Meaning of REDUCTION in English

/ rɪˈdʌkʃn; NAmE / noun


[ C , U ] reduction (in sth) an act of making sth less or smaller; the state of being made less or smaller :

a 33% reduction in the number of hospital beds available

There has been some reduction in unemployment.

a slight / significant / substantial / drastic reduction in costs


[ C ] an amount of money by which sth is made cheaper :

There are reductions for children sharing a room with two adults.


[ C ] a copy of a photograph, map, picture, etc. that is made smaller than the original one

OPP enlargement


( chemistry ) the fact of adding one or more electrons to a substance or of removing oxygen from a substance

—compare oxidation



late Middle English (denoting the action of bringing back): from Old French , or from Latin reductio(n-) , from reducere bring back, restore, from re- back, again + ducere bring, lead. The sense development was broadly similar to that of reduce ; senses 1 and 2 date from the late 17th cent.

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