Meaning of BAG in English


[bag] n [ME bagge, fr. ON baggi] (13c) 1: a usu. flexible container that may be closed for holding, storing, or carrying something: as a: purse; esp: handbag b: a bag for game c: suitcase

2: something resembling a bag: as a: a pouched or pendulous bodily part or organ; esp: udder b: a puffed-out sag or bulge in cloth c: a square white stuffed canvas bag to mark a base in baseball

3: the amount contained in a bag

4. a: a quantity of game taken; also: the maximum legal quantity of game b: an assortment or collection esp. of nonmaterial things "a ~ of tricks"

5: an unattractive woman

6: something one likes or does regularly or well; also: one's characteristic way of doing things -- in the bag : sure, certain "her nomination was in the bag"

[2]bag vb bagged ; bag.ging vi (15c) 1: to swell out: bulge

2: to hang loosely ~ vt 1: to cause to swell

2: to put into a bag 3 a: to take (animals) as game b: to get possession of esp. by strategy or stealth c: capture, seize d: to shoot down: destroy syn see catch -- bag.ger n

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