naked contracts are difficult to enforce

c. : lacking estimable qualities (as of worth, dignity, adequacy) : bald , meager , scanty

a naked account of the conference

4. : devoid of concealment or disguise

confront naked realities at their source — Richard Eberhart


a. : outspoken and straightforward : presented without reserve or embellishment

a naked confession

the naked truth

b. : open to view : plainly manifest : clear , obvious

the naked facts of the case

an act of naked aggression

5. chiefly dialect

a. : of full strength : undiluted

naked spirits

b. : free from contamination or admixture : pure

naked water

Synonyms: see bare

II. noun

( -s )

1. archaic : nude

covered the naked with a garment — Ezek 18:7 (Authorized Version)

2. : the inadequately clothed

clothes for the naked

III. adjective

: not backed by the writer's ownership of the commodity contract or security

selling naked options

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