Meaning of REDUCTION in English

rə̇ˈdəkshən, rēˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English reduccion, from Middle French reduction, from Late Latin & Latin; Late Latin reduction-, reductio reduction (in a syllogism), from Latin, action of leading or bringing back, restoration, from reductus (past participle of reducere to lead back, bring back, draw together) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at reduce

1. obsolete : redemption , restoration

reduction of the soul — Theophilus Gale

reduction of Christ from the dead — John Owen



(1) : domination by force : conquest , subjugation

(2) : elimination of a defended enemy position


(1) : the act or process of resettlement (as by Spanish missionaries) of So. American Indians in villages or compounds for purposes of acculturation or control

(2) : a village or compound so established



(1) : the conversion of numbers into units of the same denomination

(2) : the reducing of an algebraic equation to its simplest terms

(3) : the determination of the true position of a celestial object by correcting observational data for known errors

(4) : the substitution for a meteorological reading of a value computed from it so as to bring all to a common basis (as pressures to sea level values)

b. : an act or instance of reproducing in a smaller size

reductions — scaled down from life size — J.C.Furnas


a. : the act or process of reducing a syllogistic argument to the first figure — compare direct reduction , indirect reduction


(1) : the classification or description (as of a set of terms or phenomena) in terms of what are regarded as simpler or more fundamental concepts

reduction of the complex problems of intergroup relations to attitude formation — J.R.Kantor

specifically : the process of explaining the terms of a science on the basis of and deducing its laws from those of another

the reduction of chemical to physical laws — C.H.Whiteley

(2) : analysis of a psychological motive into its instinctive elements

c. : the act or process of investing with definite form

behavioral responses which are in process of reduction to habitual terms — Ralph Linton

the reduction of generalization to particular fact — Jonathan Daniels

5. : the replacement or realignment of a body part in normal position or restoration of a bodily condition to normal


a. : the process of reducing by chemical or electrochemical means

the reduction , or deoxidation, of the iron ore is brought about by carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of the coke — J.H.Bateman

the photographic process depends upon … the reduction of silver ion to metallic silver by a developing solution — C.E.K.Mees

b. : treatment under reducing conditions by exclusion of air to a point below that needed for complete combustion of fuel gases (as in a pottery kiln)

reduction produces various color effects in pottery



(1) : a decrease in size, amount, extent, or number : diminution ; specifically : the psychological diminishment of emotion through activity or adjustment

(2) : subtraction

arrangements can be made for premiums to be paid by reduction from salary — Irish Digest

b. : meiosis ; specifically : production of the gametic chromosome number in the first meiotic division

c. : limitation in scope : restriction

whether the reduction of existence to human existence does not seriously … restrict the domain of philosophy — J.E.Smith


a. : demotion in rank

b. : lowering in condition or status : degradation

reduction of living to an animal business of … survival — Fred Majdalany

reduction to absurdity is a common device by which teachers demonstrate the essential fallacy of a proposal — Alexander Laing


a. : transformation into objective form or reality

reduction of a novel to words on paper

reduction of the device to practice — Ruth Riddell

b. : transformation into a new or different form : adaptation , translation

reduction of a metaphor

every art involves a system of reduction — Stuart Gilbert

c. : a musical arrangement ; especially : a piano score or part arranged or reduced from an orchestral score

10. : an act or instance of breaking down : disintegration , processing

reduction of land surfaces … to low plains — O.D.Von Engeln

reduction of … pine by lumbering, turpentining, and fire — American Guide Series: North Carolina

reduction of fish and fish waste to … oil — Commercial Fisheries Review

specifically : the gradual crushing of grain in milling by passing it repeatedly through break rolls

11. : an act or instance of reducing phonetically

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