Meaning of REDUCTION in English


Pronunciation: ri- ' d ə k-sh ə n

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English reduccion restoration, from Middle French reducion, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin reduction-, reductio reduction (in a syllogism), from Latin, restoration, from reducere

Date: 15th century

1 : the act or process of reducing : the state of being reduced

2 a : something made by reducing b : the amount by which something is reduced

3 [Spanish reducción, from Latin reduction-, reductio ] : a So. American Indian settlement directed by Jesuit missionaries

4 : MEIOSIS 2 specifically : production of the gametic chromosome number in the first meiotic division

– re · duc · tion · al \ -shn ə l, -sh ə -n ə l \ adjective

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