Meaning of STREAK in English


I. noun see: strike Date: before 12th century a line or mark of a different color or texture from the ground ; stripe , 2. the color of the fine powder of a mineral obtained by scratching or rubbing against a hard white surface and constituting an important distinguishing character, inoculum implanted in a line on a solid medium, any of numerous virus diseases of plants (as tobacco and maize) resembling mosaic but usually producing at least some linear markings, 3. a narrow band of light, a lightning bolt, 4. a slight admixture ; trace , a brief run (as of luck), a consecutive series , a narrow layer (as of fat), an act or instance of ~ing, II. verb Date: 1576 transitive verb to make ~s on or in , intransitive verb to move swiftly ; rush , to have a ~ (as of winning or outstanding performances), to run naked through a public place, ~er noun

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