Meaning of ACCORD in English


[ac.cord] vb [ME, fr. OF acorder, fr. (assumed) VL accordare, fr. L ad- + cord-, cor heart--more at heart] vt (12c) 1: to bring into agreement: reconcile

2: to grant or give esp. as appropriate, due, or earned ~ vi 1 archaic: to arrive at an agreement

2. obs: to give consent

3: to be consistent or in harmony: agree syn see grant

[2]accord n [ME, fr. OF acort, fr. acorder] (14c) 1 a: agreement, conformity "acted in ~ with the company's policy" b: a formal reaching of agreement: compact, treaty

2: balanced interrelationship: harmony 3 obs: assent

4: voluntary or spontaneous impulse to act "gave generously of their own ~"

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