Meaning of ACCORD in English


/ əˈkɔːd; NAmE əˈkɔːrd/ noun , verb

■ noun

a formal agreement between two organizations, countries, etc. :

The two sides signed a peace accord last July.


- in accord (with sth/sb)

- of your own accord

- with one accord

■ verb ( formal )


accord sth to sb/sth | accord sb/sth sth to give sb/sth authority, status or a particular type of treatment :

[ vn , vnn ]

Our society accords great importance to the family.

Our society accords the family great importance.


[ v ] accord (with sth) to agree with or match sth :

These results accord closely with our predictions.



Old English , from Old French acorder reconcile, be of one mind, from Latin ad- to + cor , cord- heart; influenced by concord .

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