Meaning of BATTERY in English

[bat.tery] n, pl -ter.ies [MF batterie, fr. OF, fr. battre to beat, fr. L battuere] (1531) 1 a: the act of battering or beating b: an offensive touching or use of force on a person without the person's consent--compare assault 2a

2. a: a grouping of artillery pieces for tactical purposes b: the guns of a warship

3: an artillery unit in the army equivalent to a company

4. a: a combination of apparatus for producing a single electrical effect b: a group of two or more cells connected together to furnish electric current; also: a single cell that furnishes electric current "a flashlight ~"

5. a: a number of similar articles, items, or devices arranged, connected, or used together: set, series "a ~ of tests" b: a usu. impressive or imposing group: array

6: the position of readiness of a gun for firing 7: the pitcher and catcher of a baseball team

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